This is my favorite cop in the world (17 Photos)

Not enough to have a Lambo? Well if you're in that rarified atmosphere than here's what you can do. Prestige Motors will tattoo that boring Lamborghini that your Dad, and my tax dollars, got ya.

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theTHROTTLE wants to show off your auto pictures
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  • Cqcumber

    this lambo is pretty hawt, i have to say.

    • Joe

      I think it's pretty cool lookin' too, actually.

      • facebook

        on closer inspection, the handstyle is pretty sloppy … nice from far though. xD

        • Pål

          And far from nice xD

  • Nils

    The face of the guy with the green shirt in the last picture just says it all, what a dumb idea.

    • Gorbachev

      I know, there's a few comments about "not hating," but if I had that kind of $$$ I swear it would not go to something this stupid and impractical when there are people suffering round the world. This guy's dick must be tiny-

      • Kevin

        I definitely would have a Lambo if I had the money. I wouldn't tatoo it, but still… I earned the money, I can do what I please with it.

      • Timp

        Thing is, if you feel like that you will never have "that kind of $$$"

  • TherealJoel

    young money with old money i find this douchy as fuck. yall hate if you want idc.

    • Anonymoose

      Come on, it's in Miami. Drug dealer. He and some friends got coked up one night and this was the result.

      • Beltes

        Except the cop vehicle says 'Beverly Hills' in #2 – at least look at the post before you start typing…

        • zombie

          cross country road trip

  • Gus

    The only thing worse than being a total douche, is spending twice the annual income of an average family just to be a bigger douche. Four times if you include the Lambo.

  • BigDingo

    They should have slashed the leather looking for contraband…

  • AtomManhattan

    I'm pretty sure this was done in Sharpie, unless I'm thinking about another car that was worked on. Either way, it would a lot cooler looking were it not done in traditional graphitti-type ugly as sin garbage like this…just looks tacky as hell and very cluttered mess.

  • 13ms13

    If you're looking for a way to gay up your car, look no further.

  • St.Christopher

    looks like shit, what a waste of a lambo.

    • hogsy

      totally agree, this is such a nice car, doesn't need any of this douchery

    • Fritz

      Agreed. I can think of better things to spend my hard earned money on than a gay ass 90's tribal looking tattoo for a car.

  • fuck

    this was done with a sharpie by an artist named Cerwinskie or something like that

    • Fritz

      Well, Cerwinskie…SUCKS!

  • jim

    Tattoos are not the badge of “The Rebel” because everyone has one
    Tattoos are the badge of “The Gay”

    Tattooing your car is the badge of “Beyond Gay”

    • Peanut Gallery

      You are quite the tool Jim. Good job

      • jim

        You have a Tattoo dont you?

        Let me guess, tribal, on your shoulder snaking around your bicep?

        • Peanut Gallery

          Guess again punchy…

          "snaking around your bicep" Ha! that's funny shit.

          • Jim

            no need to

            You confirmed you have a tattoo or a badge of “The Gay”

  • marshy

    Tattoos are not gay and I'll fuck anyone in the ass who says they are!

    That car is a waste of a good car on an utter tool…..he needs head butting into a coma.

    • USMCvet

      was that even english?

    • vladik87

      Yes, there's nothing better that says, "completely not gay" like f*cking anyone in the ass.

      • Sam

        I believe that was the joke…

        • Lawanda

          I love reading these articles because they’re short but ifnomrtiave.

  • Liam

    What. A. Douche.

  • Cerwinskie

    This car rocks!!!

    • mgreen

      Umm no it doesnt…….GAY!!!

  • USMCvet

    10 bucks says the guy who owns this wears ed hardy gear

    • Bunker Punk

      ^ you took the words right out of my mouth. Ed Hardy + Lambo = Gay Lambo

  • mcctan24

    Dont hate on the dudes car because you have a prius in your driveway. its still a lambo no matter who owns it or whats painted on it.

    • USMCvet

      says the guy wearing a bandana…you look like the kind of guy who would drive that car and personally i would rather drive a prius than that ugly POS.

      • mcctan24

        whats wrong with wearing a bandana? Anybody that wants a prius sucks at life.

    • EdgeFire06

      Anybody that wants to look and act like that sucks at life.

      • mgreen


    • plpb

      shitty point

  • NOUU


    • jim

      how do you know he doesn't??

  • DuroyPrime

    His level of douchebagness has no limit. Unless it was done by Ed Hardy

  • zilch

    Poor lambo

  • @importantcrap

    I would of made a documentary where that thing was destroyed.

  • Sauru

    is wearing douchebag shirts and hair styles not enough? then call us so we can totally ruin your car for you.

  • Yeah

    A little back story for those calling this guy a douche…

    His father was the original owner of Prestige Motorsports before he died. DIED. This guy inherited the dealership from his father. Don't get me wrong, this is one of the douchiest lamborghinis I've ever seen, but come on, lay off the guy a bit.

  • Ott

    I dont even like Lambo , but thats the first one i have seen that i would buy to myself ! awesome

  • graphic

    Just so people know since they like to hate without doing research. This car was completely freehanded in sharpie by an artist named Jona Cerwinske with no planning. Whether or not you like the end result you have to admit thats pretty impressive.

    • vladik87

      Well, that's actually pretty impressive. I do think that the end result is pretty interesting.

  • kaveman4130

    i took a dump that looks better than that

  • Aston

    his dad was the owner of the west palm beach lambo dealer and he died while this guy was only 19, he took it over …. when he was 19, made it sucessful and is doing a whole bunch of good thing with it. no matter how your cards are dealt you should play them the best you can.

    FUCK ANYONE WHO DISRESPECTS THIS, enjoy shovelling shit for the rest of your lives….

    oh and the needy….. they can get jobs too, this country has more social saftey nets than anywhere else. Get off the throttle and check out dumbass. I use to live in a feild…. just a feild not a house, now… well… i drive an aston

    • Ronin

      what's a feild?

      • Aston

        field, sorry there grammar police english aint my fist language either

        • Zadkiel

          What's a fist language?

          • afl

            One you learn doing gay porn for a living so you don't have to eat dirt living in feilds anymore.

    • mgreen

      Wow what a story. Sounds like your trying to sound better than everyone else. Go back to the field with your aston. You will have something to sleep in now.

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