• Jo

    I’d rather see the friend in #5

    • Ethan

      Her friend is my gf…..

  • spencer

    Any girl that love Johnny Cash, finds Anthony Bordain attractive, and makes milkshakes for a job is alright with me.

    oh, and nice subtle lip bite #23

    • dub

      Very cool. I was born in Sao Paolo. I don't remember it much – but the beautiful women are unforgettable. I'm sure you'll fit right in.

    • johnny

      Huge Cash fan here. Don't meet too many female fans especially gorgeous, young ones like this.

    • Pardon

      Cool until you said, "finds Anthony Bordain attractice"…. then kinda weird.

      • Pardon


    • disturbed

      All that and Johnny Cash? Damn girl! Perfect!

    • Sergio

      Which probably means Spencer likes good music, has a secret gay crush on Anthony Bordain and is grossly overweight for drinking too many a milkshake! And Andrea, oh my, she's gorgeous!

    • DefendDallas

      Love those itty bitty pretty titties…..

    • http://www.tigersofafrica.freeis.com Assane

      Hello you are butuful nice girl in the world , from Assane Thiam
      you are the best ?

  • danny

    #3, #10, #23

    LOVE a smiling Chivette

    • bigwiffa

      #17 a few others , mila kunis ? she's black , ok but what else ?

  • Malkintosh22


    • ronjeremy

      U knw how i know ur blind…..

  • jack


    • sniggi


      but at least she KNOWS HOW TO SMILE unlike some other chivettes

    • Intensedebate1

      Looks like anyone can be Chivette of the week. Disgusting.

      • Yawn


      • Malkintosh22

        Disgusting? Really? C'mon now.

      • The Muffin Man

        Whatever man. She seems like a cool girl, and has a beautiful face and great bod. Personally I'd love to see MOAR. Show some respect or GTFO.

    • Catalystika

      C'mon… she's very cute! Of course, to each their own and all that stuff. Not just that, but a lesser girl would have totally done a duck face on #8, but she resisted the temptation. She definitely gets points for that.

    • Aeternus

      She's hot, but she does have weird eye brows.

      • Urban

        She has some unique "very cute" features about her.

        • turd ferguson

          many more chivettes that deserve their own post before this girl… she isn't ugly per say but there were actual gorgeous chivettes in this weeks post

          • Mmm Ciao

            It's per se, moron.

  • Big E

    got potential. needs a camera that focuses. shes hot

    • Dirty Dingus

      20 minutes with here and I could shoot a gallery of images that would ALL-TIME Chive worthy.

    • professor badass

      Needs plastic surgery.

  • bryce daniels

    yeah, i hated on her yesterday. now my Johnny Cash middle finger poster is staring right at me with distain


  • Rob


    • Jimbo

      Then GTFO.

      • sniggi

        no u

    • dennis

      Rob, you're confusing the chive with 4chan. it's not. if you don't like it, leave

      • Rob

        STFU idiot.

        • Nate

          youre a fag

  • http://twitter.com/p_oneill @p_oneill

    #23 The cute-o-meter is pegged.

    • V.A.

      Yup. I'd say they found a fourth chivette for the calender.

      • captainkickass

        My nerd o meter is off the chart after ur comments.

  • DJwillflo

    Love #16. I wanna see your tattoos, Andrea!

    • Adam

      Yeah it would be nice to get a closer look at her ink.

    • denzino

      I like #21 myself. and she needs to show the tattoos!


    #13 is pretty damn hot

    • Enamorado

      I don't know if "hot" does her justice. I wouldn't call her "hot" as much as I would gorgeous.

    • b-ry

      that's one hell of a dress.

    • http://www.thechive.com Azrrael

      gotta love that pic!!!….

  • Patricio


    • Peyton

      don't really understand the recent haters on the chive. we've always celebrated our real girls. would you like FHM and Maxim fakery. those girls don't even look real anymore. i'll take Andrea any day

      • Geronimo Ellsworth

        "Old school" Chiver here to back up Andrea's realness and hotness. I'll go to Sao Paulo with you anyday.

        P.S. Great smile!

      • Patricio

        I'm not hating. I love a lot of chivettes. I like this girl, I just don't find her particularly attractive. I can have my own opinion.

      • Patricio

        And FYI, I hate fake girls. For instance, I'll take natural small boobs over fake big ones anyday…and I see guys on the chive salivating over any kind of boob.

        • Boobguy

          I'm sorry, I'm not salivating over her chest at all, it's non existent. It's not that I don't find her attractive, it's just that her best assets aren't her ass and boobs. For she really has neither, buttttt she does have one of the most beautiful smiles I've seen in a while. Best Asset: Smile and eyes.

          • Buckyah

            Not every Chivette of the week has to have an enormous fat ass and huge tits, in fact, I find that to be kind of overrated. This girl is in great shape, has a great tight butt and a wonderful smile. I'll take her over many other Chivettes. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion, even when it's wrong.

            • Patricio

              There is no such thing as a wrong opinion, so your argument is invalid.

        • Turk

          I love small tlts, but to each his own.

          • Patricio

            I like perky, well-shaped boobs — regardless of size. This was merely an example of why Peyton's comment made no sense when concerning me. I don't like fake.

      • Diana Santos

        well,i guess they pic the wrong girl to troll..i only can fell sorry for them..

  • junior

    anthony bourdain…the food guy…hell i'm his age, hope for pedobears everwhere….

  • Zac Judkins

    Extremely hot, but we need to take up a collection to get you a better camera!

  • Bryan

    Are you kidding with this one???

    • jamison

      would you walk up to her in real life and say that? no. but you know she's here reading comments and you get to hide behind your computer screen being rude. keep it classy, Bryan.

    • tucker c.

      i remember when people like you weren't on the chive. it was nicer then. grow up, Bryan, this isn't 4chan

      • 123

        I love how people keep talking about "I remember when the chive was cool, man". I think Bryan is a total douche, but lets not pretend the chive has ever been some sacred douche free place. It's a photo blog of hot women that plenty of guys have always tuned into just to masturbate, not some great bastion of freedom on teh interwebs like you make it sound.

        • quintus

          there was less hatin and more appreciatin. less trollin and more scrollin. apologies for the rhyme, it just came out that way.

  • http://jerseysfinest-bling.blogspot.com/ bling306

    #15 gotta clean the glass b4 the mirror shot!!

  • newscot

    Not too shabby. #6 is quite a seductive look.

  • http://jagassery.com/blog/ jaguar1024


  • Danny P

    Show the tattoo!!!

  • newscot

    fuck off

    • Intensedebate1

      Apparently not everyone is allowed to have an opinion. If you post “nappy headed hoes” then you’re bound to get some trolling.

      • jay

        Serious? U gotta call her a happy headed hoe? Does your girl look better than her? I sincerely doubt it.

  • SlimtwigMJ

    #10 Keep being awesome Andrea. Thanks for sharing!

    • switch_24

      loved this photo too.. she looks hotter when smiling..

      * hey Andrea, marunong ka bang mag luto nang adobo?

  • jjlib89

    i hope i die and come back as a pit bulls, preferable in Sao Paulo

  • Danno


    • transporter

      Unbelievably bad for the Chivette of the week

  • Jimbo

    Would definitely do a double-take if I saw her out somewhere. Gorgeous.

    • Turk

      Hell yeah. I would too, except in Vegas. Every girl is wearing this dress in Vegas.

  • LPC

    #23 exotic…good stuff

    • Urban

      Very, love it. Cute girl.

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