• Dagoth Wit

    #9 Like a boss

    • Who gives a f...

      It's still only a spare… or perhaps three spares? First throw must have been a major f-up to leave the pins like that.

      • Dave

        Actually, its just a trick shot, the pin on the right can't be there, it's too far forward to be on the very edge like that.

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      The term, "Like a boss" must never be used again. It must be relegated to the dustbin of history. It had it's moment. But that moment is gone.
      Thank you for your cooperation.

      • Chiver

        Like a boss

        • hamanahamana

          Haha its funny because you did something that contradicts the previous poster, you are truly a genius!

      • IRock

        Like a Sheen.

    • Catch

      That was time well spent not dating.

  • Jiwan Singh

    #11 the more you watch the funnier it gets

    • ksay

      totally agree!!

    • Ben Muirhead

      no mercy from that friend… she's laughin too πŸ˜€

    • Lauren Gentile

      She hit every imaginable part of that wall! I feel bad for laughing…but that is absolutely priceless!

      • AdamBaldick

        Treadmills do almost 10 miles per hour. What she did was practically like running as fast as she could then throwing herself on to a burning hot sheet of vinyl sandpaper. I could imaging her friend felt pretty shitty.. of course after she laughed hysterically

        • Lauren Gentile

          Haha! That's a pretty epic description of a treadmill – I love it!!

          • AdamBaldick

            When i was a kid I used to skateboard on my parents treadmill. fell once super hard and burned my face up. I stick to the elliptical or the bike now.

            • Lauren Gentile

              As long as you don't do this ( I think you're good! That's pretty friggn' hilarious that you did the skateboard/treadmill combo… love the creativity (but don't love the fact that you got injured in the process)!! I usually trip over my own feet on the treadmill but that's as far as I've let myself slip on those things… yet! πŸ˜‰

              • AdamBaldick

                I have been lucky enough to see a girl bail on the treadmill at the gym. Water bottle went flying.. she was cute so it was fun to watch all the guys run to help her. So stay safe.

                • C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!

                  Or a bunch of guys will run to help you.

                  It's a win win.

      • JAMESJ

        So Lauren……………..chiveting today? πŸ™‚

        • AdamBaldick

          Yeah Lauren.. Chivetting today? huh

        • Lauren Gentile

          Not sure exactly! I've submitted a ton of stuff to them but I highly doubt they're going to put it up since I can't be in every Chivette post, yanno'? I'm hoping my butt ones go up for hump day because I actually got a nice HQ camera, but you never know!

          • AdamBaldick

            I think you should be in every chivette post. thats just me tho… Also I hope hump day is in HQ next week. as I hope to see you there..

            • Lauren Gentile

              I think you all would get sick of me!!! But thank you very much though. πŸ™‚

              if you let the Chive staff know or if you want me in hump day or something just send them an email because they have more than enough non-modeling shots of me that I've taken specifically for the site! (i.e. not photoshopped) I just don't want you all to get sick of my mug!

              Oh! And I completely agree. All hump days should be in HQ!

              • AdamBaldick

                I will do my best.. when I have time, some people have to work you know πŸ˜‰

                • Lauren Gentile

                  Yeah, I'm unfortunately at work too! Damn the Chive for always being available! :p

                  • AdamBaldick

                    I share with you a corporate high five.

          • Tomas Larence Calvillo

            IMO you should be in as many posts as possible. You never seem to let us down you always look extremely gorgeous.

            • Tomas Larence Calvillo

              Looks like we had the same idea ^^ lol

            • Lauren Gentile

              That is incredibly sweet of you to say such a nice thing – thank you VERY much Tomas! I(I love your name, btw.) I took some cool booty ones and sent them in but you never know what the staff is going to post. The only thing that I can say is that if you email the Chive staff they'll post my stuff if you request it! πŸ™‚

              • AdamBaldick

                Our only option is to comment on how sexy you are. Chive doesnt post their email anymore, only contact is submit

              • Tomas Larence Calvillo

                No problem at all. More like thank you for all the photos! I just made a meme implying to post moar of your photos so let's see what happens. I really have to get back to work though because I know i'll be useless once sexy chivers is up.

                • Lauren Gentile

                  Did you really??! That is so insanely awesome!! I just sent some pics that I took 30 minutes ago while Chivn' at work…so we'll see if they want me again! I've sent a shiz ton in.

                  And, by the way, did I mention how incredibly awesome you are?! Because you are. Incredibly awesome. πŸ™‚

                  • Tomas Larence Calvillo

                    Incase it doesnt make the chive!

                    Lauren's Meme:

                    I made it with paint because my work computer doesn't have photoshop so please don't hate haha.

                    • Lauren Gentile

                      That is so badass!!!!! Wow. I am absolutely blown away at how unbelievably kind Chivers are. You sir, have a heart of gold… and then some!!

