• Backslash

    #29…. duck face! Really chive? I'm disappointed.

    • ilovethechive

      #33 Double Duck Face?

    • brazilsucks

      you're a douche. she's still hot.

    • Tony

      What face?

    • Zebulon

      I think people's insistence on desperately attempting to identify a duck face in every post is their pathetic plea to appease the general population and in some fashion claim a self serving sense of gratification and accomplishment. You're trying way too hard to be accepted and be cool; sadly you fail at both.

      • EdWood

        Bet your the expert on fail, huh?

      • menace

        Got a little bit of extra time on your hands huh?

      • bwahaa


    • Brian

      unfortunately some people do like it, i don't see why though

    • STud

      I am a bit concerned that you identified a duck face over the fact that she has great tits

  • penguin slayer

    #8 an #31 find them plz

    • Doo Doo Kerplunkins

      #31 is Claire Sinclair, Playmate of October 2010

      • Hand of Fate

        Nice. She is certainly gorgeous.

    • James

      # 31 is Playmate of the year Claire Sinclair

      • MikeK

        And you are correct…

    • Brandon Bredda

      My life will not be complete until I take #8 out on a date she will never forget.

      • IranVP

        Good luck with that shit…

    • sam

      Oh my god i would like to wake up and find those girls on my bed and i would love to find the boobs or tits infront of my face .plz a date

  • topfox

    Simply amazing

  • me too

    Fanfuckingtastic post!!!!!!!

  • ilovethechive

    Bewbs! Chive FTW!!! too much lindsay lohan btw

  • Ninjack

    Yay for boobies.

  • Toots McGee

    #4 Herro!!

    • MadManDad

      That looks like a girls ass to me….very not hairy

      • its_forge

        It's a girl, Nathan's a maroon.

        • captainobvious

          a maroon? he seems more pinkish or perhaps salmon to me … maybe my monitor is off a bit

          • captainobvious

            or I could just be a moron …

            • Chivingtill

              I thought it was a girls ass as well – makes sense considering Lindsay's other career as a professional muff-diver.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bradley.turney Bradley Turney

      amazing how hot such a skank can look with the right makeup and photographer.

  • Head Chef

    Possibly the first time I have ever went "mmmm Anne Hathaway". I wonder why #37

    • Glenn_Coco

      I wonder too, she's freakin' gorgeous.

    • BaJezzus

      yeah. if that was the first time that's happened to ya….I've got some bad news….

    • ROK247

      she has a gigantic mouth.

    • Zac Judkins

      I enjoy seeing her boobies! Did not enjoy sitting through the two shitty movies! (Havoc, Love and other Drugs)

    • newscot

      She'll make a sexy Catwoman.

    • A Fan

      Damn fine picture!

  • quadcoretux


    • quadcoretux

      Damn. Oh well. Yay for clevage!

    • Angela Lansbury


    • Jared

      stop this.

  • konaehukai

    Hello #3 and #36. Stunning.

  • Brian Guerrero


    • Pat

      "Swing and a miss"….

  • crothell

    #23 WOW!

    • ilovethechive

      Heidi Cortez…your welcome

    • ssstoopid

      I'm still feeling around my desk trying to find where my eyes landed. They bugged right out!

  • http://www.thechive.com Azrrael

    need moar #10

    #14 WOW!!

  • PoppinFresh

    Oh eM God, MOAR of #8 plz.

    • PoppinFresh

      and who is that?

      • Sota Voce

        Looks like Kristin Kreuk but im not 100% on that.

        • PoppinFresh

          I don't see it. her byoobage says otherwise. Not to know Kristin Kreuk or anything. she's hot but she doesn't have the rack this one does.

          But as long as we are tossing names around check out "Kuroki Meisa" that girl's all kinds of hot, too.

          • PoppinFresh

            *knock, not know

        • its_forge

          Nnnnnnno. Kreuk may or may not wish she had those. Kreuk is a B cup on a good day.

        • dzc

          100% positive that its not kristin kreuk

    • http://www.facebook.com/bradley.turney Bradley Turney

      agreed. moar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hall

      It's http://laurenlin.tumblr.com/, apparently.

      • bumble

        not even close

    • elisa

      those eyes..someone find her

  • true

    #14 best place to fall asleep

  • BMW

    Beautiful #16 #19

    • guest

      #19 FTW

      • sammuelchase

        #19 she takes cute to a whole new level

  • Kaars

    #37, Say hello to the next Catwoman!

    Marry, Bang, Kill: Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry, Anne Hathoway…

    • SkinnyG

      quite possibly one of the easiest to answer – Marry Anne, F Halle, Kill Michelle

    • Surf and Snow

      Marry Anne, Bang Halle, Kill Michelle

    • Gutterville

      I would bang Michelle Pfeiffer from her scareface era

    • mitter78

      Marry: Anne, Kill: Michelle: Bang: Halle.

    • Guest commenter

      Correct Answer: Marry Halle, Bang Halle, Kill. . . I'm busy with Halle, leave me alone.

  • qwkazel

    #15 cleavage with a little camel is always nice

    • Check everything !

      Almost makes up for that "looking-that-awful-that-i-m-glad-you-have-your-sunglasses-on" of a face she as

  • ChiverMeTimbers

    #14 My New Wallpaper

  • Kaars

    Yeah… I'm all in too.

  • TheBoris

    Holy Hell I love tits. #14

  • http://www.facebook.com/quhockey10 Chris White

    Dibs on #21

    • shnu

      who is this hottie?

    • cherylbirch

      because women are objects to be claimed.

    • retsilla

      ashley sky is aweeeesssum

  • Walker

    19 & 38 plus my new chive shirt ordered what a day

  • Walker

    19 find her please

  • G-Money

    #26 and #34 is this amazing tumblr chick
    See here : http://vampirettecesky.tumblr.com/tagged/vampiret

    Chive… you should Chive her up on the Chivettes chivey chive chivers chive

    • Critic

      Not hot & just an attention ho.

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