• Simon

    #6 the force is strong with this one

    • king

      agree with you i must, Simon!!!!!

      • Cake is a Lie

        Next time I get a prostitute Im going to have her check out my Star Wars collection and take pictures. She seems really into those picture books.

    • Wilber


    • JMartin

      And may I force it IN you.

    • ROK

      where is porkins with that damn astroglide?

    • mgreen

      Well done chive. the force is real strong…….

    • taka

      Her floor is super dirty

      • BloodScrubber

        Its her brothers room. Go figure that one out….

        • sswg

          I don't even have a brother, but assumptions are always fun. (Y)

    • northerner

      HI-YO! Day-yum!

    • trey-doggz

      the force is strong in my pants after seeing this

    • Ken

      LOL. That is THE perfect comment. No need to scroll further.

  • T Bone

    All I can say is…


    • Leadbelly

      Just what the world needs, another fan of that dreadful franchise. Please ladies, stop being nerds and start getting attractive.

      • JDB

        what a loser

  • paul

    I'm fap skywalker, I'm here to rescue you

    • ryan

      use the semicolon!!

    • Dave Gal

      Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?

    • Carmine

      I dont think the Empire had Wookies in mind when they designed her Chewie

  • MikeK

    =) Happy onday!!!

    • MikeK

      * Monday
      *? Moan-day )

      • Dufius

        * Hyundai

        • MikeK

          I'll take a side of Hum-dai please!

  • msnbc

    What a filthy rug!

    • funkyf

      If you can see the rug, I have bad news for you…

    • been

      How can you tell? Her legs are crossed.

      • T Bone

        Well played Sir!

    • rodrocks

      There's a rug? Where?

  • dave

    something tells me that star wars geeks are going to be more interested in the collection and won't even notice the girl

    • DaddyD

      What girl?

    • http://www.facebook.com/timothy.parrish3 Timothy Parrish

      Sorry I got distracted by curves to notices…

    • Jacob Marchlinski

      Something tells me she won't even notice Star Wars geeks like herself. She'd probably rather go for the "hot" guys who couldn't give a damn about Star Wars than the geeks who love it just as much as she does but may not be the best looking guys out there.

      • quit.

        too much.

      • Zach

        probably cause the guys she'd go for don't care enough to think like that.

      • sswg

        I'm proud to say you're incorrect, I go for brains over body. If they happen to have both, awesome, but I'd never go for a guy who hasn't at LEAST seen all the movies. Preferably a nerd like myself, unintelligent guys bore my brains out.

        • Jacob Marchlinski

          Then you are but one of the few exceptions out there.

  • figurefour

    I want a face to go with the geek brain/hot bod!

  • allanb

    #2 You have outdone yourselves Chive! Well done, bravo! and encore! (MOAR Please)

    • allan

      Chive! Where are the rest of the pics? You've got them numbered, 2, 3, 7, 8 and three others. You're not holding out on us are you?

  • dennis

    Red 5 going in #2

    • Mike

      Look at the size of that thing.
      Cut the chatter Red 5

      • Dave Gal

        Negative. Didn't go in. Just impacted off the surface.

        • yup

          Those are the boobs we've been looking for!

    • Lord Vader

      "I have you now!!!"

  • funkyf

    Moar of that tush!!!

  • http://loccus.deviantart.com/ Loccus

    Wow, The force is strong in this one Chive

  • http://www.facebook.com/mengler2 Mike Engler

    star wars is the worst series of movies ever made! but… she's hott

    • OneClownShoe

      I find your lack of taste disturbing.

    • Screech

      Probably a Star Trek fan…. Kirk loving Spock sucker.

    • Arvzky

      Successful troll is Successful

    • JDB

      fucking queer you are..

  • http://loccus.deviantart.com/ Loccus

    #3 is an awesome perspective

  • Wolfram

    #4 yum

    • northerner

      What a lovely bum!

  • Papichulo

    MMmmm show me your dark side!

  • This Guy

    OMG! I have that same poster!

    • Dirty Dingus

      Must be the only two in existence…o.0

      • Dirty Dingus' Douche

        Don't pay attention to Mr. Dingus, he's in a sour mood because of the sand lodged in his vagina. I've been trying all day, but I can't seem to relieve him of that irritation.

  • skippy

    She is my unicorn at the end of the rainbow. Total babe into star wars doesn’t exist and I’ve been searching. Mooooooooorrrrrreeeeee please.

  • Anonymous

    She’s got a booty

  • OwnerOfYou

    They don't need to find her. She submitted her pics voluntarily. But yes… there should be more. I'd like to shoot a couple of photon torpedoes down her ventilation shaft.

    • Nathan

      Photon torpedoes? Isn't that star trek?

      • ...

        According to Wookieepedia, there were photon missiles…in a single comic…that blew up the spaceship that was owned by a man named "Kirk".

        So, that doesn't count. You're right, it's Star Trek.

        • booyakasha

          wookieeedia haha

  • sharkyd

    don't show her face, just leave it up to the imagination so there's no disappointment; need more pics though!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sebastian.schwaighofer Sebastian Schwaighofer

    what we clearly need is a face to this body ! 😀

  • ROK

    "did it go in?"

    "NEGATIVE NEGATIVE – just impacted on the surface…"

  • Wavien


  • Matt

    I knew my Dream Girl was out there somewhere, Wow.

  • rodrocks

    Where can I stick my Light Sabre, sweetheart?

    • McBeastie

      I think you'll have to stick to your fleshlightsaber.

      • rodrocks

        Geez my first comment wasn't that bad, was it?

        • mmmhmm


          • rodrocks

            You mean to tell me that my comment was more inappropriate than a girl who sends pics of herself dressed only in sheer black panties to be viewed by potentially thousands of people bent at the waist and my comment is not good. C'mon people I think you need a little reality check!

            • JDB

              it's ok man. I gave you one.

    • yup

      Boobhunters, the scum of the universe.

    • theMorgue77

      The Wolverine statue is what REALLY sells the whole package.

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