• KyleRetrato

    The Chive
    Definitely the best site in the world.

    • neXx

      – agree.

    • equalizermax

      For me: Google is the best site in the world

  • Pat

    #2 is Cute….

    • lexi

      #2 is also more than likely under the age of 16!! School uniform, dead giveaway for jailbait.

      • William

        Since when can you go on the internet with an iPod Classic?

    • julietromeobravo

      and probably in secondary (or High school) judging by the uniform.

  • King of Internets

    Anybody who says "first" is gay

    • King of Internets

      Wait…. Dammit.

    • DistractedIndividual

      Pot calling the kettle black are'nt we?

    • King of Internets

      Yo're right. I'm gay. So what, being a fag is AWESOME!

      • King of Internets


        • King of Internets

          Shut up fag.

          • Ryan

            Anyone who says "gay" or "fag" is an even bigger douche.

  • Laggard

    My phone is so lame compared to these people's.

    • b-ry


  • Intensemasterdebater

    #34 Pretty much happens every Friday when Sexy Chivers hits..

  • Sharky

    #36 Watch out for the Dukes buying the FCOJ

  • Toots McGee

    #47 I'm jealous!

  • McSgwigga

    #15 – Chiveception

  • Dylan


    • ranD

      pardon me dylan, you're from chicago??!!

      • Bri

        Awesome! my pic made it onto the site!

        GO SHARKS! πŸ™‚

        • JdW

          STORMERS πŸ™‚

  • nwest

    #51 I remembered the Alamo!

    • fake_witty_name

      Could you get a signal in the basement?

    • DefendDallas

      Chive is HUGE in Texas!

  • random chick

    Danggit… I hope my 'Chive Everywhere' photo from Twatt (North Scotland) gets in next week! Oh and CHIVE ON!! πŸ˜‰

    • method_man

      scotland for the win!!!

      • random chick

        Cheers Method_Man. Here's hoping they put it up next week… otherwise I may have to resend on a daily basis….

    • Jak

      from "Twatt"?! I can't decide if I would love or hate to go there.

      • random chick

        It's a few houses in the middle of the countryside, but definitely the most photoed sign in area! Twatt in big letters, with a arrow pointing right, person stands beside the arrow and 'hey presto' instant hilarity πŸ™‚

    • leprekong

      I look forward to seeing your Twatt next thursday

  • b-ry

    #10 why is your dog under your desk. peanut butter?
    #20 is disturbe french for disturb?
    #31 nice hair Bieber.

  • A Fan

    I'm sorry but the guy in the pink pimp suit is waaaaayyyyy more impressive!


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Holly-Sands/1666982036 Holly Sands

      Glad Im not the only one who noticed him

      • miles

        I thought it was weird that Don Magic Juan was at a graduation ceremony.

      • thetwistether

        i second that, its good knowing your priorities are somewhat non-deviant

    • IronEagle119

      Nice catch sir

    • Rubadubtub

      I thought when they said "Chive Everywhere" they WERE referring to the candied pimp.

  • Moreno

    #48 Holy crap Russel Crowe is a Chiver

    • Leppy

      bahahaha not the crowe.

  • scarekrow

    Coffee, TheChive, Guns. Has the makings to be a great day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Holly-Sands/1666982036 Holly Sands

    #25, #29 & #40 – Pretty fucking awesome actually!

    • http://www.facebook.com/CursedGeek Hans Peder Kirkegaard

      Especially #40 I know someone who works there

  • VedHead77

    #20 I can hear her bewbs too. Smart choice using headphones though.

  • Henrik

    Probably the best diamond in the world

  • b-ry

    in Canada we usually get free phones when you get a package and sign up for 1-3 years. not sure if that's the same where you are…but i take it it's not!

  • the punisher

    more chive pictorial masturbation! and your iphone app sucks!!!

  • embarassed

    #35 Yeah, show em what a celebration in Germany looks like.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pedettorre Phillip D'Ettorre

    My little ginger wife is going to burst when she sees she made it onto theChive. #30
    She's working very hard on her workouts to present you all with the perfect hump day picture.

    • SteveySteveSteve

      Good sir, gingers are hideous beasts with no soul. Your wife is definitely a redhead and you are a lucky man. Madam, I like your style, and your smile. You are obviously both awesome, good job and keep that shit up.

      • http://www.facebook.com/bdettorre Brandee McElroy D'Ettorre

        Thank you very much Stevey Steve Steve. I will keep that shit up! Hope to share more on theChive someday. Not to mention I have an amazing husband behind the camera πŸ˜‰

  • Adam

    Right on #32 is where I'm stationed now with the Coast Guard. I worked on some sets a few years ago at #33 and my hometown is San Clemente CA just a 20 minute drive to #37 Oceanside CA.

  • doublemeat

    #54 – soooooo jelly…

  • Chase

    #12 #21 where I live.

    • Vince

      us SD chivers gotta stick together!

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