Everybody’s least favorite house guest, Scumbag Steve (30 Photos)

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  • Toby

    god i hate that i have a friend exactly like this

    • lindy


      • toby

        I know… I know

        • newscot

          Everybody's had a frind like this at one point…

          • http://twitter.com/The_Scofield_ @The_Scofield_

            I was thinking the exact same thing…

            • Skye

              I had a friend like that, finally told him off and the next morning he fucking dumped water on my laptop intentionally. Fucking asshole.

    • Jimmy

      I've known like 5 people JUST like this. Don't worry…

      • BravesFan

        Look, they all gave you a thumbs up.

    • Matty

      i had a roommate who made this guy look pretty chill. Needless to say, we kicked him out of the house, after kicking his ass a few times. Kind of looks like him too.

  • randymarsh

    This guy, he is the guy

    • Shabs

      I can't wait to see him on A&E's Intervention

  • aosux

    The best part…this guys sees all of these. Ahahahahahaa

    • Fapramento

      No kidding! I love it…man the internet can be ruthless!

    • Jimmy

      I think the same thing every time I see these hahahaha

    • Occam

      "Can I check my email?"

      Computer now infested with porn malware

    • alpha romeo

      I know someone who's exactly like this… his name is S.Armtor from TX. Total scumbucket… see that piece of shit? That came from the whole shit like S.Armtor.

  • Dean

    I'm pretty sure everything written on all the pictures are true.

  • hellooo

    I am afraid that we all may have a Steve in our lives…..

    • metalmountainco

      If he is not directly in our lives, we have all at least crossed paths with "Steve".

      • Poopslikelittlebunny

        Unfortunately i knew a few "Scumbag Steves" in my teens and up into my early twenties

    • Just Sayin'

      And if you don't have a Steve in your life, take a long hard think and consider you may be Steve…

  • http://www.facebook.com/DavidMiller822 David Miller

    Half the people in Arizona are like this.

    • https://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

      I am the entire other half.

    • aosux

      There are quite a few. And if you don't know one then it's probably you.

    • aleXTC

      Dude your fucking right. I was looking at this post and wondering if this dude was from PHX

      • Faith

        I was thinking the same thing. Except they have a Pirates or 602 hat.

    • Phoenix


    • george bush

      and the other half are undocumented mexicans

  • hot carl

    this shit is fucking hilarious. you guys should invite steve to your next party.

    • chived

      yeh im pretty sure all of the above pictures are good reasons not to

    • slick

      That would be awesome. These are hilarious, but I know this guy hates these. He has pics posted of himself holding a sign and saying to stop.

    • http://www.last.fm/user/mutiilator Brand_n

      Invite Steve to Chive party. Laptop is gone, dog is pregnant.

    • Smitty

      "you guys should invite steve to your next party. "

      Invite Steve to party:
      – Cops… then SWAT show up. House burns down right as the 4Chan Party Van arrives.

  • Jay

    #6 I lol'd

    • zxcv

      LOL yea and then he still has the nerve to yell at u because u are "late";even though it takes u that amount of time to get to his house LOL god i knew this type of guy lol i avoid facebook because of him LOL!!!!!!

  • poopy

    The most amazing post ever. I think everyone knows Scumbag Steve. I love that he knows about it. BLAKE BOSTON for'eva!!

  • bowhuntpa

    i got a "friend" like this too, borrowed 20$ from my kid for pot. still hasn't paid her back 2 weeks later.

    • Huh

      Wait – did I just read this right?

      • schwartzensteinberg

        remember the movie a bronx tale? it took $20 to get that "friend" out of your life. he / she will dodge you for the rest of your life

        • schwartzensteinberg

          wait, what? YOUR KID??? you're scumbag steves dad arent you

    • Jak

      It's you isn't it?

    • JAFitC

      Sounds like a bargain price to be rid of him. . . .

    • Mario

      *Yeah, pisses me off too when my child's friend borrows money for drugs and doesn't pay her back.

