Daily Afternoon Randomness (31 Photos)

Photo #2 credit: The great Tim Mckenna

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mrkplayer Mark Player

    #1 alright who wet the sleeping bag?

    • metalmountainco

      What is ironic about your comment is that mountain goats LOVE piss…like really freaking love the stuff .Don't pee anywhere near your tent in the mountains if they are anywhere around. Otherwise you wake up to a campsite full of pee drinking goats. I only wish I was making this up…

    • lame is as lame does

      the goal of dickhead chivers:

      1. make first page of comments
      2. think of cool comment
      3. that chick has a nice ass #25
      4. sweet i got +45 thumbs
      5. fuck yeaaaaa

      • Your Mom

        Agreed. The comment quality has been decreasing, mostly due to lack of originality. Take a moment, think of something humorous.

    • RealJerseyBean

      I think it may have been #28

    • Your Mom

      Wasn't Bear Grylls, he'd never waste good piss!

  • parker

    #30 – looks like Star Wars girl might just be a stone fox

    • Wolfram

      Totally Leia-ble

    • Dildobot5000

      But we've already seen the good parts…

      • ProvenZer0

        Did anyone have their doubts?

        • obvi


    • tehehehe

      Love the air freshener on the shelf lol! Who would think a room filled with star wars gear would smell?? haha oh and isn't her hair a ton longer in this picture than the star wars ones that are up?

      • sswg

        freshness is key! & they're extensions.

  • kokoko

    # 19 is AWESOME!!!

  • Random

    #18 – no sexy chivettes? Denise Milani will do nicely

    • Johnny

      Hells yeah. This has me rock hard.

      • reese with her spoon

        shes a fuckin tease…

        • mitch

          She'll never set them free. D'oh!

        • gurtle

          her time is running out,she should start her porn career NOW…

          • Northman

            God yes. Show us Denise Milani as God made her or step aside, you tease.

      • perky

        overated saggy titted taese……

    • Slauter

      IMO her 15 are just about over.

    • whee

      Poor girl is just trying to stand up………

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Josh-Straliea-Walberg/100001941140884 Josh Straliea Walberg

      that boob job looks like it hurt

    • matt

      smaller tits = less intimidating.

      but for now id be a little scared lol

  • Urban

    #1 Don't ask, don't tell.

  • tag

    #24 Corgis are the best!

    • BlackDude imitation

      Corgis….Y U no let black dog play?

    • #Winning

      For punting….

    • Dude

      …seat cushions.

    • Arf

      snack for real dogs?

    • Oh Yeah

      for sorority girls….

    • Haha

      at being dogs which aren't real dogs.

    • Oui Oui

      … for picking up gay dudes.

    • Har

      way to show everyone that you're not really a man.

      • its_forge

        …way to show everyone your manhood isn't defined by what kind of dog you have, or what kind of car you drive, or any other external influence, but simply what kind of man you are.

    • Guy

      …for men who drive Minis.

    • Yum

      …food for falcons.

    • Wow

      … to show women that you're just not interested.

    • Corgi

      …coming out party present.

    • Sub one

      … replacement for ear muffs.

  • Johnny

    #19 damn that gets me hard.

    • Dex

      … whatever floats your boat dude.

    • Don_Aguelo


      I really don't know if you deserve thumbs up or thumbs down for that comment. I'll just leave it as it is.

    • its_forge

      The only thing that bothers me is that I would be willing to bet none of those books is in a language I understand.

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    #5 #20 #31 – Jealousy
    #22 – Not Jealous

  • Todd T

    I'm going to need therapy after that ear hair pic

  • astowe10

    #31 makes me happy just started my spring break

    • ABO

      Best Trey Ratcliff photo ever! http://www.stuckincustoms.com/

    • diesel999

      anyone know where to find a much higher res copy of this pic? it would make a kick ass wallpaper

  • will

    #28 glad to see the stuffed animal wearing the scarf. i was beginning to think it had been surgically affixed to John's neck.

    • Jeremy

      I'd be pissed Snoopy stole the shirt. There's no telling what he contracted from that nasty float.

    • Takingbackcider

      I want a Chive t-shirt!

