• Scarlett

    If someone like her ever showed up in my hotel room, I would hit it… hard (yes, I'm a girl) #7 #26

    • DrJ

      Maybe all of us Chivettes who are drooling over this incredibly sexy woman can get together and plan a little…date? Gabrielle, care to join us??

    • Adam S.

      First. lol

    • Biggus Diccus

      You know you're hot when chicks are wanting to hit it.

    • RGH

      I forgot my comment, so I am just going to go back up to the top again.

      By the way Gabrielle, if you are reading these, you are the definition of hot. If you were president, you would be Baberaham Lincoln.

      • 2cents

        i know this girl. worked with her in an improve class once. shes nothing generic in person let me tell ya that.

        • PJDuffy

          You only call her "generic" because she's blonde…not because she's generic. If she had dark hair she'd have half the shit talkers. Sad.

    • nigaroto

      go to hell you assface

  • Bryan

    Hot! #1 #26

    • USMCvet

      Ahh the attention whore. I would still wear that ass like a surgeon's mask. Om nom nom nom!!!

    • hjk

      Can we really consider her a chivette? Or just some chic looking to advance her professional career with professional photos?

      • John

        can't really call her an attention whore when she gets paid to take most of those pictures.

    • Meepsters

      Why do i feel that TheChive is with-holding some deliciously naughty photos??
      C'mon John cough it up for the chive to see!!

    • Emvee

      Definitely #26

  • toby

    There are a million awesome things I'd like to say about #29…

    • Wolfram

      So right. I didn't give that one enough time at first, what with #30 staring at me. My bad

    • jason in pc

      already working on a shop?

    • Roscoe

      My favorite pic. I'm a simple jeans and a t-shirt kind of guy.

    • BloodScrubber

      Any woman that loves cotton candy is ok by me. Awesome covered with sugar.

  • http://www.facebook.com/PhacePlant Nicholas Warner


  • http://www.poison-ideas.com krisb

    Marry me.

    • rezophonic

      No, sorry…

      And now things are just going to be awkward between us…

  • HankT

    #29…that is some lucky cotton candy!

  • paulson

    nothing beats a dead-sexy girl with a great smile #16

    • Dunny_

      Who is also more than happy to fondle the grapes.

  • Justin Hall

    I approve.

  • MikeK


    • parker

      stop saying 'meh', or at least use the space on the chive's first comment page to say something constructive. If you can't do that, head back to ebaums or the chans, kid.

      • blah

        Like "nom, nom, nom" is more constructive?…..STFU!!! If someone wants to comment on there indifference to the post it's really not a big deal. This is the internets.

        • blah

          …..and I will beat you to your petty, immature rebuttal……….*their*

          • Lil Jon

            Nice spelling on there (their)… Stupid fuck.

            • blah

              Lil Jon, I believe you just got……how you say?…….pownd!

              • D.C


                • blah


                  • Dan


                    • Roscoe


                    • gok attack

                      gokkun – google that

      • dean

        it's funny because meh is exactly what i was thinking.
        maybe i'm just jaded from too much time on the internets, but it's nothing i haven't seen before. i mean, a lot of the chivettes are attractive, of course, but maybe if i met this chick irl i'd care. seeing fully clothed chicks i'll never meet does nothing for me, and i'm surprised so many people care that much about it.
        honestly, i'd rather have no chivettes and less ads with more funny posts, but i doubt the chive owners will do that, as they must make a decent chunk of change from the traffic these chicks give them. they must also get a lot of good/nudie pics from chicks wanting to be on here, too, so i can't really blame them, i'd probably do the same.

        • Average Chiver


        • Nateb123

          Well once in a while there are some striking girls on here but overall, I get that same "meh" feeling too. Maybe it's a side effect of getting laid once in a while

  • Pat

    Ummmm, Nom, Nom, Nom….

  • http://www.poison-ideas.com krisb


    • Jeremy

      Showing that little extra skin along the panty line put me into a hypnotic stare.

  • bubba louie

    Nice to see some Black & Whites…
    But the best is #10 … it makes me thirsty…

  • sku

    I like to have fun too

  • Nick702

    #3 You my lady have class. And a great rack and tush to go along

  • Eva

    I have to agree with Scarlett up there ^^ I think all girls are a little bit bi. And there's a (very) certain type of girl that we're attracted to. Gabrielle has that seductive thing that makes me want to take her home to my boyfriend #3

    • Lodi Dodi

      On behalf of your boyfriend, go ahead and bring pretty much any chick home with you…

    • Dan

      I want to be your boyfriend.

    • greg

      sounds like you are more than " a little bit bi"………awesome!

    • Naz1962

      Eve, you just rocked the cool rating! You get a thumbs (and other things) UP! 😉

    • Jusnel Gonzalez

      Damn…. could only vote you up once!!! curse u chive

      • G55

        I was going to thumbs up this comment, but I don't want to be the one who moves it from 69…

    • Hungry

      God bless you!!

  • Pez

    #3 is a tease in such a good way

  • top dog

    #6, I just wanna know what her momma look like.

  • sully23

    lovely tatas! #3

    • chance

      Now the question is are they real?

      • slim

        like i always say; if i can touch them, they're real. but then again, i'm a retard.

  • Wolfram

    Very nice pictures! #17

    (also, which shows?)

  • bubba louie

    Oops, sorry … She made me confused … I meant #21.

  • RobW

    #1 was great #3 was epically stunning…..

  • mcmguy

    I am dissapoint with the amount of ass shots in this gallery. The potential is definitley there, sooo….?

    • mcmguy

      I mean, she did brag about how nice it is. Am I right?

  • MigraineBoy

    #1…Damn…gave me sprayshorts

  • Cogburn

    #21 if she's supposed to be a soviet, I'm prepared to embrace socialism.

  • Dunny_

    #3 is a sexy pic. Think there's a little aereola peeking out the top of the nightie…and there is some serious landscaping needed to wear those panties.
    Great pics. Thanks Gabrielle!

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