Shay Maria is at theCHIVE offices. Tune in for the live photoshoot. (SESSION CLOSED)

I promised yesterday that I’d make Shay Maria the Chivette of the week. Well right now, Shay is at the Chive offices for her shoot. She’ll be starting in about 10 minutes. Today, we are officially launching theCHIVE’s live office webcam to the world and you can watch Shay’s shoot in progress, LIVE. We’ve got a lot of new visitors on theCHIVE today. And for those of you who are new here, welcome to theCHIVE. Tune in HERE.

UPDATE: Shay is gone but you can see more in the video below. It’s been a good day.

UPDATE 2: In case you missed the shoot, we recorded a little snippet from the CHIVE CAM for your viewing pleasure (there’s no audio, but you get the idea):

Here’s a little taste of what’s to come. Check back next week for a spanking brand new Shay Maria photoshoot.

a shay Shay Maria is at theCHIVE offices. Tune in for the live photoshoot. (SESSION CLOSED)

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  • Giggity

    The makeup girl is hot as hell. She needs her own post!!!

  • Doug Zimmerman

    Shay FREAKIN' Maria! YESSSSS

  • The Dude

    Chive you have successfully made me complete useless at work.

    Congratulations the Chinese win

  • Jeremy

    This is ridiculous.
    Any doubts that Chive was my favorite website have forever been banished.

  • @withquotation

    I take my gold plated man card in many forms. In the shape of a SIG P228, the shape of Shay Maria's breasts, and of course the man symbol "Mars". But since John made this happen for the County of Fluvanna just donate money there. the self donned Chiver of the year… DREW!

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    i would give my left nut for her

  • CausticConserv

    1025 people are watching a guy in jeans and a tshirt pick up laundry from a photo set. THANKS A LOT GUYS!

  • El Jefe

    Please tell me your recording the photoshoot and going to post it later for those of us that can’t watch the live feed right now…. ( I’m in a meeting while I’m writing this FML)

  • denzino

    kinda makes me wonder where our heartfelt contributions came from. Was it a desire to help? Or was it the promise of a Shay Maria gallery? hhhmmmm…..

  • shamshe

    tis over

  • The Grizz

    10 minute warning??? that's all we got? I went to lunch and come back to find out I missed a live Shay maria shoot??? GAHHHHH

    Either way, well done Chive. I'm sure the photos will be amazing, just wish I coulda seen the shoot.

  • Wolfram

    They deleted the comments?

    Well anyway the live stream with chat was fun!

    Looking forward to booty shorts and topless pics… oh yes. Please don't shop them!

  • rusel

    that was the best live photo shoot ever. we even got some side boob when shay was changing tops. she's amazing.

  • Wolfram

    …seriously? That ugly wench? Not only is every sexy chivette hotter than 2 pistols girl, but this is Shay frickin Maria! Like pistols girl even has a damn chance in hell, derpless or not.

  • Shilling

    "starting in 10 minutes" ain't that helpful when your posts only list the date they were posted…

  • KokoT

    I was here for this historic event.

  • mike barrera

    when i was watching the camera was way farther away

  • hilb

    what else did u record..u lucky bastards..

  • Nicolas Côté

    Please, PLEASE make wallpapers of these pictures so we can admire them all the time!!!!

  • Baldy

    I want to buy my girl CHIVETTE clothes. or chive clothes.. get on it guys!

  • Mick

    Does this Pedobear make me look fat?

  • Hich

    You guys only gave a 10 minute warning? Guess it's a good thing I keep a tab open to Chive for my entire work day.

    Chivin' at work and lovin' life. You guys rock, rock on.

  • Gerard

    Hey, how the hell did you get her to come by your "office"? I want to know how to do that!!

  • Heber Coll

    Almost nipple slip at 2:58

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