                    • AdamBaldick

                      that is a day well spent! good job T

                • AdamBaldick

                  Nice work Tomas. you serve us well. I will thank you if you are successful.

                  • Also a fan of lauren

                    Will Adam and Tomas fight to the death for the love of Lauren?

                    Tune in next post.


                    • Tomas Larence Calvillo

                      Haha i like the sense of humor. That made me laugh pretty hard. When you're bored at work is there anything you'd rather be doing then fighting for the love of Lauren? Lol All joking aside i thought i'd do something nice for Lauren because she's very active in thechive community and let's you see first hand that the sexy chivers are actually chivers not just random girls they find on the web.

                    • AdamBaldick

                      I agree. She obviously has interest in theCHIVE.. Me too. Must be love., however I have no MEMEs to offer so I clearly lose

                    • huh

                      well, I wouldn't go that far, there are still a ton of fakes. LG is easily the queen of the chivettes though.

                    • denzino

                      no no no, not so easily. there is a fair fight to be had between chivettes, with jello and wrestling and such antics.

      • @141characters

        that was priceless. you are priceless! i totally just requested from chive MOAR of you! or any of you. i'll send them an email on the hour every hour πŸ˜‰

    • Soze

      These treadmill gifs are hilarious, Chive, you have to do an entire post with treadmill fails

  • Asian_Princess

    whats being passed??? #1

    • Zack

      the microphone it looks like…

      • Anon

        pretty sure she is stealing it?

    • ryan

      yea she's the defendant when she was on trial forrrrr????? I dont' give a shit 'cause there are more important things in the world

      • denzino

        like Charlie Sheen!!!

        • Mine Mine

          lol. We're all junkies.

          • Steeb

            she thought she could sell it for a few bucks…need them drugs

      • V4vendetta14

        Drunk driving, driving with a suspended license, failure of a drug test while on probation, and now felony theft… Yeah, I don't know why she is in court either…

    • Simon Iono

      it looks like she's stealing the microphone

  • Wavien


    • Marc

      This is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life!

      • uberbrie

        I can't….stop…laughing

    • Beeblebrox

      It's funny enough as a GIF. If I witnessed this in person I probably would have literally hit the pavement laughing until someone sedated me.

    • Anon

      My dog actually did that, except with a camp chair. She was just as scared!

    • GK-4

      i watched for 2 mins straight

    • Drewcifer


  • Zack

    #1 looks a lot like lindsay lohan … haha maybe? damn this cocain… its hella of a drug…

    • JCD

      I'm pretty sure it is. That's definitely her lawyer.

  • Israeli_Rob

    #3 #8 #11 FTW!

  • Jake

    #4 I want to put MY package there

  • Dylan Termeer

    #7 facepalm much?

    • Dude... no.


      Face plant.

  • nathan458

    #4 is it bad that every time i see a hot girl, i instantly think it's charlie sheens seconds… and im ok with that.

  • vicrom252

    #6 MOSH!!!!!!

  • Randallize

    #8 her reaction was priceless. xD

    • radiodial

      Uh, that she spit out her front teeth?

  • Vince

    #7 Gentlemen, this is how you impress a woman.

    • alex

      either this guy was high on charley sheen or "winning" by his standard.

      • Dub Genus

        Don't talk shit… this guy landed a two and a half front flip.

        • B.B. Rodriguez

          Two and a quarter…

  • EZEE



  • Yeahbeer

    #7 Like a boss!

    • Lauren Gentile

      Such a perfectly fitting comment for this one! πŸ™‚

  • me again

    #11 good job fattie

  • AdamBaldick

    #6 looks like me when the Chivettes come live on fridays

    • Lesbian Hangouts

      At the Subaru dealership?

      At the Rosie O'Donnell show?

      At Sturgis?

  • Bryan

    My favorite #3 #4 #7 #11

  • THAT Guy

    I WANNA MAKE FUCK TO #3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • R-Dub

      Wow thats getting old.

      • king

        THAT Guy is phuked up, u need a life man!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nicnac

      Chive.. can we get a ban on this racist?

      • oh4fuckssake

        I don't think that word means what you think it means.

        • Nicnac

          I would tell you to go look at other posts by this insane racist… but that would be cruel.

      • Dub Genus

        I second that.

        Or can you get rid of the red reputation bar for negative feedback? You give these jackasses a goal to strive for with that shit.

        • dalkjd;akl

          That guy is Paula, same troll different name

  • Marshall

    #10 is amazing!

    • ramalamadingdong

      did he just run on water?!

  • K:P

    #3 and #10 poor puppy

  • James

    #7 What? He obviously stuck the face plant landing.

  • mtpuckhead

    #10 made me laugh my ass off!

  • VampJenn

    #2 uh oh the lohans are now going to sue whoever created this gif! thats the lohan way

  • Bud Ugly

    #7 – I just like how no one seems to give a damn.

  • napamamascribe

    #10… Totally doing that to my sister's dog!

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