Meet Chivette Misty Romano (24 Photos)

Last week, the photo below of an anonymous blonde torched the internets. theCHIVE has found her. Her name is Misty Romano, a 21 year-old model/actress/dancer born in Wichita Kansas and currently living in Dallas Texas.
Misty's actually got a lot going on these days, she recently returned from a USO tour where she traveled the bases performing for the troops which basically makes her awesome. She's now in charge of staffing the hot girls for Maxim's 2011 Superbowl party. Currently, she's transitioning from modeling and dancing to her big dream, acting.
Talking with Misty, she's actually a sweet, shy girl and prefers reading a book to going out. She wanted to say something to the Chivers so I'll let her take it from here:

Making new friends is my favorite thing so I hope that you guys & pretty girls leave some awesome comments and keep in touch. If you don't have anything nice to say, please don't say anything at all!!! It is such a pleasure to be featured.

love your fav chivette,


Misty actually has a surprisingly awesome Twitter page and a great following right here.

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  • Zacka

    I love #16

  • ted

    Keep Dancing… on that pole! Ppl will pay you to act as a french maid I am sure!

  • chris

    She wont make it very far…

  • RGH

    Oh my god!

  • chris

    meh, didnt know people cant post their minds here but she isnt anything special at all.


  • laska

    wow. ur stunning. i love em all

  • Chris

    Thank you chive for finding her… she's amazing

  • CPO_Mendez

    Yums indeed… Now time for Noms!

  • Erick

  • nox


  • Dude

    IF you look closely at # 10, you can see where her toe is.

  • Viking

    This lady is all kinds of pretty.

  • bob

    How can you rip on Marie Claude but let this slut take all praise? Spineless just bc she is acting all shy. If shy, YOU DONT TAKE PICTURE LIKE THESE AT ALL. Fake slut, slut is fake…

  • truthiness

    She is quite stunning. Somebody is or will be very lucky someday.


  • SweetJesus

    I feel like my life sucks without her in it.

  • top dog

    Show me.

  • bob

    Avg Skank at BEST.

  • Dietrich

    Her knees are like Monty Burns…. O_o

  • Sugreev2001

    She owns Wichita

  • Damien


  • Maxwell

    What's with the side face…

  • TreeHugR

    "Talking with Misty, she's actually a sweet, shy girl and prefers reading a book to going out." Riiiiight… I got the same feeling after viewing these pictures.

  • sfx_ns

    #5 no makeup… beautiful !!!

  • Jorge Cárdenas Maldonado

    she's like a tanned and sluttier rachel McAdams, (epic combo)

  • Guy

    Really lame pics this time.
    Not enough boobs.
    Anyone who thumbs me down is gay.
    Anyone who disagrees is gay.
    Dare you to, you faggot.

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