Things real people don’t say about advertising (23 photos)

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  • tommybhoy

    #4 Forget about the text….she is hot somehow

    • man man

      Thinking it's time for another 'Hot Redheads' post around here.

      Hook it up, Chive!

    • Uhhhh27

      Yes.. we need MOAR of her!

    • bliskobam@yahoo.com

      IM working for an hour the rage
      Iwent to highschool didnt do great
      but i gotta get for cash
      an education is what im looking at, when i find a degree i can mad a biggery sa la ry
      but still ive got to seee WHICH COLLGEGE is right for me
      i went on the internet and found education con nec tion….i see that commercial too many times

      • Levitating

        haha and you fucked up the lyric

  • St.Christopher

    another boring post. TheChive, upi guys are losing your edge.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jpstrauss Juann Strauss

      I work for an online company whose main source of revenue is sponsored ads, and this list made me LOL hard because I can, like, relate, man.

    • http://www.last.fm/user/mutiilator Brand_n

      Perhaps they're trying to be relevant following the change to the site's layout? e.g. #17

      • Guest

        Yes, that's right, all that sarcasm thing going on is very trendy, let's put moar on this site, linked with the source and make new friends…

      • MacDaddy

        Or maybe they are just appealing to the broader segment of the population that comes to Chive that are not here strictly for the T&A. This is a great round-up of all the funny/weird/and off beat out there on the internet. Why troll when you have the Chive to bring it all to you?

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, except that it's the exact opposite… one of the funniest posts I've seen so far this year!

  • SomeGuy

    "Check out tpdsaa.tumblr.com -dedicated to Things real people don’t say about advertising and submit your own stock photo with snarky headline"

    They gave credit.

  • Sammy

    LMAO!!! i dont get it T__T

  • http://twitter.com/Mattchaby @Mattchaby

    I think you really got to be a commercial to love this one, and I do!

  • Kaelen

    hahahaha hilarious

  • Hellbilly_Deluxe

    Its sarcasm people ……

    • Guest

      What ? No way!

  • hater

    I would have laughed, if this post was FUNNY!

  • Bob

    This is funny, if you realize the massive amount of time and cash companies put into changing how they present themselves to the public, only to recover a fraction of that expense through revenue by (hopefully) increased sales. Ever seen "Different look, same great taste!" on food packages? If only they repositioned the image, and changed the font, and made it bigger, they'd sell more!

    It's flipping off marketing's lame efforts to get our money.

    • Its-a me, Mario

      "only to recover a fraction of that expense"

      stay in school bob. Advertising works, if there was no gain for the companies to put their name out there, they wouldnt do it.

      • A certain bear

        hmmm, you certainly beat me to it. And were a lot less rant-like to be fair :/

    • A certain bear

      'only to recover a fraction of that expense' ?

      they massively recover their expenses, why else would they do it.
      A company's goal is making money, if one of their actions doesn't make money they won't take that action anymore. The fact that you see ads everywhere shows that this is a viable strategy for them that allows them to make more money.
      Only a small % of the people that see ads have to react on them to let the company recover it's money. And people don't even have to react directly by buying the product immediately, as long as they remember the product there is an increased chance those people will buy the product.

      It may be lame efforts to get our money, but they know it WILL get our money eventually :p

      • Uminy

        Hahahaha! LOL! I get it! I understand your subtle humor, bear. When you said:

        "A company's goal is making money, if one of their actions doesn't make money they won't take that action anymore."

        …you were ironically referring to the big financial crisis where all those gigantic banks kept acting in ways that didn't make money, only they got bailed out of their stupidity by people like us.

        Free market economics rule. When will the stupid socialists realize this?

        • uberbrie

          Hey guys you accidentally commented on the wrong page, you were looking for http://www.foxnews.com/ sorry for the mix up I understand how it could happen. But next time you want to talk out of your asses on a subject nobody America actually cares about please do it there. The Chive is for intelligent conversation regarding bust size and weather we would sleep with an internet girl who wouldn't sleep with us.

          Oh yeah #20 learn how to shave…dumbass

    • qteam3d

      It's funny because no one would think these things consciously, and yet every single one of them works.

      TLDR: It's funny because it's true.

      Sorry to have to explain the joke to you.

    • aosux

      Sounds to me like your marketing doesn't have a positive ROI. Read "Your Marketing Sucks" by Mark Stevens and that may change.

  • http://www.facebook.com/podplesky Joe Podplesky

    #10 have you been to the Kleenex wbesite? it is fucking AMAZING!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/podplesky Joe Podplesky

      and no matter what anybody says about this post just this one Kleenex photo made my day

    • tippy6

      I wonder how many people will now visit the Kleenex website, just out of curiosity. (Not me.)

      • Uhhhh27

        I did. lol

  • sexualniner



    Generic online insults.

  • welcome


    • Guest

      A designer!! REALLY?!

    • Anonymous

      Except these posts are about marketing, and we all know designers didn't go to business school. Nice try!

  • 8888

    #13 a good one. Highlights the uselessness of such product placement.

  • charles


  • fan of chive

    Excellent post..except for those demanding T&A…lol

  • cryinginside

    Thought I'd pop my head in, its Monday, a new week. Thought the Chive would be like the "best site in the world" like it used to be. Nope, still fail…

    • Gern Blanston

      Waaa, If you try hard enough, I'll bet you can find another side with some boobs on it

  • http://www.mktgdriven.com pheaton

    I've been in advertising/marketing/branding for over 30 years… i've heard every one of these comments in a meeting at one time or another! thanks Chive for starting my week with a laugh

  • this schmuck

    ….what the fuck is this supposed to be?
    i appreciate the free entertainment (heh, cuz the internetz are free lulz (implying is isnt))
    but seriously, this was… a sad posting

    • yup

      . . . what the fuck was that supposed to be?
      I appreciate the useless, pathetic comment (heh, because you think your opinion will somehow sway the millions who browse the Chive (and you used too many parentheses and not enough punctuation elsewhere))
      But seriously, that was . . . a sad comment.

  • Stever

    I liked this post! I will now be forwarding this to the rest of the guys/girl in the production department!

  • Finster

    #21 FIND HER!

  • http://richfrombechtle.wordpress.com/2011/01/17/things-real-people-dont-say-about-advertising/ Things real people don’t say about Advertising « Software Ruminations
  • bananarama

    #4 find her?

  • guest

    Maybe tomorrow you can do a nifty little post about the funny and ironic ways of the used car salesman, because that would be funny and ironic…..

  • quintus

    Obviously those who did not like this post just didn't fall into the correct segment…unlike these guys.

  • TKOwned

    #10 Who else checked the Kleenex website after seeing this?

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