• xxs


    • miliano2.0

      First… To call you an ass.

    • Backslash

      Chive really should block people who do this shit.

      • thatguy


  • edslerson

    id rather have the fox

  • Jimbo_Slice

    uh… yeah… this isn't nearly as interesting as you think it is.

  • Mark Jones

    Still faster than IE

    • Jason Ciotti

      IE9 is kinda sorta maybe good…as much as I do hate it

      • Justin Sargood

        I'm revoking your internet card…

  • Nandizzle

    Wtf chive…wheres the boobies?

  • cjwhookid

    plenty of foxes on the chive today 🙂

  • bkfrijoles

    who cares the fox got away and the cats still alive.. feed your damn cat inside if you so worried about it

  • lia

    That’s why you feed the cats *inside*…or put out enough for guests. 😉

  • TheFlintSkinny

    Why would you randomly decide to test with an egg instead of cat food? Does he feed his cat raw eggs? Is it training for a big fight with Apollo Creed?

    • Jim

      Did you think about the fact that he wanted to see if something OTHER than the cat was eating the food, so he used something the cat couldn't/wouldn't eat?

      See? The guy is smarter than you.

      • TheFlintSkinny

        Well, he's now proved that a fox will eat an egg, but not that a fox is eating the cat food. For all we know, foxes may hate cat food.

        • Jim

          Lol… yeah, this isn't a test to see what food a fox likes to eat. It's test to see if a fox is coming to the house at night; because anyone who knows anything about a fox (This is not you), will know it will not turn its nose up at what is essentially meat pate'.

          I wonder how many tests it would take you to figure out the same thing that most everyone else will have deduced with their common sense?

        • George

          "For all we know" ? You mean: " For little as I know" . Most everyone else has a brain.

          • Aeternus

            You're a real douche, George.

            • George

              Thanks for registering your objection, It had been dually noted.

              Please be aware though, that when making idiotic statements such as : " For all WE know, foxes hate meat", don't presume that everyone else is as stupid as you, and just say : "for all I know"

              You will draw less ire.

  • absolutcarcrazy

    #3 See the foxes' pupils?? Now he's blind…. problem taking care of.

  • Some Dude

    Show daddy them milk sacks!!!! Woooo.

  • Jeff Mullin

    #3 looks awesome. Better than a cat any day.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      If i caught it
      i would name her: "Omelett"

  • George

    It's obvious you live in a city, and even though think you know everything, are very confused about setting up a game camera and baiting animals.

  • Joshua D. Loomis

    Color me crazy, but I think a much simpler solution would have been to put the camera on point where he feeds the cat. The only thing I can come up with is that he already knew it was a fox, so he planted something he knew it would eat (eggs) and wanted to catch some cool pictures from inside a log.,,,but even so, why not put cat food in the log? Because if he's feeding his cat eggs, than I don't think the fox is the reason his cat is skinny.

  • Vince

    Fucking hate rabbits.

    • HANK

      Fuckin rabbit, smells like shit!

  • saltygary

    That thing looks cool, should domesticate it.

    • Pete

      Yeah; it's called a dog.

  • charles

    who feeds cats out of a log in the first place? and why an egg, this whole story is a bunch of hooey!

  • equalizermax

    That is one expensive camera

  • copy and paste

    i expected more titties.

  • junior

    brilliant…think i'm going to try that on all the birds eating my dogs food…

  • zowie

    WTF!?! I didn't know cats ate eggs.

  • Jim

    "little guy seemed to be eating all his cat food at night?"

    Yup. He must have thought something was eating his cats food during the day.

  • markkens


  • itchy

    How much for some percs

  • Russel

    a speed light (flash) can not function as a light bulb. they can not sustain a "constant on" mode. it only flashes in bursts. he might've set up a motion activated trigger. also from the angle of the shot, it looks like it might've been during separate times.

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