• Danny

    That was awesome

  • Patrick

    That just made my day. Awesome.

  • Jimmy

    MMD. Awesome.

  • guest

    goddamn it, i come here for awesome pictures and videos. Not heartwarming moments. This is some BS.

    no i'm not teary eyed. Its just the dust.

  • Disturbd

    Thanks for making my eyes all watery.

    • Amanda

      I don't understand why you "men" are crying. I am female and it did absolutely nothing for me, I guess you have to have a penis to get this one.

      • lake man

        you're an alien, whore

      • jeff

        no, just a heart , you stupid cunt

      • you're a cunt

        But if it was a video about how new laws have come in so you don't get 50% of your husband's possessions after a divorce, you'd be bawling your eyes out, you stupid bitch.

        • turbosmurf

          epic pwnage.

          • Amanda Hater


      • Amanda Hater

        Stupid cunt

      • Talan

        It is because you are a sociopath. Do everyone a favor and make out with a shotgun.

      • fuzzybeard2016

        Your Troll-Fu is weak.

        • Amanda

          Whatever fellas…just keep pleasuring yourself to my pictures!!!

  • JustSomeDude

    That is some SERIOUS postage.
    Maybe it was sent C.O.D. and that kids allowance for the rest of her life is gone?

  • mexicanfun

    We miss all of them. Happy Christmas

  • Nathan

    When that little girls says "Daddy" OMG…Niagra Falls

  • Guest

    Came here for bad ass pics, got heartmelting goodness. Way better in my opinion

  • WhiskeySeven

    And that is why we do it.

  • Morgan Freeman

    Thats just awesome.

  • Emt

    I think I cried even more than the little girl.

  • mike

    WOW! I agree, it's the dust

  • Doug

    Solid Snake!

  • Ellis

    No, I'm not crying, it's the friggin dust. Everywhere.

  • Tony

    This is a collection of military homecomings. If you can make it past the 20 second mark without crying you are more of a man than I am.

  • Cudaman

    I would like to thank all the service people for the sacrifices they have done! Merry Christmas to all!

    • Benjamin

      You’re more than welcome. Merry Christmas

  • Youngblood55

    Thank you to all our service men and women for your sacrifices and keeping us safe. You are all amazing and God bless you and your families. Merry Christmas.

  • Poopslikelittlebunny

    I've seen alot of those but that one was cool. That little girl didn't even wanna go inside to see here real presents. She wanted her "daddy"

  • anonib

    heartwarming when she put her head on his shoulder

    • Dispatch

      That's when the dust hit me.

  • Chris

    I like the way he completely ignored his son. PRICELESS.

    • Perrone

      From the way the other 2 kids were acting, they already got to see him and knew he was in there. I believe that was just for the little girl.

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  • Xavo

    the only thing that suck over here is war itsefl who take parents away from children around the world!

    P.D. War sucks!

  • EyeMinUrHead

    Heartwarming. I've missed being with my little girl for two years in a row because of deployments.

  • cpt

    an oldie but a goodie

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