• jason


    • DNA


    • Baiter

      I'm sure everyone will love these.. .http://www.teenplanetforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17050

      Still think she's not after attention?

      • its_forge

        Oh yes, a broken link totally proves she's an utter attention whore.

        So fucking what? She likes taking pictures of herself with very little clothing. You call that an attention whore, I call that HUZZAH THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH.

      • isawoj

        Yep, putting herself out there since at least 2006.

      • Don

        What the hell is your problem? I view Chive for the hot chicks. Maybe you should move on instead of being a jealous bitch!~

    • truthteller


  • zman

    #27 the completely perfect woman

    • http://www.facebook.com/brad.kempenyjr Brad Kempeny Jr

      Never before has the phrase "Oh my god" been uttered with such frequency.

    • Conor Hozey

      missed the entire target lol.

    • CaptainWow

      By "completely perfect woman" do you mean facing the other direction so she can't see you coming?

    • FrenchGuy

      So, that's what she's like in America … Well at least she ain't obese …
      According to me, a woman who carries a gun is not exactly the one i want in my bed … I'm more of a knife kind-a-guy,big shiny one, the ones that could skin a crocodile, but maybe that's just me.

    • mesha


  • Urban

    #17 Love the geek glasses! Great picture!

    • Birdhaus32

      Very Tina Fey, but so much hotter

      • Urban


      • FloydRTurbo

        Was thinking the same thing!!

        • Gevth

          I was thinking Sarah Palin, and because of that, I'm off to the kitchen to hang myself.

          • neutraldespot

            lol, fantastic comment that no-one will read as it's buried down here

  • nom nom

    #17 You would be a great addition to my staff!

    • TheDarkKnight

      I see what you did there…

    • ROK247


    • tom a

      Dude it's…

      I have a position for you on my staff.

      • Catch

        much better

    • Firefighter23

      oh now I get. Its a penis joke

  • http://www.facebook.com/doug.zimmerman Doug Zimmerman

    dream girl! #17

    • truthteller

      Ur dream girl is a slut who posts pics online for losers ? Sad…

      • Phanohogs


    • jamesaholic

      Dream girl you amaze me, all dressed in paisley. Love how not one, but both eyes are lazy.

  • pdiddily420

    She seems like a really fun and down to earth girl…and hot as hell!! Guns, off roading, sports…..I think I am in love.
    #20 #21

    • El Chiverino

      Aren't you in love everytime a picture with someone in their underwear pops up on this site?

      • dOOb

        "think" you're in love??? Whats wrong with you man! I AM in love… holy crap!!

    • #387

      guns, off roading, sports, I think you forgot sweet ass #20

      • Peat Moss

        That is a beautiful tush. I would love to cover that ass with my DNA.

    • Da Sandman

      lol down to earth.. some of her pics give me the feeling that she thinks she's really something.. don't get me wrong, she totally is 🙂 but modesty is one of the best qualities a person can have imo… modesty is hard to find in the USA though

  • JohnQ

    #14 Very hot brunette.

    • au natural

      she's hot, sexy and all that. ease off the makeup and she'd be perfect.

    • Surf and Snow

      Way hotter than Lauren Gentile and Shay Maria imo.

      • Always Last

        And she doesn't make a pretense of being a "non-professional". At least this one has hot nude pictures all over the 'net. Also, whatever happened to her? Funny how all these Chivettes disappear after their PR attempt is discovered…

  • Cadguy76028

    Thank You Gorgeous! Way to go Chive!! #17 FTW

  • Bitter Flyers Fan

    Freakin awesome!!! #11

    too bad the Blackhawks suck!

    • pdiddily420

      I'm from Philly so I can relate to your name(and bitterness), but the pic u referenced is a snowy Bears game, not a hockey game. not sure if your comment was related to the pic or not

      Next year maybe we'll actually have a goalie. 🙂

    • Adam

      I think this was the game the Patriots absolutely destroyed DA BEARS.

    • Kelley

      Have fun with the Bruins next game!!!

    • Brian

      The Blackhawks suck? Remind me where the Stanley Cup has resided this year? I can't remember.

      • ????

        isn't this from the outdoor hockey game they do every year? and the flyers? you were lucky you beat the sabres this year. get a goaltenter then come back.

