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  • Jimmy

    #5 always loved 2.5 RS's

    • Cyril

      It's a 2.0l 276bhp.

      • The owner of #5

        she up for sale lads and lassies haha

  • Cbrown

    who is #14?

    • tugbote

      She's a SuicideGirl, but not sure which one.

  • pokeman134

    #7 i feel like that's from top gear's American special, but i might be wrong.

    • Zadkiel

      If I'm not mistaken, the SLS was silver in the TG Special. That one looks white.

  • http://www.nieziemskie.com/tag/kosmici/ kosmici

    Cool pictures

  • Maverick

    I am so pumped I made the gallery!!! Thanks again rick! #28

  • 3mahoney

    I can't tell which is gayer. The guy showin off his ass in #11 or the catastrophe that is #9.

    • Zane

      Definately #11….

    • bob

      Hey Throttle, Thanks for posting my Yaris! and 3mahoney, stop hatin' on the yaris- remember any tool can put rims on a mustang.

      • 3mahoney

        So how is someone with rims on his Mustang even relatable to a guy who decided to put a black hood on a Toyota Yaris. You know, I hate it when people put black hoods on their cars, trying to make their car look like a race car with carbon fiber, but you put it on a Yaris… which is much much worse.
        The Yaris on it's own is a pretty damn gay. You, sir, have found a way to make it ever more so.

  • Draddy

    #21 mine too, awesome.

  • Chris

    #32 is my house cleaner!!!

  • EdgeFire06

    #1 & #4 are full of win. The rest excluding the female hotness was a lot of fail.

  • Matt

    sorry…missed what was in pic 17. jut saw a pot bellied red neck. oh and to all the poniac fans out there…a new gto can be smoked by a 98 cobra…in all fairness, i doubt the driver knew what he was doing.

  • Juan

    #31 = M3

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