Hump Day! (20 Photos)

  • Cristi Palincas

    Nice ass in #19


      FIND HER!

    • Kevin Metcalf

      that's one sweet ass

    • mr. heated

      MOAAAR !!!!1!1

  • Jabbo

    yea #19 is the nicest

  • sully23

    loving the new post but i'm a little disappointed in the repeats of # 5 and # 6 from last hump day. but beggers can't be choosers. gotta go with #4 as the best

    • maynard

      That one can be repeated everyday…nice surprise!

    • Jonny P


    • Doug

      Yeah the Chive should make #5 their new logo. Love it!

    • gecko

      even the Internet
      isn't infinite

    • gecko

      Even the internet
      isn't infinite

    • Luis Pedro Gonçalves

      I could repeat it every day…

    • jerry

      what up sexy emai me

    • kitkat63376

      "Damn it, honey…why did you shove the porn video I rented all the way back where I can't reach it?!"

  • Cody

    #7 all grown up and looks great.

    • Lame.

      Yeah I thought it looked great too until I realized it was her face n there was no tush in the picture whatsoever. Also, what's with the repeats??? Disappointed…

      • STFU

        I know! I never want to hear a song I like ever again. Frankly any art work or photograph I really like I never want to see again. Food too. If I've had it once, never again I say………….

        • aosux

          I wish I could give you unlimited thumbs up.

        • 123fuck

          What about pizza?

          • (>^_^)>

            I give up, what about pizza?

  • Keith

    Chive, you make me so happy.

  • hater
  • Dudi

    #5 Perfection

    • quo


    • LukasS

      It looks like paris hilton to me

      • Bob

        Except Paris Hilton has absolutely no ass…

    • Rich

      really doesn't do it for me.too protrusive.

  • BigDingo

    Thumbs up for hump day becoming a regular occurrence at the Chive!

  • guy

    im going to say #4 is the best………because two asses is better than one 🙂

    • guy

      lol i can count,i meant #3

    • Danny P

      Everyone else thought you meant the entertainment center.

  • Bongo

    Damn, #20 is purrrrrfect!

    • Lucas

      yea… she's also like 14 years old

    • Brad

      she looks like she's from New Jersey…

      • Chris Mason

        Yep. I'm pretty sure there's a douchebag somewhere nearby.

  • Sweetfirsty


  • Kevrobmc

    #20 is all over Tagged, lol seen so many different profiles with that pic.

    • aosux

      There is a reason that its everywhere, and it is a great one. That ass is unstoppable.

  • MigraineBoy

    #3#4#5#6….I want them for christmas…quickly now!

    • Luis Pedro Gonçalves

      Dont like her face,
      Looks like an idiot

    • Luis Pedro Gonçalves

      Number 3 makes me happy

  • vince

    There is a farm across the road from our warehouse. Whenever I say, "Wow-nice ass!", it NEVER fails to turn a couple of heads. xD

  • vince

    I've seen this one a hundred times.
    Never gets old, though…. sweeeeet. 😉

    • Ted Danson

      Here's to 100 more

    • TheDonger


  • Dunny

    I love Hump Day!!!!!
    and #10 & # 4

    • Dunny


  • [clevernamehere]

    #4 I want to take his face….off….

    No wait…..that's not right. Oh yeah!!!

    Peach……I could eat a peach for hours.

  • MrMav

    # 20 and would love to see more, a lot more of #7

  • ssf

    #19 Find her! (hope she's a gamer)

    • Generino

      If she's not, throw some sand in there…

  • Beldar

    #13. Mary Ann always was my favorite.

  • DudeMan

    #13 nice car show hump. Car shows + beer + girls = Bare Skin.

  • Henri

    I would that ass special attention 🙂


    • Frank

      You gotta love that ASS!! She's super HOT!!!!!!!!!

  • amplidudes

    I'm at work. #19 has calmed me down, thanks!!

  • Shannon Coverdale

    I'll take 2 of each

  • Sauru

    wednesday is fast becoming my favorite day of the week. will never get tired of looking at #4

    • Herm23

      Agreed, with Wednesday being my new favorite Chive day just because of this post.

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