Meet the oldest cat in England (3 Photos)

In January, Blackie the cat will turn 24, the equivalent of 118 in human years.
Quentin Shaw, 49, is the proud owner of Blackie and he’s had her she was born. Blackie lives with the happy Shaw family in Thurnby, Leicestershire.

  • jmmillerfzr

    It is a cat… tits, ass or GTFO

    • grrrr

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      • jmmillerfzr

        one of my favs as well… I think the chive needs a big back dimple post…

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  • Mayzer

    While an entertaining bit of information…this isn't the type of pussy I was hoping to see when I pulled The Chive up.

    • A BiPolar Guy

      i'm afraid you're at the wrong site for that.
      In fact I'm pretty sure you can't find that sort of thing on the internet. Emphasis on you.

  • TCB12

    Oldest cat?!?!?! Who gives a shit about cats? They suck.

    • Corporate Chiver

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    • Eddie Van Whalen

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    • thetech2

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    • A BiPolar Guy

      or to paraphrase Yoda, "When 118 years old you reach, look as good you will not."

      • Slaine

        haha i like it i will remember that saying 😉

  • mgreen

    Cat looks pissed that its still alive.

    • gecko

      i love the fact that this cat is older than I am by a year, and that his has some kind of battle scar. the scruffy fur really sells it.

    • Kevin

      I think it's pissed that you're still alive.

  • Rainier

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    • SkinnyG

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    • OwnerOfYou

      I Concur. This cat has seen some sh*t you guys haven't even dreamed of yet. Made props for being a tough son of a …queen…. i had to look it up.

    • Pete

      Yep – damn you naysayers to a short non-kitty filled life. This cat rocks.

    • Keith

      You are my hero.

  • gator

    #3 that cat looks like its done some shit in its day

  • Ken

    The average indoor cat lives to about 16 years old. A 24 year old cat would be equivalent to about a 120 year old person. It ain't tits, but maybe the cat could get a tip-o'-the hat from the congregation…

    Chive on kitty!

    • aleXTC


    • Big Los

      I second that notion.

      • gecko

        technically…he hasn't been a kitty for 23 years.
        regardless: keep on Chiving!

    • kitkat63376

      I hink I love you, Ken…Kitties ROCK!!!

  • scv

    aww the kids look just like her!

  • mase

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    • Your Mom's Dog

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  • walkingdeadonline

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  • Anonymous

    Jesus' first pet!

  • Diana Santos

    he is cute ❤

  • ssf

    OMG, he's so cute. Wait, I think he's trying to say something. "Kill me, end the pain, longing for death's sweet embrace". Ha! Coolest cat ever!

  • hater

    Meet the worst post on the chive, EVER.

    • thetech2

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    • A BiPolar Guy

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  • MadisonChiver

    it looks gross

  • codyne

    wtf… clean your cat people! Maybe break out the comb to get those knots out. Poor cat!

    • cepelina

      when a cat is at that age its very difficult to do things like that without causing it pain… and those scabs on ger face are also because of age.

  • cyphon

    Blackie looks like the feline equivalent of Gary Busey

    • Optimus Subprime

      thats some funny shit there cyphon – I get it

    • gecko

      and i love how Blackie isn't even black

      • A BiPolar Guy

        yes he is.

  • WTFever

    Damn thing probably has tried to commit suicide at least a dozen times and the stupid bastards keep reviving him.

  • Morgan Freeman

    Seems like The Chive is being taken over, in the comments section, by frat guy douche bags. I kind of miss when no one really knew about the chive.

    • Alpha Chive Omega

      you can thank the College Humor links for that

  • facebook

    another awesome post THE BERRY…. wait, wait. o.0


    My cat Cleo lived 22 years! Eventually went blind and we had to put her down.
    I knew it was rare for a cat to live that long, but had no idea she was 2 years away from being a legend??!!

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