Cat Saturday (35 Photos)

  • Scruff

    First bitches

    • Paula_

      Congratulations, you ARE first.
      Please celebrate by sticking one of those 'dynamite' dildos up your ass. Be sure to light the tiny rope right after insertion for full effect.

      – the one you love to hate

      • Netoward

        nice one, that's why I hate loving you..

    • Robert Christopher Shilling

      see what you've done. by being an insufferable dickwad you've let paula make a funny comment that we agree with…. we aren't meant to like what paula says

    • EdWood

      Also you might eat a box of Exlax.
      Then go to a Port-o-Potty convention.



      • Billy

        Let it go man. Really…………..

    • DereK 8 []

      #7 Now thats a Pussy

  • Chubby

    Not the first, but not the third either!

  • Paula_

    Gentle eyes that see so much,
    paws that have the quiet touch,
    Purrs to signal "all is well"
    and show more love than words could tell.

    Graceful movements touched with pride,
    a calming presence by our side
    A friendship that takes time to grow
    Small wonder why we love them so.

    – the one who hates cats

    • Gstr

      Toxoplasmosis I believe.

    • Wolfsburg00

      I saw this and almost spewed out my perfectly stale strawberry mini-wheat cereal. Whoever wrote that should not be allowed to mate. Ah, if I were president…

    • EdWood

      Aww, gee, Emily.
      You do have a soft side.

      • Paula_

        What's with this Emily thing now? She's much too kind to be me.

        – the one you love to hate

    • MrRushing

      shameless self promotion =
      now THAT'S poetry!

    • E.V.L.

      A cat Saturday post wouldn't be complete without the rantings of Paula … whomever you are.

  • brady

    fir— awww nawww =/ my epeen shrunk

  • Paula_

    #21 Oh how I love that georgeous kitty…. Just get rid of the damn cat plz dear Lauren! ❤

    Oh and #25, yeah yeah, we know, catception, haha. ha.

    – the one you love to hate

    • @soy_LG

      Damn! Good eye Paula! My cat's multitude of expressions makes her worth keeping though – she's the Jim Carrey of felines. 😉

      • Paula_

        Ah but I'm allergic to cats dear Lauren ❤

        If you had to choose who has to go out the door; would that be the cat or me?

        – the one you love to hate

        • Conor

          Stupid question Paula.

          • Paula_

            I keep pressing F5 non-stop until I see Lauren(<3)s response though…

            – the one who just had to connect a new keyboard…. again…

        • EdWood

          There is a cure for allergic reactions to Cats.

          • Paula_

            Yeah, yeah, I know, dieing in a fire etc..

            – the one you love to hate

  • DOTA

    nice and cute.

  • Netoward

    It hurts seeing this, my cat died today 😦 it will be missed 😦

    • Captnjack

      May your cat RIP. The Chivers are here for you. It hurts losin' pets..

    • Guest

      I'm sorry. That always sucks. But if your pet will be missed then it probably lived a happy life.

    • Coldzilla

      I may not be a cat person but I know what its like to lose a pet…


    • kim

      condolences :[

    • Carl R. Evans

      Sometimes, losing pets hurts worse than anything else. My condolences.

  • Matt

    #31 These cats have really gone to pot.

    • Paula_

      It seems these cats are…

      …Potty trained!


      – the one you love to hate

  • gaz

    #20 the kitten strangler

  • pud3000

    #34 FTW!

  • Greg

    #7 I was hoping for one a little lest hairy…but…

    • huh?

      you know what they say, "any port in a storm"

  • idunno

    There's too much cat on the internet…

    • Mari

      There's never too much cat on the internet.

      • Adam Purcell

        Indeed, I believe that is the first rule of the world wide webs.

    • Ricky Martin

      There's never too much pussy on the internet

      • dub

        Odd, coming from Ricky Martin.

  • Justin Zavalaa

    #9 Pussy always loves money

    • Yo Face

      Comment FTW

  • Justin Zavalaa

    #25 We must go deeper Right Meow! Catception

  • Picard_

    #7 Awwww, she has a pussy between her legs.

    • Dave H

      Easy jokes are easy

    • frugal

      Please note, only the CHIVE would thumbs down a comment like this one. It is all woman that come on here after all..

  • The Dude


    • MrRushing

      You're Lame! *runs away crying*

  • Henrik

    #28 That tiger tattoo looks kind of cross eyed.

    • cheez it

      but that kitty is so FUCKING ADORABLE

  • Sealio


    • Gay Fred


    • Dan

      Go burn down a city.

  • Zip

    #34 Secret Service Cat was so brave…

  • for realz

    #9 nukka ballin'. #30 nukka lovin. #34 Nukkaa be savin' da president. Nukka bizzy on a satahday.

  • Minion78

    #21 ^^

  • @soy_LG

    #21 Aw! My little girl made it! Nice thing to see when you wake up from a horrible night's sleep because your cat cries for 8 hours in the hotel room out of fear. Cute yes. Vacation spoiler?…Leaning more towards a yes!

    • Brybry

      Lauren – if you and your pussy ever need a place to stay…….

      • Ron, Ron Burgundy

        Keepin it classy bro…like it hasn't been said an infinite number of times before!

        • Brybry

          At least I can use lines I thought of and I don't have to use words like "classy" stolen from one of the most-quoted movies on the planet!

    • Radio

      You took your cat on vacation? Bahahahahahahahhahahaha!

    • Josh Gorter

      I have had to stay in hotel rooms next to people who bring their cat that cries and meows all night, by about 4 am it gets pretty hard to resist the urge to burn down the entire hotel to the ground.

    • dub

      FUCK You're hot.

      • dub

        Just kiddin'. You've got a face like a shrew.

  • F. Gump

    #29 Kitty is just chillin'

  • Nakedlong

    My photo made it! It’s going to be a beautiful Saturday.

  • MrRushing

    …and now son, you see why we puke in their shoes. #15

    • Mac the Intern

      Well said.

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