• lam

    #2 damn girl..that left thigh is done! now lets get a taste

    • http://tush.tumblr.com Tush

      all these pics were ripped from http://hipbonezone.tumblr.com

      • bdiggz


      • its_forge

        And we still don't give even the tiniest fuck.

    • cheez it

      I stared at that one until she looked like a gangrenous amputee. Than I chuckled and scrolled away.

    • Amelia

      She looks like an amputee rofl.

  • Pat

    #26 MOAR Please!

    • Guest Commenter

      Holy F*&^%, I'm in love, AGAIN!

    • Mathias_

      God yes who is this girl?

  • Makkané

    This should be a regular thing ! just lovely

    • Interesting

      Agreed! Make it a staple! My favorite part of a woman is the tummy.

      • Anakrusix

        Should it be a Monday thing? Yes. Yes indeed. We need all of the motivation we can on Mondays.

  • splooge

    #19 #28 while kinda cool looking, the heart/playboy bunny tan stickers are a sure sign of a skank..just sayin

    • Tony

      As is anything Hollister.

    • http://twitter.com/AlissaLee17 @AlissaLee17

      28's arms/hands are so much paler than her torso…

  • yo yo ma

    Y'know, if I can't see the woman's face, the hips don't do much for me.

    • Smitty10

      then stick to the viola…

  • DAZ is a FAG!

    find her plz

    • SoNicht

      FOUND HER!
      Lauryn Bocook; 22 years old; Jacksonville, Florida, US; http://www.LaurynB.com
      need more information? 😉

  • sheoncebelieved

    #3 I want lay my head down to rest right on that naval….soooo comfy looking

    • Maynard B.

      A woman's navel is, sadly, an often overlooked thing of beauty.

    • northerner

      And then work my way South from there…

  • combat_carl

    #3 shwing! I never new how attracted I am to hips until now.

    • J531

      thank you! that's me!

  • Shawn

    #14 looks delicious

    • Arufist

      Looks Shopped

    • yawn

      She needs lots of sandwiches.

    • jeremy

      looks fake. both shopped and boobs

  • Ian

    Thank you, thank you for posting a gallery to one of my favorite parts of the female anatomy….besides hump day.

    • Duaneoca

      here here! Awesome! Thanks Chive!

  • AsciiAdam

    Nice set of Photos Chive! 🙂 Big fan of #4

    • anon

      Kill me now 4 I have seen paradise !

      • John Hart

        Sexiest out of the bunch!!

    • stan


  • Ian

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting one of my favorite parts of the female anatomy….besides the hump day posts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Chance11or Jeff Chancellor-Neely

    #24 gotta love the petiteness

  • http://www.facebook.com/Chance11or Jeff Chancellor-Neely

    #18 hip-notized

    • ilovethechive

      Did you know Panties are Religious? They are the next best thing to heaven!

  • David

    Seriously, Lots of hips that are too close to looking like children, not enough funny pictures.

  • Dano

    OK series idea. I wouldn't mind if you did it again.




  • jerkstore_

    #21 see double, feel single

  • http://www.facebook.com/Chance11or Jeff Chancellor-Neely

    just think of the chive as foreplay

    • absolutcarcrazy

      …with your step-sister.

  • Rippatiptippin

    Number 26 is a bad chick

  • bubba_earl

    *redirect to theberry.com

  • cashmoneybrian

    oh dear god the things i would do to #16

    • toby

      Bust ur nut in 30 seconds then get thrown outta her house ?

      • http://twitter.com/#!/gfeinberg86 GreyGhost9

        *suddenly* jizz…and feel shame

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=751599607 Jason Reyes

      something about a girl in menswear style pajama bottoms, just faaaantastic… great hip width and underboob too!!!

  • yawn

    Too much Anorexia.

    • medtxpack

      agreed, your waist size shouldnt be 0.

    • The_Dood

      Not too many but there are a few that you could grate cheese on their ribs.

    • Napoleon C4

      Too much obesity in 'Merica, resulting in those that think that slender is unhealthy. Remember to finish everything on your plate!

  • Adam

    #20 is really nice #28 is daaaaamn tight! HOT! even with that tan hearts, still

  • Demon_Cleaner

    #18 and #4 are just amazing. Thank Zues I'm a man. Although being a hot lesbian woman sounds like fun too.

  • Garrett

    damn i love this post. keep it coming chive!

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