Due to Anniversary overconsumption, ‘Sexy Chivers’ moved to Monday.

web dress2 Due to Anniversary overconsumption, Sexy Chivers moved to Monday.

Hey Chivers,

Last night, theCHIVE celebrated our 2nd anniversary by throwing a bonanza for the ages. You’ll see photos of it next week. It turned into one of THOSE nights if you know what I mean. I remember watching the sun come up and thinking, ‘Wow. Tomorrow’s gonna’ hurt’
So I woke up 10 minutes ago, biggest hangover of my adult life and an inbox with hundreds of Sexy Chivers that I’ll never be able to sift though in an hour or four. So I’ll make it up to you with two ‘Sexy Chivers’ next week on Monday and Friday. Deal? This leaves an extra couple days for all you Chivettes to send in your photos! I’ll still roll out the Afternoon Randomness her in a spell. Thanks for understanding, Chivers.

– John

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  • Giggity


    Whatever happened to that post about Jamilya Aliyeva? I can't find it ><

  • Dan

    fair deal

  • Belldemon

    I managed to drink copious amounts of beer, champagne, absinthe, sake, and grappa last night for a friend's birthday and work a full 8 hour day today in the wastewater industry, and you couldn't pull yourself together to post pictures of hot chicks? You sir, need more drinking practice.

    • Your Mom's Dog

      Grappa…jesus…are you trying to kill your liver?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000470425716 Diana Santos

    would be cool if we could see photos of the male chivers too ^_^

    • Baldy

      I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it would be pretty disappointing for u

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000470425716 Diana Santos

        no,it wont…i just like to see the persons that are here…i think its cool…is't necessary be sexy photos…could be also funny photos,etc…:D

        • tall dark handsome

          what about a photo of you? you are very pretty 😉

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000470425716 Diana Santos

            thanks :$ i will think about it :p

    • Anonymous

      Post a pic of you. Everyone loves a portugese gal

  • rlmnofjean-ious

    I call bullshit.

    Men don't remember anniversaries.

  • SkinnyG

    You are forgiven, Chive. And I must say, yesterday (Thurs) was full of bust-out-laughing and bust-out-of-pants posts, so you are double-forgiven. And, of course, must try out the new feature of this comment board.
    #1 a good start!

    • SkinnyG

      Self-Fail. That pic had no number. I'll thumbs-down myself on this one.


    and no DAR. we have been robbed.

  • Jds

    Fuck you! I'm pissed

  • cantkillcastro

    It would have been a better night if you had watched the sun come up and then asked "Who's pants am I wearing?, and this better be a phone vibrating in the pocket!"

  • JIm

    Those better be two epic posts, John.

  • MikeofLA

    I checked my email for the invitation to the party, must have been in the spam filter… weird.

  • JefedeChive

    Unacceptable! I get shitfaced and I still have to go to work the following day and be productive (i.e. sit at my desk staring at theChive all day until my hangover is gone). This is going in your file Chive!!

  • Why Not?

    MONDAY? WTF CHIVE!!! I AM NEVER COMING HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …………yeah right, see ya Monday!

  • Avante

    Technically we deserve 3 sexy chivettes posts. 1 to fill in for today. 1 to make up for missing today and finally 1 for next Fridays regularly scheduled program. 1+1+1=3

  • bowlfarts


  • so there

    weak…. weak…. Monday better be good. This site is my happy place at work… and i am off mondays, so wtf?

  • A BiPolar Guy

    chivers not chivettes? when did this happen? chivettes!

  • all alone on xmas

    now how exactly am i going fap this weekend? did you ever think of that? did you? you did????? your a pervert !! no wonder you did not have time for the chivettes when you spent so much time thinking of me fapping

  • Ron

    Like your job is so hard at theChive that you can't sort through some pictures to make a post. Awwwww. I feel sorry for you. </sarcasm>

    What about all us other Chivers who have to actually WORK?

  • terry

    That girl in the picture: MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Spaded21 Mark Konior

    The girl in the picture is an internet model by the name of Sweet Adri

  • batex

    hurry up and be monday already g'dammit!

  • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

    no excuse man. i got a ship underway drunk… actually most of the crew was drunk but did we just give up? no we did our jobs!

  • evie21

    this girl has xxx pics on the web.

  • Brian

    John you crazy MOFO! It happens my friend, Chive On!

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