• jason

    #25 Nina, a BIG welcome to Sexy Chivers.

    • tan wang

      and #39, your ex is clearly a fool…you're body is fuckin perfect! PS #58's booty is also perfect…

    • Uncalled For

      GTFO seriously.

    • J to the D

      Really?? Who says that? You are a bigger jackass than Paula…..

      • Justin Hall

        Now I'm curious what he said. Must have been bad for John to have deleted it.

        • No sweat.

          Forget about it, it isn't worth mentioning. Negativity is a disease and doesn't belong in SC posts.

    • The Dude

      Is your life so bad that you have to troll the internet to try to bring others to your level? Really what do you get out of it? You get a response from people like me who ask why do you think that way and you were expecting that. You were expecting to get some attention well here you go you got it. There is nothing I can say to try to bring you down because deep down you already know it. You have to go to the internet to get attention and that is probably because you have less than a sad life. You intentionally wanted to bring this woman down because you are less than human. It is one thing to troll with a funny comment quite the other to be inhumane. So hide behind your anonymity but know that what you post is a part what you think and feel and you showed yourself to be a despicable person. Hope you find some peace in your life.

      • Word

        He won't hear you, bro, but most people feel the same way. Idiots will always be idiots.

      • Jason

        Lol, fag.

      • iamqueensboulevard

        Why are we wasting our time with this fool when we could be appreciating an independant, beautiful, strong woman. She, clearly, is everything the chive and chivettes stand for, and for that, i think she deserves her own post.

    • tiger woulds

      Her own post! My best friend died of cancer before the Chive was born and he smiles upon this site. And most of all he smiles upon Nina and all who battle.

    • Ryan

      Seriously, Nina for the damn win, I don't care what anyone else says.

    • fibonacci5150

      Thanks for surviving like a boss

  • kinder

    #64 Holy mother of hand bra

    • Edward

      and looks like a ginger too….AWESOME MOAR…..

    • Mercules

      MOAR!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

    • BigDingo

      Holy crap do we have a winner…

    • http://twitter.com/The_Scofield_ @The_Scofield_

      Yeah, seriously, give this lady her own post. C'mon, give us more!

      • ...

        i just came buckets

    • albyok

      She could be Karen Alloy…

    • Kurt


  • lando

    #47 you can have the Chive on Monday, Wed, and Friday. You can also have it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. the ex can have Sunday Afternoon between 1-1:30. I'll let you guys work out Saturday. You're both adults.


      This chick is so hot


      Lets find her Chive

    • PANDA

      Marry me

    • DaddyD

      Sorry, the ex is toast. Tell him to go stalk someone on MySpace. We want YOU here full-time.

  • Random

    #42 today is an awesome day for underboob

    • Nick702

      She's nailed it.

      • BBB

        I'd nail it!

    • Jeremy

      Adding that slight pants drop just…..mm. Yeah. I could stare at that for hours on end.

    • BeautifulAssLover

      How bout some underlip.. almost got it in the first pic… OK OK gap and CToe will do for next week ๐Ÿ™‚

    • desertsteel


  • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221


  • The Cadets

    from all of us gathered around my computer at West Point, thank you #11

    • The Midshipmen

      Enjoy it whoops because that's as close as you're ever going to get!!!


    • Justin

      Same here. Every one in my IT class is like damn. Who is that. Where has she been.

    • paulhitchcock

      If she's at West Point, she should know the flag goes the other way. Always advancing.

  • Brandon

    Slam bam thank you mam

  • mipo2010

    Chive, Get these 2 together for a oil wrestling match to see who the winner is!!! #29, #30

    • ballzout

      we all win

    • ????

      30 already won. sorry xbox. and that had nothing to do with the gaming.

    • Super Villian

      Grape jelly wrestling, please. My $ is on #30. She's gonna use those curly locks on #29 as handle bars.

    • nevermind

      Now now, we need a 'wii girl' contestant for this to be fair. Someone go ask 4chan, I'm sure they have something ready on the PedoNetwork…

      • 4Chan Admin

        sorry, but our only user who fits the criteria is Paula, and she's already got her hands full producing lulz on here. how about elton john? he plays wii(often times in pink cotten panties too).

    • tag

      No way, pS3 girl DOES NOT have better boobs than Xbox girl. Very easy to see that.

    • dude

      PS3, xbox will be converted by the powers of the ps3

  • http://www.twitter.com/justin_speedo facebook

    #30 SO AWESOME!!!!! …. my psn is: NTFW xD

    • joe schmoe

      I think xbox girl and playstation girl should battle it out in a sexy post of their own

      • http://www.twitter.com/justin_speedo facebook

        make it so!! xD

    • Wolfram

      Xbox girl has bigger boobs. But she's on Xbox so they're about equal until we see moar!

    • Joel

      #30 is wrong twice, imo.

      • lolkimi

        PS3 girls ftw.

