• cool dude


    • cool dude

      hahaha! while all u stupid boners were looking at hot chicks, I was able to unleash my evil plan and come first. hahahahah!!!! VICTORY IS MINE! eat my jizz'

      • fishy

        Really dude……….Really?

      • Hotbitchesrox


    • Annubis223

      Sorry but all this tells me is that you care more about being first thenlooking at some damn sexy girls so what does that say about you I wonder???

  • jason

    #48 – 'dat holiday ass

    • Cornholio

      …just gave me my Christmas boner.

  • Al Chiver


  • codyne


    You can give me a boner anytime!

    • Yourfreakindaddy

      You would probably like a boner!

    • Crish Moz Steve

      What I wouldn't give to brighten up her day
      Now, that I've got this boner, if only i could deliver it to the one who deserves it.

    • FuckOff

      She is so sexy, I promptly obliged her request haha

    • MIke

      I went to high school with her. She wasn't that hot back then but now that shes on the chive, she gets thumbs up 🙂

  • nozzle

    looks like theres some lower back problems candidates here

    • krashtester

      #6 said…."Long and Hard". Appropriate!

  • Danny P

    #1 @ Burning man?

  • Daved

    #25 TITS or GTFO!

    • Daved

      ah fuck when I said 25 I ment #30

  • thomas

    I declare sexual jihad on #17 's ass

    • Fred

      moar MOAR MOARRRRR!!!!!

    • timmy

      I, we are all prepared to die. Crimson Jihad will reign fire on one major city US city each week.

    • mememe

      her nipples are glowing… and i like that about her

    • Emek

      I fucking hate hippies, but she can stay.

      • Whitney

        I hate people who stereotype someone as a hippie for merely attending Burning Man. It's an experience worth experiencing, hippie or not. 🙂 haha but I'm glad you'll let me stay anyway. Thanks.

        • lonin

          You are awesome. That has to be one of the hottest pictures I've ever seen.

  • Danny P

    #6. FTW. Snowboard i the background. Marry me.

    • hamsandwich

      Motorboat in the foreground.

      • cudaman

        & a motorboat in the back too!

    • Anonymous

      If you saw that snowboard first, I have some information for you… (Nice [quite expensive] Burton board, btw).

    • Taj

      I'm sorry, I didn't see that. My eyes were occupied elsewhere…

  • googboog

    thumbs for danyelle's hard work. i love the chive!!

  • ME!





  • dog

    i love #39 forever and #48

    • EMB

      39 is Adrienne Manning. shes naked all over the place

      • Long Duck Dong

        Why yes she is – that you EMB!

    • Ryan

      Search for Sweet Adri. way better than searching her name.

  • danny

    #46 you're hot but you'll never be #47

    • -------

      disagree….of course she could never be 47…#46 is definitely more attractive

    • Lucas

      c'mon now, havent seen #46's face yet.

      • Adam

        this is an add on every pornsite known to man

        • osborl12

          And you know this how?

          • jpj

            i got news for ya buddy, if you're not watching porn you're in the minority around here.

            • Virginians

              porn baby, yeah!

    • Milk

      nice c chord

  • jmmillerfzr

    Love #39,,,, just made my monday

    • ATLVuitton1

      That and the rest of the week!!!!!

    • ATLVuitton1

      #39's hotness has resulted in me not only requesting a solo gallery but demanding one!!!

      • you're welcome

        google sweet adri. You'll see plenty.

    • DreadPyrate

      I need to have this one shipped to my place. I've been bad, but I hope she gets here before Xmas ^_^

  • Chris

    #6 – ur work has paid off
    #13 – colorado girls can have my love
    #18 – accidental boob shot indeed
    #27 – regular and sexy wins in my book
    #32 – that tush sure isn't humble
    #39 – you should know better than to leave your mouth open like that (us chivers tend to photoshop)
    #41 – handbra = classic
    #46 – this guitar girl wins

    • spork murder

      jesus man….lol review entire fucking thing while ur at it?

    • Gecko

      slow down, thumper

    • Dave

      Way to clog up the comments section there, guy.

    • usernamebiff

      comment much?

  • markel

    #16 > #15 any day

    • EASTsideK

      no way no how. glasses are sexy

    • lsd

      yeah shes not as SLUTTY as those other SLUTS

    • hMMMM

      Why the challenge? Why did you have to call Gamer Girl out???

      I propose mud wrestling to settle this feud.

  • jason

    so much love

  • Lev

    Holy shit. Best SC ever.

  • MasonGWebbington

    Jessica wins…

    Mission accomplished…

    Newcastle is now up to 6?…

    Well worth the wait…That'll do Chive, that'll do…

    • Jay

      more newcastle more newcastle

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=606371253 Shannon Coverdale

    Definitely a win.

  • Ghost-of-Caesar

    #35 Yes, oh dear god YES!!! Awesome fellow-Brit keeping sexy alive.

  • The Dude

    This post has gotten 1000 times better than what it used to be. Loving the regular girls

  • mark

    Chive, you have redeemed yourself

  • moar plz

    MOAR #24

    • Yourfreakindaddy


      • Losttibetanmonk

        Looks like the roap swing on the Island of Kauai. Find her and post MOAR!

        • its_forge

          There's only one rope swing on all of Kauai??? That is rather difficult to believe.

    • Biz

      That's Sara Jean Underwood. It's a picture of her when she did Bridget's show on Travel Channel. Either someone is stealing pictures, or Sara Jean is a chiver.

      • Jen

        she's got a great ass.

  • MigraineBoy

    Oh God YES! I've missed you, girls!

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