      * Please note, there is no sarcasm font available. Please add your own.

  • -Jules-

    Hahaha- Hilarious post:) I kinda feel bad for this guy tho, getting Scumbag Steve bashed must be rough…Has he posted on here any hate comments yet?

    • chris

      I'm in the minority that thinks this kid's private pictures being used for public humiliation is wrong. Obviously the kid is a douche, but who wasn't at 15? I love Chive, but I'm disappointed they would participate in something so mean spirited.

      • The Real D. Nozzle

        Scumbag steve can take a joke. Actually, he takes just about everything.

        • Pfft

          I laughed harder at this than at any of the cap'ed pics.

        • looney

          X2 fuckin funny

      • aosux

        There are no private pics on the internet, sorry.

      • Pfft

        Look at his attire. He deserves it.

      • SmokeyJane

        you think he's 15??!? I'd guess he's at least 23…

    • Eeik5150

      He sent in a photo of himself holding a sign basically trying to call us all DBs for not getting his permission and crap. It was pretty funny, only added fuel to the fire.

      • Lyssa

        mean spirited? Scum Bag Steve's probably borrowing your phone, making a 4 hour phone call, and using all of your minutes right now…that's pretty mean spirited. Either that or he's getting your daughter pregnant.

        • JDB


      • Sitch

        New steve situation:
        Steve posts comment on the Chive.

        Checks back hourly for how many + marks he has received.

  • bubblerider86

    LoL too!! i love it…..no work today and a post of the douche baggery known as SB Steve, good day Chive ^_^

    • Scumbag Steve

      Chive this chick looks kinda hott y not a post?

    • aleXTC

      Hey bubblerider86
      If that is you in your profile pic, Send in a pic immediately

  • kelly

    these are the best – I'm sure they're all true.

    my favorites #3 #9 #4 and #20 hahahah thumbs up chive.

  • Gman

    #10 FTL

    • peckerwood

      I am too stupid to understand the joke behind this one. Pls help me be cool.

      • bowl of cherries

        he's collecting $$$ for weed without having any to contribute himself

      • RicoSan80

        There was a rap song several years ago that went, "I got 5 on it". Back when a dime cost a dime. And a quarter cost a quarter.

        Wanna know how much a condom cost? Dunno, we never used 'em.

  • Gregory Nelson Courtney

    These are all so priceless. I think I can attach a name from someone I know to every one of these. LOL

  • Chris Lee

    This is by far the best meme posting I have seen… in well….. ever. I think this is better then Philosoraptor!

  • midwestdouchebag

    #19 FTW

    • aaa

      which meme is that? i don't know how to find more of it 🙁

      • urmangina

        failblog.org Go to the meme section.

  • Anonymous


  • floscar

    everyone knows someone like this. If you dont, you're that guy.

    • http://www.twitter.com/justin_speedo facebook

      hahahaha. so true

  • markuskoppel

    Everybody has at least one friend like that! I know I have one.!

  • Cam

    Haha, #11 got me to laugh pretty good.

    • Slappy

      I swear I met this guy last week while playing Xbox with my 9-year-old.

      • Justin Sargood

        Part of the reason i game on my PC…they're *slightly* more mature.

    • MacnCheese

      Same here. No idea how many times when I used to play Halo, I wondered if the people yelling the N word were…..pretty much this guy, lol!

  • Marc

    Everybody knows a Steve

  • hot carl

    Post a new comment. Give yourself thumbs up.

    • The_Dood

      This is the best comment on this page.

      • Wolfram

        Yeah but when you're signed in to Intense Debate at least, it does it automatically when you post.

        • Just Sayin'

          Ok Buzz Killington…why don't you sit this one out champ?

  • https://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    #11 – Why not just use the "N" word…..now you have that exact word running rampant in my brain. when you see it, you think it.

    • Jak

      Louie CK is hilarious!

      • https://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

        Thank you for getting the reference!! 😉

  • bbh

    chive rips of reddit. shocking.

    • McBeastie

      fuckin go there then.

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