It shall be called the "Nimrod", seriously that's the plane's name (7 Photos)

Two Nimrod MRA4 reconnaissance aircraft sit parked on the tarmac waiting to be scrapped at the BAE Systems factory at Woodford in Cheshire on February 1, 2011 in Woodford, England. Dismantling of a fleet of nine new RAF Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft that cost nearly £4bn to build has begun behind giant screens at BAE Woodford. Six former military chiefs of staff said destroying the Nimrod MRA4 spy planes opened a 'massive gap in British security'. Unions have also condemed the scrapping of the aircraft which cost £445m each.

theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
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theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
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  • John

    I got him (he who must not be named) you guys. Used the old IP address block. He can look just can't post.

    • USMCvet.

      Please tell me it the same person who i am thinking it is. Dont think that It was me disrespecting the members of the armed forces. As a former marine i cant stand these little Delta Bravos. if it is who im thinking it is GREAT WORK.

    • Mike Kunt

      Sorry I'm new…who is he who must not be named? Elaborate please…

  • tommybhoy

    #4 This is the beginning of the end for the RAF…..UK government has already got rid of the Harrier, thinking about scrapping Tornado's and this.

    • Maynard B.

      They'll be getting our new J35 jumpjet.

  • Jmack

    This is Sacrilege!! This so called UK government is destroying the military so we have nothing left.
    We're even spending billions on renting an old US converted plane to replace the Nimrod!
    No offence to our US cousins but this should not be happening!

  • Sev

    the bloody bastards at No. 10 Downing street are selling england by the pound, when will the arse wipes realize that we need the Armed forces more than their 13th house? fucking cunts need look beyond them selves

  • lfd

    That is possibly one of the weirder planes I have seen. I can only imagine the cool stuff they had inside of them though.

  • Airwalktdk

    it's cool – im pretty sure we rated as one of the least patriotic countries in europe IIRC.
    Seriously we were behind the gorramn ukraine…

    • Phred

      Well said, Browncoat!

  • big_hairy_si

    The Nimrod was a Cold War plane designed to hunt Soviet subs through the Greenland/Iceland/UK gaps. There's no need for them now and they were taking too much money from where we really need it – choppers and transports. Now to cancel the A400 and buy more C-130, C-17 and Chinooks. They might not be British, but they are the best for the job.

    • Trig

      Which we then tare apart and modify to the point that fuck all works, for twice the cash. Bad times.

  • @joelesage

    The Nimrod is being decommissioned due to a fatal design flaw that ended up killing 14 service members in 2006. The fatal design flaw was kept in the plane despite three redesigns (the plane itself is over 41 years old). To be honest, it's probably for the best since these planes are the byproduct of a government that promoted based on who could run the tightest budget, not those who followed logical safety procedures.

    • Jeff

      Do you actually know what your talking about you fool.

      • Mason

        He does, unfortunately. As an aerospace engineer, I love an hate the Nimrod… It was an incredible plane and one hell of a piece of England's proud history of air warfare, but it's a death trap now. Old, decrepit and full of potentially deadly malfunctions.

      • @joelesage

        Actually, as an engineering student at a military institution, I just had a lecture from Charles Haddon-Cave, who, if you do a little research, was the leading investigator on what caused the fatal flaw that led to the accident in 2006. The topic of his lecture? "What caused the failure in the Nimrod, and how can we prevent it in the future?"

        But you're right: I probably have no idea what I'm talking about.

        • Ash

          ROFLMAO…well played dude 🙂

          The Nimrod was/is one of those planes, like the C-130……it has a look that You either love or hate…I've always found it hidiously attractive 🙂

  • NOUU

    never seen one before, very strange looking plane.

  • SeaBassEX

    I picked up one in the Persian Gulf many years ago – it has very distinct radar parameters.

    • ToolGremlin

      I was an EW during Desert Storm, saw these quiet often. Remember how much fun it was transiting the Red Sea with Square Tie radars popping up all over the place?

      Thanks, John, for taking care of that other problem.

  • Jmack

    I agree that the Nimrod is ancient and has had it's problems (what aircraft hasn't) but why are we spending millions substituting it with a plane that is the same age and probably even older?
    The Nimrod is the best recon plane not only for the military but for maritime.
    And don't get me started on the 2 aircraft carriers we're building! bloody Government!

  • Dan

    It's looks like an "Inception" Place. A Plane within a plane.

  • jim

    This is the plane the Auric Goldfinger used to transport his “solid gold” Rollsroyce in “Goldfinger”

  • Artudor

    I know the yanks use the phrase Nimrod as a term of stupidity, but this is, believe it or not, due to Buggs Bunny calling Elmer a "Nimrod", and it was deemed an insult.

    Nimrod was in fact a great hunter, hence why Buggs used it to taunt Elmer. This is aircraft is a submarine hunter, so it was named after the original meaning…

  • jim

    the reason for the getting rid of the planes is that 1) the plane design is really old, and 2) you can get a plane that does the job (probably better) for 138 million, with only a couple of nimrods the parts would be hard to find

  • Trig

    There is no room in Britain for us to be English any more. Were all of to OZ before Europe realises:]

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