  • Rainier

    I think the first monday of every month you guys should do a compelation of the best from the previous months chivettes!!!

    • Aye


      • Justin Hall

        Shouldn't be too hard! You should be able to figure out how many times a number was posted in a comment or response! And it would give us another opportunity to see the Chivettes

    • Dave

      I agree!

    • Super Villian

      Motion carries.

      • Catherine Rodriguez

        fuck yea! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Fisheyes

    #16 and #51…you made my day…thank you.

    • Meth is not awesome

      I am with you sir!
      Both of these and the redhead at the end were my faves.
      #16 Dying to see that gorgeous face of yours!
      #51 Plz tell me you model for a living?

      • Poppin Fresh

        you're forgetting #5. she is gorgeous.

        • jojo myers

          yes she is. yo chive we need more of this goddess

    • schwartzensteinberg

      #51 own post…my god, come on already kylie

      • The_Dood

        Seriously, those are the most beautiful eyes on the intronet.
        Send John a few hundred pictures and make him give you the post you deserve!
        And if that doesn't work send me those pictures. And I'll enjoy the shit out of them.

        • Wolfram

          She looks like a robot. Prepare for the probing.

        • Grant

          seriously. those eyes are mesmerizing.

    • BloodScrubber

      * wipes tear from eye…. I ….I ….just love Chivettes and TheChive.
      Week made ladies. Thank you .

    • Michel Payette

      I'm with you on #51
      She's got to be one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen…she not only deserves her own post but a million-dollar modelling contract!

    • danny

      nice eyes im melting

  • Rory

    #29 #30

    Ladies, ladies…just hand me the controllers and we can discuss this.

    • Gman

      #29 > #30

      • 360 rules

        Was thinking the same thing.

        • Nick702

          #29 should get the kinect.

    • Claire

      I think it's cool that she put in competition, but PS3 should have gone about it better. You can clearly see Xbox has better boobs, and seems sweet. PS3 is just a straight up bitch. With that said, moar from #29, please. ^.^

  • http://www.alteredstatesofcinema.com obscure high movies

    #16 so hot. #58, thank you for that fine tush!

    • bud

      these two definitely for the win

    • Jay

      so so fine

    • Jason

      Definitely my two favorite as well…thanks #16 & #58 for winning Friday (as well as #19)

  • Seldi84

    #25 needs her own thread.

    • ????

      completely agree. that will show that cancer who to screw with.

    • Negrodamas


    • desertsteel

      motion has been 2nd,

  • Seldi84

    Brian you are an idiot.

    • dav

      No, wasn't she fat when she was with him?

      • Seldi84

        Even if she was a little bigger. She's still gorgeous and he's still an idiot.

    • Dirty Dingus

      Yes, you are hot….but probably also crazy, which is probably why he dumped you.

    • Yourfreakindaddy

      Hey Brian what is her real name?

    • Brian

      Her crotch is acidic.

      • Seldi84

        You know her ph balance? Impressive. Not many people know about a lady's ph balance.

    • Red

      Brian messed up big time.

      • brian's song

        I doubt it, he got rid of a crazy bitch….. there are plenty of hotter girls out there, she ain't all that…

    • dwscrub

      maybe if she lost the 18lbs sooner he'd not be the ex. lesson learned ladies. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Chivemaster


    • Johnny

      She is definitely hot… no doubt about it. If she had lost the weight 3 months ago, maybe Brian wouldn't be an ex.

    • Alexander

      True internet perv here. So much so that I know for a fact that this pic is part of a set that has been around the internet for a while. There are tons more of this chick and she is nekkid! This entry is fake.

      • Average Chiver


      • Justin Hall

        I demand proof!

        Although, I think this is pretty common. On the ones I HAVE to find, I use TinEye, and some of the time they're blatant fakes.

        • fool

          hes absolutely right. theres a lot of these photos. i dont have them, and even if i did i dont think i would put them any site from which you could download them, such as megaupload. pretty sure this chick didnt want those pictures getting out. anyway, if youre really dying to see them, im sure if you just go to either "boards.4chan.org/b/" or "boards.4chan.org/r/", post that picture as the oc, and ask for the full set. im sure theres some other perv out there that would be very happy to oblige.

        • Chiver


          If you don't trust the link, do a Google search under "votissit", click images, make sure adult filter is off and enjoy that 1st pic! There are many more on that set.

      • Chiver


        If you don't trust the link, do a Google search under "votissit", click images, make sure adult filter is off and enjoy that 1st pic! There are many more on that set.

    • DaddyD

      Put the 18 pounds back on if you want, and then another 18 for good measure. You'd still be too good for Brian. On the other hand, I would be happy to marry you with or without the weight.

      • fakestorykittencry

        Alexander has it right. Why some people feel the need to create such elaborate stories for pics when they could just be fapping I'll never know…

    • vonRichthofen

      #39 is definitely not real – she's been on the interwebz for a while. There are lots of nekkid ones (smokin body) around too!

