This photobomb caused quite a stir. Yeah, they’re twins and we found ’em (26 Photos)

Yesterday, I posted a photo of two scorching girls being jealous-bombed in the Afternoon Randomness. I got a few hilarious 'find them' emails regarding the two anonymous hotties. My favorite came from Chiver Landon O'Rourke:

Dear Chive,
You posted a photobomb (#7) in today's AR. The two girls featured belong in my harem of imaginary bitches. I am prepared to pay for an entire gallery of these future-haremites. I have $3.45 remaining in my Paypal account. The entire balance will be transferred to the Chive upon delivery of the two anonymous photobomb victims.

Thank you,

Landon O'Rourke

Well Landon, you're lucky we have a ton of Columbian Chivers who recognized the girls as the Davalos Twins, Camila and Mariana. They were actually born in Kentucky and moved to Columbia where they are highly regarded for their amazing tushes.
Landon, I'll be looking forward to the transfer. Your contribution has purchased me a Mickey's 40 oz. - Kidding, that stuff is shit on biscuit wheels.

  • parlay

    The romantic in me wants to believe that, one drunken night, some lucky guy had the night of his life #2

    • aosux

      #26 I just ripped my jeans

      • WOW just WOW

        For the love of all that is Holy. God created the perfect butt x's 2. This is why we love The Chive.

    • MMAN87

      CHEERS to that whooo! Holy Moses, aren't those by far the cutest AND hottest twins you could even hope to bring into existence?

  • bobby

    #24, you know why —————>

    • meh

      the off pink background?

      • Long Duck Dong

        Probably referring to the nipple popping through

        • Mr F

          No shit

          • abipolarguy


    • jason in pc

      the necklace looks like a thin gold one, but we all know, "she wants a pearl necklace!"

    • George Danger Cruz

      perfect sized nipples. not that bit tit twice the size of an oreo so wtf nipple that come with rather large breasteses.

  • Motte

    They look like Bag-ettes.

    • mark

      then i suddenly became a huge fan of the Jersey Shore

  • Chris


  • Sauru

    #26 proof that nothing beats a perfect ass

    • meh

      your wrong, 2 perfect asses beats 1 perfect ass

      • RGH

        well played!

    • Bob

      I would say it proves there IS a God, as in O….M….G!

    • mgreen

      OMG!!! Perfect.

    • EJR

      Its shopped thought…

    • jorgeirun

      There is something..
      2 perfect asses..

    • 50-50

      Actually I can beat 2 perfect asses….with both of my hands.

      • nice


    • BigDingo

      2 perfect asses? Oh and two amazing sets of breasts, really cute faces, and tight bodies as well…

    • AzzMan

      did you really need proof!!??

    • fdghb

      Seems to me like photoshop has beaten those asses quite a bit.

    • patientrebel

      No No my friend twin perfect asses beats em everytime

  • sirforsyth

    The Davalos twins are like one of the internet's hidden treasures.

    • Damon

      I have to give the chive credit. they are like the Jacques Cousteau of the internet

  • Diggler

    Good lord they have ass for daaaaaays!

  • Jay


    So..god damn glad I found Chive this year…

    • TheArchiDan

      the only thing good enough i had from this year was finding the chive

    • Cody

      amen brother, amen

  • danstucky

    Holy Beard of Zeus! I jerked off twice before photo #4

    • Setec Astronomy

      Uncle Jonathan's corn-cob pipe!!!!!!!!!

  • Dunny_

    #17 Damn…I want to bite into that like it's a big juicy apple!

  • Fritz

    Home run, Chive…Home run!!

    • Your Mom's Dog

      World Series-winning GRAND SLAM!

  • Satanas

    thats the definition of PERFECTION

  • Steve Shaw

    I'm rethinking everything in my life. Maybe there really is a god after all . Holy shit.

    • aaron

      There is not

      • Steve Shaw

        Thanks for snapping me out of that.

  • hot carl

    #19 I understand why they are highly regarded for their amazing tushes. #26 too.

    • Lev

      The fact that in #22, everyone else in the picture is staring at her ass… well that just tells the tale right there.

      • Peety

        I think you mean "tail".

    • Dorque

      19 is shopped.

  • A.T.

    jesus fuck, they're perfect
    that ass and those boobs, and that face!

  • Paul Eckel

    christmas AND easter WOHO!

  • Dudi

    #14 – Chive, you've just found the sexiest woman alive, and there's two of her!

  • Canadiener

    #26 They look like ass implants.. Either that or just perfect! BoiNG

    • top dog

      Anybody living around flat asses would think that way. Thats real booty right there.

      • Canadiener

        Oh right, it must be my surroundings.. fuck you

        • top dog

          Don't get mad, Canada. You're the one that think they have implants, I'am just trying to help you clear your thoughts. Besides, I'll bone Canadian women too.

    • King Hippo

      Their boobs look like implants too, but that's what the chive likes I guess.

      • BAMFinater

        If you can touch them, they are real.
        Oh #3

        • Robert Logan

          Oh so they're fake. Because I'll sure as hell never touch em.

  • Jeremy

    Nom nom nom nom

    • Captain Obvious

      My words exactly…

  • jazzmaster


  • Popsicle Dick

    #26 makes me all swole up.

  • Todd Quickenton

    Best. Find Her. Ever.

    /triumphant 80's movie slow clap.

  • top dog

    #12. I call them the "butt sisters", Bertha and Bella. Mabe their parents move them back home where havin big fine booties really count, Columbia. I can go to jail for what I'am thinking right now…

    HUNGRYYYYY !!!!!

  • aosux

    If I were the state of Kentucky I would demand Columbia return my rightful property.

    • aosux

      Just occured to me; bring on the incest jokes!

    • hunter

      Colombia blood … no land matters

  • Long Duck Dong

    Best thing to ever come out of Kentucky!

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