• thegrinningcrow

    Very charitable. Not something I'd do (diseased fluffy tailed rats that they are), but commendable none-the-less.

    • Jon

      Ha. I see cats the same way.

      • llllllllllllll

        Ninja cat sees you as… victim.

        • That Guy


    • dasuperfan

      they're actually quite friendly i had a friend do the same thing with a baby squirrel after it had fallen out of its tree

    • Honest Joe

      Yeah, those squirrels are obviously, nuts.

    • Zero00430

      Rats make great pets. Just throwing it out there.

  • Dave!


    • CorpChivette

      I wants I wants!!

  • name


    • AJR

      3 =/= 4

  • onlunch

    They look tasty

    • Foley

      They really are. I ate squirrel (amongst other things) in Vietnam, mother fucking tasty.

  • pdiddily420

    GEORGE : Squirrels? We got no deal with them!

    Doctor, is the squirrel going to live?

    DOCTOR: There's been massive trauma. We could of course try to save him but it would be costly,

    difficult and we'd have to send away for some special really tiny instruments.

    GEORGE: Well, uh, are there any other options?

    DOCTOR: We could put him to sleep.

    GEORGE: What might that cost?

    DOCTOR: Well, it's by the pound. So … about 80 cents.

    GEORGE: Well? <Miranda hits George> I was just – I'm curious, that's all. We, uh. we'd like you to do everything possible.

    DOCTOR: He, um. he's not going to be the same, you know?

    GEORGE: yeah. yeah. I know.

    • Res

      HaHa, classic.

    • Stafferty

      I read your comment and you cured my uromysitosis.

    • That Guy

      Doctor: remember he needs to be fed 17 times a day.

      George: NO DEAL!!

      • Rice

        "You have 30 minutes"

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Newman-Kazanjian/33706360 Newman Kazanjian

    Chivette Up!

  • CL6


  • http://theanisette.com Daris

    Hmm. Kind of a random post but cool nontheless.

  • ROK247

    leave newborn wildlife alone. just because mommy isnt there doesn't mean its abandoned. how would you like it if some jackwagon stole your baby while you ran to the kitchen to get something to eat?

    • llllllllllllll

      Your mommy must have not been there a lot. Need a hug?

    • SweetAwesomeness

      ya….im not sure helping a small rodent and stealing a human baby are actually comparable…..

      • Allen

        The thing was stuck inside a wall

        • ROK247

          you would be surprised how many squirrels live inside the walls of houses.

          • llllllllllllll

            I'm not that surprised… after all, I AM a squirrel living inside of a wall of a house. How do you think I get this WiFi?

    • alex

      u mad bro?

    • Uso

      you're bringing up a rare case, these people do this for a living…I'm pretty sure they can tell when something is abandoned and when its mommy is just out. Why you mad, huh?

    • blarg

      I always hope that would happen to my baby when I go to the kitchen.

  • efrainoscar

    #6 nice! and I'm not looking at the squirrel.

    • jamie

      just like everyone else dude

    • name

      someone is a little too horny huh?

    • LAZYN8R

      Ya… the outline of a left boob through a couple layers of clothes. Certainly got me going…

  • https://www.facebook.com/Sleerts Daniel Geerts

    Not something I would do either. Actually I have hunted squirrels and other animals. However, every animal and human deserves a chance to live. Big thumbs up chivette!

    • llllllllllllll

      You have "hunted" squirrels? That's like saying you fished for goldfish….

      • Airwalktdk

        in his defence they are REALLY fast. Not saying i approve/disprove but still…

      • George

        I agree. It looks like you've never been out from behind a computer screen. WTF do you know about it?

    • some bloke

      That's not hunting, thats just murdering. Hunting is when you get yourself some dinner, not take a life for 'fun'

      • DistractedIndividual

        Squirrels are edible….so are goldfish:)

    • IhateHipsters

      Throw a gun at the them just before you fire…. even the playing field.

      • Jen

        go join PETA, dipshit.

  • Shockwave

    That's friggin' awesome. Yes, the squirrels are cute too. 😉

    Good work gurlie. Chive on!

  • SweetAwesomeness

    Squirrel: "I'm gonna get stuck in a wall….bitches love cute animals stuck in walls"

  • DuncanIdaho33

    My first reaction is to be sarcastic, but since it's Monday I'll be positive. Maybe one those two squirrels will grow up to be a doctor and end up saving a loved one's life. She's cute too.

    • Brad

      but what if one of the squirrels grows up to be the Hitler of Squirrels?

  • Ferret

    Let us all be inspired to do something so non-selfish

  • Anon

    Chive on Chivette and Kudos!

  • Tim

    That's the kind of pick-me up I need after a crappy weekend.

  • Seannerz

    You're my hero today. Anyone who loves animals enough to do something that wonderful is alright in my book.

  • llllllllllllll

    Which one was the Chivette?

  • meh


  • James

    they are edible.. .http://youtu.be/ZbBINl-AE1I

    • Papabear

      So are you…

      • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.jackman Anthony Jackman

        I'm sure a few of us could come up with a good human recipe.

        • Gervis

          I got one:

          Take 1 Pussy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/masternatron Nathan Bowen

    I had two pet squirrels once. rescued after the fell out of a tree. They became vicious little ear bitters.

  • Perry

    Wow, in Canada we grab a box of .22 shells and shoot these things for an afternoon of fun; Not spend countless man hours, and hard earned money trying to save 2.

    • b-ry

      i second that….my post right below yours. hahaha.
      its not like their distinct….

    • Dude

      You Canadians also have sex with your immediate family.

      • douche

        let's not mistake Canadians with half of the US states…

        • Perry

          Don't have to hate, just move here if your so jealous. We here welcome everyone, unlike you with your prejudiced attitude.

          • Perry

            This comment was for dude.

      • Perry

        Oh and my province has no debt. And a M-word religion (Cant say that word on the internet in your country) Mayor (Can your non hick state say that?).

        Ahhh, its good to live somewhere that makes sense.

        • Dan

          (from a Torontonian) Bravo Perry!

  • b-ry

    squirrels eat through the screen at my cottage. a 22 takes care of them up there.
    i would have left them…but that's just me.

  • mrjimmyos

    What she said!

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