        • https://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Magnuson/64600514 Adam Magnuson

          Unfortunately, the blackhawks do not play an outdoor game every year.

          Also, The Hawks beat you pretty well last year, they won the cup. So far, it does not look like the flyers are going to make it past this round… So, looks like your team is not much better.

          • Mark

            Man, I am not even a hockey fan and even I know that this is from the winter classic – the NHL has an outdoor game every new years day and this particular game was at Wrigley Field.
            Chicago is the spot, but I am glad to not be there in the winters…blah!

        • Shill

          This was taken the afternoon Brady bent the Bears over…..

  • http://loccus.deviantart.com/ Loccus

    #17 100% hot and I'm a sucker for a girl in glasses

    • dce99

      This photo almost makes me believe in god.

    • its_forge

      Especially if she's wearing no bra, no underpants, has her shirt wide open and her skirt hitched up to her armpits…

  • John

    #14 Looks similar to Rebecca Black in this photo. It's Friday!

    • Dan

      partying partying..YEAH!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #8 dont mind if i do, sarah

  • T.T. Tiger

    #6 #19 This girl has a bangin body. It might even cover up the fact that she is a Cubs fan.

    • RustyxTrombone

      I though the same thing !

      • ComiskeyWhiskey

        Nothing can cover up for being a cubs fan….

        • Forfunone

          nothing but its a good attempt!!

    • Cali_Dude

      I just stumbled upon this, and I may get my first thumbs down. As a California boy, and Cancer Researcher, she should not tan so darkly. Just sayin Cancer Sucks!

  • JohnQ

    #10 in this pic she looks a bit like Eva Longoria 🙂

    • Lou

      Eva Longoria doesn't do this girl any justice IMO. Eva isn't very cute without a crap full of make-up caked on. I imagine this girl is hot regardless if she's wearing make-up or not.

    • Big Mike

      I think Danica Patrick

  • BAMFinater


  • Anonymous

    Please marry me?

  • busted

    One of the hottest chivettes so far. Didn't help the blackhawks much though.

    • El Chiverino

      Everytime a new chick comes on this site, they are the hottest chivette ever. Not knocking your comment, as I am sure you don't put it everytime, but come on, not every new chick can be the hottest

      • Surf and Snow

        Shes way hotter than Lauren and Shay though….

  • Bhodi

    Way to represent Chicago

  • Chim Richels

    Great body.

    Skinny ass legs.

    Face looks really cute in some spots, not great in others.

    Into Chicago sports – that's cool.

    Looks good, but like about half the chicks you'd see at Casey Moran's at about 4:45 after a Friday afternoon Cubs/Cards game.

    I see you were at the New Years Day's Hawks @ Wrigley game. I was there too – sorry if I said some dunk drunken shit to you. It's only because I wanted to touch your anus.

    • cheezebits

      you sound like quite the charmer…I'm sure you get all the babes

      • MacNCheesePro


        • El Chiverino

          Yeah, you definately lost out on your chance to land this chick. It was such a shoe-in too. Now cheezebits and MacNCheese will have to roshambo each other for her….

          • Catch


          • MacNCheesePro

            So, there's a chance I won't be forever alone? Awesome!

    • David Milinovic


    • moss


    • XAV

      ban this a-hole from Chive, do it!

      • El Chiverino

        Oh shut up internet policeman

    • Chitowns4Assholes

      douche your brain dumbass

  • Clickawhat

    Orange you glad the chive found here.

  • disturbed

    Gotta love Chi Town! #7

  • Jared

    Thank you Chive.

  • The Lou

    One of the most beautiful girs I have ever seen on this site. Thanks so much Chive!!! Being from St. Louis, I have to wonder if she is a Cubs fan…..Although I could probably get over it if she was.

  • CNB

    cute slut

    • Anon

      Yeah… in case "touch the pole" wasn't enough of a giveaway there's always the half naked pics.

    • nnn

      I have no problem with sluts, in fact I'm a big fan of their work.

    • Always Last

      Half nude? This chick is full on nude all over the 'net.

  • crothell

    Holy HELL! #3…This gallery is amazing!

    • Trent

      Yes, I think the socks got me as well, mmm.

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