Daily afternoon randomness (40 photos)

  • Dante

    #32 I don't know why, but I find an open engine really beautiful…It's just like a piece of art…

  • Dan

    #28 I'll never understand how people can do that. It makes a lot of noise when the pump hose is pulled off by a car, not to mention the thing banging around on the side of the vehicle.

    • TitoRigatoni

      I agree. I'll admit, I've actually been stupid enough to pull away from the pump and break the hose off, but I noticed it as soon as it happened and didn't leave the station with it.
      In my defense, the girl behind the counter was stunningly beautiful and I wasn't thinking about *anything* else when I got back in my car 😛

  • absolutcarcrazy

    Must have #4 and #20. But thank god #29 finally made it to the alignment shop.

  • def67

    #1 Maybe put down the phone and you wouldnt have got the ticket!

  • Sean

    #18 (among others) yummy.

  • surfing during calls

    #8 — the forgotten Pinto Mustangs….

  • rlmnofjean-ious


  • http://Tice0105.BlogSpot.com Tice

    #20 #21 beautiful… just beautiful

  • http://Tice0105.BlogSpot.com Tice

    #29 that ain' gunna work

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