I think these mail-order brides might be trying a little too hard to be wifed (31 Photos)

As most of you know, I think mail-order brides are better than anything in the world, even cheese and butter. One of my favorite sites has some prospects who might be, um, overselling themselves a bit. I could be wrong. Would you add to cart?

  • Wayner


    • hector

      I hate you, I hope you die, well not die, but still hate you

    • http://www.facebook.com/Luispedrosato Luis Pedro Gonçalves


  • Your Mom's Dog

    If only I had the money… 😦

    • grrrr

      you'd do what? two chicks at the saaaaaame time

      • Your Mom's Dog

        I do believe that is the appropriate action to take.

    • ERN23

      I'm looking for the Lease option!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/Luispedrosato Luis Pedro Gonçalves

      They are money well spent.
      They don't talk much, always agree with you,

  • Kris Coleman


    I don't care if she's overselling… I want.

    • Piggy

      quit yankin my chain

    • northerner

      You betcha…

  • osborl12

    There should be an "add to cart" button just in case.

  • eroon

    Well I would wife up #10 for her obvious extensive hat collection, and #22 for her equestrian skills… I think they've sold themselves quite perfectly.

  • mcctan24


    • MasterOfNothing

      +10 points for wrestling, killing and wearing a wolf.

      • dman


  • Perin

    # 23 has assumed the position to be in my cart

  • Perin


    • Racer

      I concur.

  • Sauru

    i like to rent before i own so if we can work that out………

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=15100627 Benjamin Dennison

    #23 but she can't change positions…ever

  • vince

    mmmmmmmmmmm. Maybe trying too hard to get 'wifed' but not too hard to get ###'d

  • Kevrobmc

    #26 would love to MOAR of her!

  • http://thechive.com tANKER


  • unibroue

    IMHO mail order brides defines a whole new level of prostitution!

    my 2 cents!

    • aosux

      You state it like its a bad thing.

    • A.H.

      So does the modern-day American housewife. Minus the f*#@ability.

  • femtrooper

    #16 I like curly hair ^.^

    • [clevernamehere]

      I hope you like it enough to ignore the wedding ring on her finger….

      Someone should have thought that one through before taking picture for a mail order bride site.

      • MC Hammer

        Many Europeans wear their wedding rings on the right hand (unlike in the states). So it may not be a wedding ring.

        • DaddyD

          Russians and Germans typically wear their wedding band on their right hands. Most of the rest of Europe uses the left hand as here in the States.

    • vitaliy

      you are very good woman

  • Jay

    Most look more like someone I would love to nail a few times and move on…not marry.

  • Cleese

    isn't overselling the point, they have they show their 'best' side.
    they turn a Big Mac to it's best side too when they make an advert

    • Commercial Guy

      Actually, food is usually plastic in advertisements.

  • vince

    If I were single again, I would seriously give this a try.

  • Dunny

    Oh my goodness look at the cute little dimples on #16 's fineness.

  • 31's husband

    #7. showing exactly what she will give you…..BLUE BALLS

  • jps

    i want all of them

    • Logic76

      also, no duckfaces! fucking awesome

  • Smirnoff

    Thumbs up if you're scared shitless by #18

    • Dude

      What she lacks in youth and good looks she makes up for in guns and BMW Motorcycles.

    • Jimmy

      who the fuck would marry a bitch advertising that she's gonna eventually kill you and take all your shit back to russia?

    • yup

      Me thinks she needs to get out of that country…

  • Jonny P

    I'm surprisingly okay with it, who knew

  • bob

    11before and 12 after plastic surgery?;)

  • loveukrainegirls

    Yes,yes i would!!

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