The last US eyes to see WW1 has passed (42 Photos)

"This past Sunday, Frank Buckles, the last US Veteran of World War 1 died, the only US veteran so see every Veteran's Day. This is the end of an era. In my opinion, World War 1 is a largely overlooked war and many people today do not understand exactly how horrible the war was. As the son of a Vietnam veteran, I ask that you have a tribute gallery to all those lost in the The Great War, so that the sacrifices of our fathers is not forgotten."
Thank you Yuriy Romaniw for these powerful words.
theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
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theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
Submit your Photos here

  • blah

    "No man is ever dead, who is not forgotten."

    • I am Name

      So very true.

  • Rob

    Gods Speed! Thank you for your service to our country, may it never be forgotten.

  • Mikey

    Thank you for your great service, may you rest in peace of the rest of time.

  • thecursor

    I heard a little bit about this guy's life on NPR, after the war he became a merchant sailor and an adventurer. Actually spent WW2 in a Japanese prison camp. Dude was stone cold American.

  • TargetSix

    Speaker John Boehner's office said the speaker had no plans to allow Mr. Buckles’ body to lie in honor in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda, as some lawmakers from Buckles’ home state of West Virginia have proposed. Please call Speaker Boehner's office at (202) 225-6205. Tell them to grant Frank Buckles the final honor he so richly deserves.

  • ProvenZer0

    Much respect! WWI was such a brutal war, any man who walked off the battlefield is as hard as a coffin nail. Much respect.

  • Kenny

    WWI definitely gets overlooked way to much. One of the most gruesome wars ever and people normally can't even remember who was fighting in it. I had a great-uncle who fought in WWI and never mentioned a single word to us about it. Can't even begin to imagine the things those guys saw, much respect to all of our soldiers. In the words of Lyle Lovett "As I sit here safe at home, with a cold Coors Light and the T.V. on. All the sacrifice and death and war. Lord I pray that I'm worth fighting for".

  • kosmici

    I really like the black and white pictures

  • Cool Hand Luke

    "Retreat Hell"

  • paul

    Thank You Frank Buckles and all those that serve.

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