    • Brian

      You are such a heartbreaker Sara!

      Love, Brian.

      • ChiveRocks

        Well Done Brian, sacked her for being fat, then posted a link to her nekkid pic, well done mate, representing.
        I think it would do her self image some help if you were to write that you dumped her because she was too fat, and if she had lost the weight, you'd still be there.
        Its just nuts, why would you wait untill you've lost the guy to lose the weight, and then subject yourself to nekkid scrutiny at the hands of someone like yours truely. mmmm.

    • northerner

      Oh, yes indeedy, Brian's a huge idiot. She is gorgeous…

    • sick of her

      Brian is not an idiot, remember, no matter how hot she is, somewhere there is a guy who is sick of her shit!!!!!!
      Sounds like she is still bitter though…..

    • Marvin

      You are by all means a wonderful looking girl I would have loved to have you by my side.

  • bob

    dear #39 your ex must be an idiot for leaving you, heads up, youre smoking

    • ????

      foe every smoking hot (all be it chivette) woman there is out there there is a guy tired of her shit and is looking for better.

    • Shabs

      If she puts this much effort and focus into trying to get back at him, she was probably pretty damn psycho when she was with him too. I doubt he's ruing the loss.

      • rdh014

        Agreed…one man's trash = another man's treasure…good luck, honey!

        • obvi

          mehhh ive had better… and she seems a bit crazy

          • DaddyD

            Crazy means passion. When you turds finally grow up, you're realize that crazy women are absolutely the best.

            • DaddyD

              ..you know until she cuts your cock off like in that BME Pain Olympics video, but hey, she'll be passionate about it…..

            • sketchy_girl

              woohooo yay crazy girls ๐Ÿ™‚

            • meme

              I have to concur with this!

              I had a little crazy which also equaled amazing passion!

              My gf, OTO, while absolutely HOT, is very even keeled and the very opposite of crazy… and unfortunately has virtually no passion. But I still love her! ๐Ÿ™‚

              Where I don't agree with you is that sometimes it is better to have stability and dependability because it will last longer.

              Errr… I do think back to that crazy one who want to jump me within minutes of arriving home from work, then about four more times throughout the night.

              Uh… ohhh…have I made the right choice?

              I kid, I kid

        • JoJoHatesNerds

          One man's trash = another man's trash, plus she crazy. Probably out fucking the 1st thing with a dick that smiles at her ..Hey below me @DaddyD you might have a chance. Loser

    • JoJoHatesNerds

      @bob get a life, even the ugly chick wouldnt give you a piece of ass.

    • Chiver


      If you don't trust the link, do a Google search under "votissit", click images, make sure adult filter is off and enjoy that 1st pic! There are many more on that set.

    • Chiver

      You are such a heartbreaker Sara!

      Love, Brian.

    • crazycanuck

      lol didnt a comedian once say?" show me a hot looking chick and ill show you a guy thats tired of fawking her?"

  • Big E

    #18 Congrats, chive on and good luck to you both

  • Mlenha

    23 please learn from 58. Thank you.

    • S V


  • zym

    Hi #33. My wife works nights. Just sayin'.

    • ????

      looks beautiful in that! wow

    • hMMMM

      You can actually buy a night with her – she's an escort in Vegas. I actually have more pictures of this girl.

      • icesphere

        Can you send me these pics man? My buddy showed me this pic and said he banged this girl and she lives in Montreal. I wanna call him out on this.

        • hMMMM

          ABSOLUTELY – what is the e-mail? Not a far fetch to go from Montreal to Vegas, though…

  • bubba_earl

    #16 Just amazing!

    • less10percent


  • Bryan

    #1 #10 #45 Good Lawd….!

    • kelsey

      Look at those man hands.

  • midas

    #42 is carrying some weapons-grade underboob

    • Wolfram

      And not to mention a sexy tummy and low riding panties!! Let's get some more of this girl!

    • Jen

      i was just gonna say that stomach is awesome sister!

    • Our_Kelly

      Underboob + Uppermound = FTW

    • joey

      she is the winnner this time around imo

  • Chris

    #16 and #58 – very nice

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

      i love the chivettes!

  • todd

    #51 MOAR!!!!

    • Eyes

      Definitely MOARRR!!!! When? When? When?

    • Spencer

      MORE #51!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMaZING

    • Madcitychiver

      Eyes are absolutely breathtaking! Should get her own post

      • edd


    • Morpheus


    • V.A.

      Yeah, her and #62 win this one, or so I like to think.

    • ajackmanuk

      Holy shit look at those eyes!

    • Shawn Forth

      Her eyes are amazing, now to see the rest……

    • Ori

      definitely need MOAR


      Hi 'again'? Did I miss out (big) or what?

  • zwitz

    #31 .. Waiting for next week.

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