A brief note on Sexy Chivers…

Hey All,

As many of you can probably tell, we’ve been pushing it pretty hard at theCHIVE these days. And after dozens of consecutive awesome Sexy Chivers, I’m going to take this Friday off to get take a small and much-needed vacation.

I’ll still post the DAR and all of our regular posts, but the magic that is ‘Sexy Chivers’ takes a long time for me to piece together from the hundreds of weekly submissions. Yes, we have a (small) staff. No, they don’t touch the SC. Frankly, I plan on being whiskey drunk in a yet-to-be-determined destination. I hope you understand.

The SC will return next Friday in full force. We’ve had some amazing submissions so far this week. Frankly, I can’t believe what the Sexy Chivers has become. And we owe it all to our Chivettes.

For our first-time Chivettes: Come play! You’ll find the Chivers are some of the nicest people on the internet. There’s very little snark or cynicism here, just creative comment-applause for our real girls.

AWESOME INSTRUCTIONS: Grab your camera (phone) and write ‘Hi Chivers’ on a sign or some part of your body (be as creative as you like). Then use our handy-dandy upload page to send pics to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com and collect internet fame. Let’s have some fun this week. Above all: Be Creative! Do it for your country!

Chive On!


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  • John

    Sometimes, you just gotta say Fuck It instead of being a responsible blogger. Sometimes, Jack Daniel's wins by a nose. Thanks, Chivers

    • Alex

      Pft, Jack ALWAYS wins with me.

    • dennis

      your the dude john!
      enjoy your weekend!

    • SirSparkz

      You should all take some time off, the new Hump Day post is worth like 3 weeks of new chive material….WAIT, WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING?

    • Adam Heffelfinger

      I respect the decision to get schwasted and hope that you have a great long weekend John!!! Looking forward to next week (with two weeks of submissions it should be a good one!!!)

      • Jen

        WHAT? the chivers should go on strike. try to take a day off after that, you big drunkie! GOSH

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      Jim Beam Black and 7Up. That is all.

  • Bill


    • indo

      yeah, we'll just head over to your blog, Bill, where hundreds of women take their clothes off for our enjoyment every week. what's the link to your blog?

      • Ron

        @indo – It's called the internet. There are billions of pictures of semi-clothed and even naked women. This site is insignificant in comparison.

        • Adam Heffelfinger

          Not even sort of the same thing… These are women who also read this website and are just normal everyday people that you could have met in real life and maybe even bought a drink for.

          • Jen

            your mom posted the pic of her ass in that bra, didnt she, adam?

  • Nowhereville

    theChive gets me through my week, if anyone needs to get completely tossed its you sir. Here's to next Friday though!

  • StevieC

    You're not going to pull a Sheen on us and take off with a couple of Chivettes are you? If you are, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!

  • jamison

    Fuck that guy John ^^ we know you work your balls off. Way I see it, sitcoms take half a year off, sometimes more. you've posted Sexy Chivers every Friday since I can remember, you've earned a break.

  • Harpo

    Not angry, just……disappointed. But anouncing that you will be too whiskey drunk for work the next day is top notch. How about posting some pics of the waitresses from whatever undisclosed location you end up in in Monday's morning awesomeness?

    • jred

      Ok Dad…

  • parker

    John, been fun to watch the chive grow from posting three times a day to one of the biggest websites in the world. and thru it all, you've still returned (most) of my emails. That's class.

    • Ron

      It's not one of the biggest websites in the world. Just look at web traffic statistic sites. theChive wants you to believe it's one of the biggest websites in the world (constantly posting fake, inflated statistics) but it's far from it.

  • damon stutley

    at least these guys are honest. i raise a glass to that

  • MikeK


  • Marvin the Martian

    John you must get more add revenue so you can hire more staff and we get our weekly dose of the chivettes. I can live with the dead space adds or what ever else you got to do to make a the chive a success. Have fun on your whiskey drunk.

    • mikey

      John is the Sexy Chivers. When he goes away, that's it. The back-and-forth between these girls it must take to pull that post off isn't a job for 'staff'

  • your mom

    Outsource the post

    • M.D.

      theCHIVE isn't India. read the post. John does the SC. theCHIVE isn't some huge corporate machine. it has a heart.

      • http://Xaotikdesigns.com Adam

        I know every time I see a sexy chivette, I get a heart on…

        • Smithers

          Oh, I see what you did there Adam.

  • Damagecase1388

    wow, MOAR of her!

    • Curt

      I'm a friend of hers. Her name is Wendy.

  • Tom Velishek

    I will get piss drunk with you (in spirit) on Friday!

    • http://Xaotikdesigns.com Adam

      That sounds like a top notch idea, but I for some unknown reason decided it would be a good idea to schedule myself for work at 6am Saturday…

      Meh, I can probably do my job hung over/still drunk…

  • casss

    Acceptable. Hearing about how many submissions you get each week makes me proud that I made it my first submission 🙂

  • 4SOC20saint

    whiskey drunk is more important there are plenty of girls already floating around the internet anyway

  • Dr. Ballz Johnson

    Don't worry ladies, if you send me your sexy pictures I will go through them and post the sexiest ones…on the mini-fridge…in the back of my windowless van.


  • Ron

    Oh boo hoo John. You have the hardest job in the world. You have to go through hundreds of pictures to make a post. That takes all of what? 30 minutes, maybe 60 minutes if you stretch it out. Quit your whining and get a real job. Then you'll have a legitimate reason to take a "much-needed vacation".

    • IronEagle119

      Ron you bag of shit, shut your whore mouth!

    • lars

      Ron, as a semi-professional blogger you have successfully demonstrated that you have no idea how the internet works. The 'sexy chivers' started as a small post 6 months ago and grew to the massive draw it is today because of hard work. many of the best jobs in the world look fun (Sports Center) but actually take amazing talent and hard work to pull off.

      John deserves every ounce of success coming his way and the last time I checked, he didn't need a 'real job' – They just turned down a multi-million dollar offer from one of my ex-employers for a reality TV show. Chive on, guys

      • jen b.

        Read about that recently. If only poor Ron knew John sold his social media company in 2010 for millions and doesn't do this for the money. day job lol. haters gonna hate.

  • Ken

    Well I was going to submit my mother and her workmate Deborag for Mad Mad Monday Milfs – but you can just FORGET it now, I'll tell them you were tired…but they won't understand.

    • Ken

      I meant Deborah – Deborag sounds like a vacuum…or a Russian lady.

  • Wolfram

    Leading photo ftw! Daaaaamn.

  • Nick

    The Chive is most definitely what keeps me sane. Dealing with a lot of crap lately and this site has always kept my spirits high. Thanks again for all that yall do

  • Roadie

    Enjoy your day off and thank you for everything you do!!!

  • Dbagdbag


  • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

    not cool man

  • Hackitect

    You've earned it brother … you and thechive.com have truly become an intewebs MVP without question.

    I'm tipping back a Jameson/Ginger in your honor right now and will do so thrice come Friday asswell since I'm down with Jack, but me and John Jameson are on a whole other level.

    Just a thought … in honor of this your first "minibreak" from the SC, how about a Thursday post of some of the submissions over the last few months that caught your eye, but just didn't quite make the cut? You know … the honest-to-God girl next door types. Who knows, maybe it'll keep this band of salty misfits occupied until next Friday.

    • http://www.aircraftraffle.co.za Grant

      Yes, a thursday post would be a great idea.
      That way my GF's picture can still make it in…… PLEASE…………. we are so excited about being in the sexy chivette

  • Travis

    A sperm bank will thank you for the break.

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