    • Henrik

      Surprise buttsex

    • Gator

      When is the Chivery coming?

    • Scarf Hater

      WTF i thought you promised to lose the scarfs? You just cant resist can you? Well I guess the sharpie on your side was well deserved then.

  • XOS2

    #18 def not scary…

    • Red Dog

      YOUNG PADUANN, that is very scary!

      • Bob

        Someone needs to learn to spell "Padawan".

    • IamWhoIam

      I don't know.. being that sexy naturally is kinda scary.

    • Matt

      agree -100%. That pic is scary as hell

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    EPIC DAR this week. I laughed out loud at the 3 pics of John's bar excursion. And plenty of backsides in the DAR. Wow. Well done, Chive.

  • Notatrap

    #1…Man, that guy totally photo-bombed those mountain goats!

  • XOS2

    #31 heaven???

    • zzzz

      i believe #13 is shopped…

      we should've gotten a nip-slip…

      • its_forge

        Possibly but this is the right kind of girl to have an upturned bosom which would mean the nipple is a little higher up.

  • Jay
    • Jay

      #7. woops.

  • Kellen

    #19 Why u have so many globes?

    • Don_Aguelo


      Y U don't get it right!

      • Ben


        Y U No get it right??

    • Richie

      Where is this????

    • its_forge

      One for each revision after somebody discovers a new landmass or a country breaks off from another country. We gotta redo our Africa maps now that we have a "Southern Sudan."

  • Emma

    i got a chance to go to the chive's 2nd anniversary party. Most girls immediately want to wear John's scarf. I must have seen 10 different girls running around in that thing. #26

    • bobby d.

      admit it, you blew him 🙂

      • emma

        i'm not the sort of girl who fights for people's attention like that. john was very nice tho

        • wintercoat

          Who said you need to fight? You have boobs, you immediately had his attention.

        • ???

          so you blew him anyways 🙂

    • man man

      So…John didn't take everyone's advice about getting rid of the scarf?

      It looks stupid, and you probably don't need it to get chicks man.

      • lonin

        Sounds like the scarf is working for him to me.

      • Harpo

        A scarf is probably the gayest thing a man can wear. That picture and comment is why I wear one anyway, in Florida. Bitches love scarves.

        • marty

          ^^ Harpo is right, i'm sure john is a smart dude – he's figured out how to have 100's of women strip down for his website every week. my guess is he could probably care less about the scarf – but he's figured out that women love them (they do) and he's just gaming the system.

    • Alouicious

      Smile when you say "PBR"

  • KyleGamgee


    Find her.


    • femtrooper

      Except everyone already knows who she is.

    • Slauter

      Do you live under a fucking rock?

      • gobo fraggle

        i live under a rock..problem ?

  • Special_K

    #1 photo bomb!

  • ProvenZer0

    #9 = awesome

    #18 is SCARESEXY one word.

    #25, mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • IamWhoIam

      We have a new dragon tattoo girl!

  • Pirate Pigskin

    I love it here

  • Top Gunner

    #23 "…and your plane got caught in the jet wash, which caused a flat vertical spin from which you were unable to recover. It is our finding that Goose's death was not your fault, Maverick…"

    • MigraineBoy

      That's just the coolest shit I've seen this week!

      • justinian

        coolest shit ever


      awesome comment!! thats what i thought of looking at this photo.

    • Jack

      like a boss

  • GRyde

    #15 Whatever you're selling I'm buying!

    • equalizermax

      What's going on with his hand?

    • V4vendetta14

      How about a low-cost vacation to the safe city of Guadeloupe, Mexico?

    • fobss

      2nd girl (left to right) is karla carrillo, Miss México

    • Ricardo

      photo-bomb candidate?

      • testington

        yeah what is with the hand? is he over-handing himself? does that mean you've never even masturbated?

  • superman

    #12 FTW!

    • reese with her spoon

      genius…..dating essentials.

    • Tools of The Trade

      You realize you're making whoever breaks into your house job much easier, right?

      • schango

        I was just about to say that.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vince-Weaver/100002059474696 Vince Weaver

      Yes, funny right up to the point where you come home, and the dude pops out of your closet with all the stuff…

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