Mini Cooper Coupe vs Opel Corsa Nürburgring Edition (21 HQ Photos)

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  • A2_tha_MFK


  • GrumpyAss

    Which would you choose, having your right testicle hacked off with a rusty saw blade…or your left testicle hacked off with a rusty saw blade?

  • Raf

    Being euro trash i would choose mini coupe. However the cockpit layout in it is as nonfunctional as it gets and a corsa is just that…a corsa. Screw it i'll just stick to my GTI and have to agree with the comments above.

  • Tyrone Shulaces

    My first choice would be the busty German girl. The Mini isn't worth the money, and the Opel isn't available in the US. The N/A Cooper is 22,000, the turbo S model is 25,300.

    For 22,000 you could get:
    -300+ HP V6 Camaro or Mustang
    -Altima Coupe
    -Civic SI
    -Hyundai Genesis Coupe

    For 25,400 you could get:
    -Subaru WRX
    -Volkswagen GTI
    -Mazda RX-8
    -Volvo C30
    -CPO 3-Series

    There is just no competition. The Mini corners well, but it is super fugly, tiny inside, slower than most of those cars, has no storage space, and is worst of all, FWD.

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