10th generation Ford Thunderbird had 10 times the charms (26 Photos)

If were old enough to remember the 90s, someone you knew owned this car. The 10th generation of the Ford Thunderbird was a ubiquitous site on the tuner circuits and still remains today. Two engine choices were available, the standard 3.8-liter V6 producing 140hp or the supercharged and intercooled version of the same engine in the SC model. If you were lucky enough to opt for the SC or "Super Coupe" model this hopped up V6 produced a much more respectable 210hp.

Check out these photos and see if they remind you of your aunt Linda's burgundy on burgundy "bird."

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  • guest

    Sorry, but they were miserable cars – Fexi-Flyer chassis, horrible seats, anemic powerplants save for the barely adequate turbo model.

    • Locode

      that's ok, you go ahead and drive your miata, let the real men drive the t-birds.

  • Locode

    I miss my 92. LX model, V8 5.0L high output. That MF could fly.
    Power everything of course.


  • Locode

    And finally Josh comes out of the closet.

  • Derek

    Does anyone know where to get a hood like the silver tbird in the pic number one?

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