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  • Slakker_Bob

    Awesome week, keep it up!

  • Todd

    #58 sagia castenada. Even better in person

  • gigabest

    what’s #8 ?

    • ollivertwisted

      Looks like it's a Vector. Basically it's a US car manufacturer's attempt to compete with Lamborghini.

    • Jim

      Vector W12

  • Dan

    I want to own #19

    • idonthave1

      i want to own the original #19… not the new kits

  • Matt

    #49 Sweet I had one of those! And big surprise… the fuel gauge isn't working

    • Anonymous

      It works… It says he has 1 gallon left

    • bran

      what car is this from??

    • Guest

      1984-1989 Nissan 300zx…

      Also, the fuel gauge is working, it says that the car has 1 Gal. of fuel left…

  • Артрадикс

    YEEEEEEE it's wonderful 🙂

  • dkopowski

    I loved the car with the green tires, the station wagon with the spoiler, and the crash that left the car completely upright. Great photos!

  • Not Again

    #6….. I'll take the big silver toy in the middle.

    • tan

      What the hell is this a garage sale?

  • USMC vet

    #50 is from iceland lol.

  • equalizermax

    #29 – I want one!

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