• Admiral Ackbar

    So Jealous!

    • SweetAwesomeness

      serious…can you guys next time do a contest where one lucky Chiver gets to go participate and get shit faced with you

      • Jedi

        That is a brilliant idea! Sh*t, I would even settle to be a one of Shay's photo shoots…..Did I say settle?

    • Honest Joe

      I'm not all that jealous, but I am super stoked the J&L show got to go.
      After all, who else would have shared it with us?

    • Dirty Dingus

      #13 #14
      You know how I know you're gay?

      • Admiral Ackbar

        Not pictured John and Leo macramaing a pair of jean shorts.

        • ROK247

          "IT'S A FAP!"

    • jeffzero

      The worst part about this post is that only two of these photos open up on the iPhone app. TWO!!! For the love of everything good and sexy Chive, PLEASE fix the iPhone app!!!! In the alternative, are there any mac users that can work on apps? If so, figure out what is wrong with the app, email the chive, and beg them to implement it. Please, those of us that have to be in areas where the Chive is blocked/unavailable need this app fixed.
      That is all.

  • forlay

    just an observation – the sexy white dress on #26 came off in #28

    • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

      Glad to see there was no hover hands in the making of these pictures.
      Good Job

  • Josh Gorter

    Don't lie this was your goal since day one of making website.

    • Smithers


  • nick

    #30, paying respects

  • http://thelaurengentile.wordpress.com/ Lauren Gentile

    Jamie is pretty darn hot and so is the blue bunny in #9.
    Playboy is amazing, end of story. 😉

    You guys are both badass and adorable…a deadly combination!

    • Wolfram

      Gah beat me to it! I was going to say, These girls know how to pose!

    • Know-it-all

      Lauren, are you one of the Chivettes we can look forward to in Playboy?

    • R-Dub

      #9 In blue, Kimberly Phillips. Mmmmmmm……

    • That Guy

      you are too good for playboy. don't do it. – says the follower that wants to keep you to himself.

      • http://thelaurengentile.wordpress.com/ Lauren Gentile

        I was absolutely dead-set on not doing it last week and the closer the shoot date gets, the more I'm becoming confused (once again), but I'm still leaning more towards a 'no'. It's really encouraging to hear you say that I shouldn't do it though – a fresh perspective REALLY makes a difefrence.

        … But since I much prefer doing lingerie modeling and since my ultimate dream would be to grace the pages of Victoria's Secret (mostly because I'd love free underwear haha), I don't think people would take me seriously after posing nude for Playboy. If I wasn't getting my Masters and if I didn't have a goal of working for the Justice Department, things might be different, but it's looking more like a 'no' at this point. Definitely a big opportunity that I still can't even fully wrap my mind around though!

        • That Guy

          playboy is a destination and hardly ever a stepping stone. it's also more so than not a place for girls who has nothing else better. working as an assistant or working a dead end job. save a few who are famous and do it to promote a different side to themselves. you are stunning and it can only be said you have more to offer with your mind then you do with your looks. that's saying something.

          • http://thelaurengentile.wordpress.com/ Lauren Gentile

            That is such phenomenal and thoughtful advice and all that I can truly say is THANK YOU for providing such sound, rational insight. Your statement that Playboy is "a destination and hardly ever a stepping stone" is probably one of the best that I have heard thus far and it hit home pretty hard because what's been making the decision most difficult for me is the perceived opportunities that shooting for Playboy would open up for me. You are so completely right and I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your words of wisdom.

            • That Guy

              so glad i can word it in a way you can find benefit. now you know why i say you are too good for playboy. http://thelaurengentile.wordpress.com/

            • mental_farts

              if ppl admire u only for beauty what happens when ur beauty fades.

              think long term chica!

  • forlay

    #2, #8, #14, #30
    The look on john's face pretty much sums it up

    • Joe

      Scantily clad playmates in bikini's everywhere……lets just play foosball.

  • 123

    Just awesome…

    • SweetAwesomeness

      #17 Kings amongst Kings!!!!! i fucking love you Chive!!!

      • SweetAwesomeness

        meant #16…

  • fenner

    #3 She derp for Leo

  • ss396maxx

    #20 Wow! If a grotto could talk! I truly believe that it's every men's dream to walk into that grotto! Well done boys … well done!

  • Stevo

    Brilliant stuff lads.

  • KUI

    Meh. I prefer our chivettes.
    is #6 farting or something.

    • Chris Scharff

      Chivettes are way mo bettah

    • That Guy

      ya tell me about it. look at her with the guys and then look at the photo shopping that erases her blemishes. chivettes every day all day.

    • GlibTongue

      I totally found another picture of her!

    • brad douglas

      I was at the event and one of the best quotes from the week was…. While on a tour of the mansion. I asked a simple question and the answer was…. "I'm sorry… but I am Miss March and don't ask me any questions." I said but you are our tour guide…. she said, "That is correct… now lets go to the game room…" Classic Dumb Blonde

  • wztarheel

    You lucky bastards!!!

  • storesy

    Scrolled through all these photos and couldn't tell you what John and Leo looked like! Bunnies are immense!

  • equalizermax

    The Ultimate Boner… FAP Mansion!

  • Shawn35

    fucking bad ass

  • Ken

    You lucky dogs! Jealous for #7!!

    • Wolfram

      Who is she?

      • Frank M

        Hiromi Oshima. She's one of the reasons why I went to Tokyo for vacation a couple years back.

  • Anka

    #23 There's some dude photobombing himself in the grotto

  • Eric VDM


  • slow rolls

    Any guesses as to which Chivettes were asked to pose?

    • kylekong

      Lauren Gentile for sure. She blogged about it here: http://thelaurengentile.wordpress.com/2011/03/16/

      Hope she does it.

      • parker

        alright, Lauren, I know you're here. what's the deal?

        • bunkerpunk

          Lauren, according to her blog, respectfully declined the Playboy shoot offered to her. http://thelaurengentile.wordpress.com/2011/03/17/

          Don't kill the messenger. Tough decision for LG; so, we as Chivers gotta respect it. Even though that would have been… *mind blown.

    • andy

      kinda cool that our chivettes are getting their much-deserved recognition. the chive is becoming a tastemaker

  • Nazz1962

    So where was Hef????

  • KitShopGuy

    Heros among men!!! I SALUTE YOU!!!!

  • IMHO

    Leo, you're a dead ringer for Peter Krause. http://www.imdb.com/media/rm330405888/nm0470244


    • lando

      (that's John)

    • IMHO

      Well, #9 now… snuck another pic in there…sneaky.

    • IMHO

      Ah, sorry, I meant you, there, John. Humble apologies.

    • G-Man11

      That one sexy scarf….

  • scientist

    i like how much time they spent in the games rooom ahah.

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Funny! Go to the Playboy mansion and then:

      #14 – "Oooh! They have Foosball!"

  • chris

    congratulations on no hover hands…..also you are lucky bastards…..

  • jenny dexter

    #1 i'll get thumbed down for this but i like that John and Leo are both hotties <3

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