More animals that don’t suck (30 Photos)

  • Gart

    maybe this time

    • Keith

      Congratulations! The moment you've been working so hard for has finally arrived. And what do you win? NOTHING! Way to go.

  • Jman

    early posts rule.
    #21 made me chuckle

    • Charlie Cheen

      The only thing bad about this is that the other little elephant is probably "sister" so yeah……

    • circle 8

      funniest thing I've seen all day

  • Pooper

    If these galleries had a vagina I'd put my prick in it.

    • DanielB

      You should just go for it anyways.

    • Cavall

      You DO know these are animal pictures right?

      • ale

        Female animals have vagina…

  • Kevrobmc

    I fuckin LOVE animal posts!

  • Keith

    #10 Like a boss.

  • Vzla-FTW

    #26 can't be the wolf family without heffer!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BigDingo

      If life was amazing, that reference wouldn't be lost on everyone

      • just sayin'

        unfortunately life is not amazing…. who's heffer?

        • BigDingo

          Look up Rocko's Modern Life

        • Lucky

          fail thats like not knowing who skeeter is

          • youngling


  • justin

    #3 TSA now checking pets

    • doodledump

      Bowser is alive.

      • Erik von Markovik

        Looks like the rock guy off of Neverending Story…yeah you all have watched it.

  • justin

    #7 GOD DAMNIT!!

  • Locode

    #14 & #26 are especially awesome.

  • googboog

    that's just wrong man… why am i laughing so much!!

  • Buttman

    #18 I hear the Mission Impossible theme song.

  • mike

    #21 hahahaha what the…

  • Just sayin'

    #1 OH SHI-!


    • paulhitchcock

      You should see the entire series. The bear was chasing a bison and literally ran right past the photographer.

    • VanIsleChiver

      How fast do you have to go to be safe from this bear,,,,,,,just a little faster than your buddy

  • top dog


  • bob

    #2 One day those fingers will be replaced by sky scrapers…. THAT'S RIGHT!!!

  • paulhitchcock

    Check out the entire series from #1. The bear was chasing a bison and literally ran right past the photographer.

    • Robbie

      A Pre-Cooked Bison By the looks……

    • Brandon Densley

      that is the most awesome article of news i have read this year! lol

  • Long Duck Dong

    #12 Boxers are fucking awesome dogs.

    • just sayin'

      On the contrary, dogs are fucking awesome Boxers. #13

  • charles

    #6 Oprah is not amused!

    • Oprah

      And neither is your momma.

    • Ferocia

      That's awful! How can you mistake Gabourey Sidibe for Oprah?

      • HHNF_Beau

        #18 reminds me more of Don Cheadle. Just sayin'…

  • eroon

    #17 the Hoff is back in action

  • NotaTrap

    #12….sittin' like a mutha fuckin' BOSS!

  • Lynne Sandipants

    #12 My dog does this ALL the time. Cracks me up!

  • rob

    time for a South Park reference,
    #3 Watch me stick my finger my finger up his bung-hole.

    • rob rob

      Uhm , fail, That is Beevis and Butthead reference

      • Eric Cartman

        uhm, fail, That is from Southpark – the episode in which Cartman watches Steve Irwing on TV and then copies him.

  • Earl da squirrel


  • Jusnel Gonzalez

    #5 Can I haz Cheezburger?

    • aleXTC

      Holy shit!!!! 4.50 for a pack of cigs……..nice

  • Jusnel Gonzalez

    #23 – Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!

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