Merry Christmas to all the Chivers out there (22 Photos)

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  • blakely

    #8, surprisingly, I take the cross-eyed one

    • steve-o

      i was thinking "who would i do, and in what order", and landed on the cross-eyed one too

      • Just Sayin'

        as soon as i saw it i started labeling "1..2..3..4…."

      • ryan

        I totally agree on the cross eyed one, not sure why just because.

        • Avante

          That way you do her while checking out the other ones .. she wouldn't see you anyway.

    • Yesman

      I also like the ornery one on the left

    • A BiPolar Guy

      I agree because they are all gorgeous but she looks like a girl who likes to have fun. It's not like she's really cross-eyed anyway.

  • mostly

    #3, a chivette ninja turtle. sweet

    • 6655321

      No ring I see. So, you are only arranged to be married.

    • -------

      you could take the "nailed it" from #16 and apply it to #17…cause she's hot and i would nail her

  • Frit

    #6 Gotta love Utah! Twice!

    • R0gerThat

      I live in Utah, it is fantastic. Although it would be better if i knew these 2!

    • Boss Hog

      What part of Utah. I am from B-town and looking for some good ole Christmas tappage!

    • Seatech Astronomy

      "You go to Utah, you stay…….in Utah."

    • Superlame

      I didn't know umpha lumphas were from utah. now I know…

  • Semper

    Utah girls are dogs I guess. At least 50% of them…

    • R0gerThat

      Who ever told you that is a f*king retard, and if its just you saying this… your also a f*king retard! Utah has an ample supply of amazing looking girls.

  • Lively

    #9 does her shirt actually say: Moar?

    • denzino

      That's exactly what I was thinking! Yes, MOAR please!

    • schnizz

      if not, it should say Moar!

  • jamie

    merry xmas chive !

  • Dylan

    #21 I am impressed, does that count for something?

    • Anonymous

      Fucking grrrreeeeaaaatttt job!

    • Run

      and find someone who is, or welcome to the first day of everyday of your married life.

      • DaddyD

        I have to second this comment. If she doesn't appreciate you now, RUN LIKE HELL!

        90% of women in the world would screw your brains out for this. Find one of them.

        • Lylah

          I'm one of them

    • Ray

      Dude, girlfriend is a beatch. Dump her ass. If she's that uptight, your life is going to be hell.

      • msacraS

        Yeah, follow our advice, make a drastic life decision and dump your fiancee over how you wrapped her christmas gift, she obviously hates your guts and will throughout your marriage. Trust us, we are experts.

        The comment section

        • colby

          this comment wins. and it does so in epic proportions.

  • thomas

    #5, excellent work, man

  • Lando

    John's note is really the chive in a nutshell. – a website with a heart that ends with a promise of college chicks and a gallery full of half naked girls wishing us merry christmas. the chive is probably the best site in the world, or so I hear.


  • Dlaka

    #6 Go Utah

  • jason

    #7 is the reason you need to dedicate to a hand bra posting

    • jason

      make that #17

    • Just Sayin'

      haha yeah you mean #17 buddy, i'm guessing #7 has been nowhere near a bra or boobs any time recently…

  • Chad

    While I’m all for planning ahead to 2012, any thoughts on 2011? 😉
    Either way, thanks for all you do, and Merry Christmas!

  • BuckRodgers

    I can understand the hover hand for #7, that chick is ripped.

    • ndebt4kids

      Nicole Wilkens-Lee Ms. fitness olympia

  • gideonforpresident

    #21 I knew a lifeless woman like that once. I would crack a funny joke and she would smile and say "hmm, that's funny," then talk about her job. GET OUT NOW!

    • Anonymous

      Maybe she's just not into pussy.

  • rich

    #17 I LOVE SLUTS!!!

    • dmoney

      who doesent ?

    • Error404

      2 words………..FIND HER

    • mith

      Me Too.!

  • Ellie

    WOOOO Wollongong 😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001652244461 Tomasz Zee Buratynski

    #5 Awesome dude!

  • darthbrowncoat

    #21 Get a new fiancee

  • Dan

    What's with the giant ads on each side?

  • Lisa_Martin

    Merry Christmas to all at Resignation John.

    Merry Christmas All Chivers.

    May the warm fuzzies that the chive gives us for those few minutes a day, last all year long. Chive on. 😉

  • bubblerider86

    #19….Awesome & Chive approved 😉

  • Mighty Jeff

    #21 Then are you sure you want to marry her?

    • pabloxanibar

      Agreed, 100x agreed! Ditch the soulless harpy that doesn't appreciate presents wrapped in pure win.

      • JOE pancake


  • XXXC5

    #7 hehe Bates

  • streetdeath

    #17 where is STL? i need to know.

    • Bored N STL

      St. Louis, MO. Which is where I am… Now to find her!

      • jacob

        Same here. I'm on a mission.

    • Chris

      I've lived here all my life, she's the hottest chick i've ever seen that's from STL…

    • mith

      St. Louis

  • nate

    I am in the process of interviewing for a job in UTAH. #6 makes me even more hopeful!!!

    • FuckOff

      Going to Utah in 2 weeks, yesssssss 😉

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