• donald

    well i should stop by and say hello #2

    • anon12

      no ass no tits. girl needs some work done

  • wkdfrog

    judging by #4, picture #5 should be epic 😉

    • BSmike


    • BAMFinater

      I don't know how Stephen Hawking can say there is no heaven. It is right here.

  • Logic

    why can't we change chivette of the week to chivette of the day?

    • combatcarl

      you sir are a genius!

    • hMMMM

      We don't want to dilute the talent pool…there have already been a couple pancake tushes that have undeservingly made posts.

  • Brad

    There is a pornstar named Sarah Jay, good luck trying to google this one…

    • doublemeat

      DAT ASS

    • meh

      ….and she looks like a pig

      • b-ry

        agree. worst google search ever.

    • truthteller

      Please dont compare that fine thick sarah to this young boy in drag.

    • Chuck Norris

      Yea, she's a big Mud Shark.

  • Dylan

    awesome ! welcome Sarah Jay 🙂

  • please!

    #4 is yummy. little lower panties though please. make it NSFW!

  • dalexmu

    OH YES! #2 is the burn your bra + side boob + hump epic picture!

    • urdad

      No boobs no ass ,tranny from thailand ?

  • equalizermax

    Why not today?

    I will show her my Womb Broom…

    • http://thelaurengentile.wordpress.com/ Lauren Gentile

      That is both disgusting and hilarious… and I love it!
      If you made that phrase up, that's awesome, and if not…it still makes you awesome for using it.

      • equalizermax

        Obviously, you haven't read Burt Reynolds mails ???

        • http://thelaurengentile.wordpress.com/ Lauren Gentile

          I have not. ..Off to continue procrastinating from work. 😉

  • wztarheel

    Hey Sarah.

  • BMW

    #1 #2 Can't wait!

  • Tillman

    She could end a 30 year obsession with blondes. Wow.

  • http://thelaurengentile.wordpress.com/ Lauren Gentile

    I know there are many lovely things about this pretty miss, but her hair is epically beautiful.

    • DollaBill

      I agree Lauren, and oddly enough so was the hair on the anorexic in the DAR

    • WuTang4Life

      I agree, dude's got nice hair.

  • ball gravy man

    google image search for sarah jay

    • don't do it

      she's a hoss.

  • Paula_

    Can't wait, can't wait…
    Hope she brushed her teeth though.

    – I think it's only fair to warn you: I've got PMS and I'm not afraid to use it!

  • neXx

    – yummy

  • TIZ

    Oh boy!!

  • SlimtwigMJ

    #1 Keep being awesome Sarah

  • 20 minutes ago

    #4, odd skin color to the left?

  • Angry Kid


  • LINK

    #4 shaved cunt anyone?

  • Maria

    Ummmm…….. is anyone else NOT IMPRESSED? I love you Chive but you can do a lot better!

    • Jak

      Someone didn't make the cut. Maybe if your #4 area looked like that instead of a FUPA, you would have.

      • Maria

        its ok to admit that this girl isnt that attractive. No need to get so angry.

        • SemiComma

          This girl might not be you type or even your idea of a 10 but she is attractive.

    • truthteller

      The desperate losers here will go for anything with a hole Maria ,sigh.

      • Maria

        I agree, truthteller!

    • Oasis

      Not fully impressed either but let's see if we get better pictures tomorrow.

    • DollaBill

      I say put up or shut up. Not only is she very attractive but she has the self-confidence to show her body on an internationally viewed website, and that makes her even more attractive. If you believed in yourself you wouldn't be busting on others for something you would never do.

      • Miss Ma'am

        Just because you show your body on this site doesn't mean u have confidence, u could also simply be an attention whore who's fishing for compliments. I'm not saying she is but u know some of these chicks are.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michel-Payette/776740181 Michel Payette

    #2 Oh lord….

  • Angry Kid

    Wait…. but she's not fat like the "real" girls that Chivers like….

  • Arnold

    I hate my wife…why'd I have to fuck the maid.

  • mitch

    I thought you meant the PAWG

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