Chivettes and first-time Chivettes, send in your photos!

Last week’s Sexy Chivers was our most-shared SC’s ever. This week is shaping up to be pretty damn good as well. Because of the volume of submissions these days, the sooner you can submit, the better. To all the first-time Chivettes out there, besides being half-bonkers (in a good way), the Chivers here are just about the kindest people on the interwebs, you won’t regret sending in a photo and we won’t regret looking at them. Our Chivettes continue to conquer the sexy world. Our Chivettes work in your office, they live next door to you, and they’re just as sexy as any of the photoshopped digital models out there. So let’s have some fun this week.

: Grab your camera (phone) and write ‘Chive On’ on a sign or some part of your body (be as creative as you like). Then use our handy-dandy upload page to send pics to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com and collect internet fame. Let’s have some fun this week. Above all: Be Creative! Do it for your country!

Chive On!


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  • Derp


    Here's a better idea: go and spend an hour in therapy and try to figure out why you have such low self-esteem that you would send in pictures to this site.

    • The_Redevil

      Trolling much? I would go into an argument, but it would be pointless.

      • DA DERP


    • http://www.facebook.com/zaldiboy Daniel Zaldivar Morales

      not sure if trolling.. or just pure gay

  • thinker

    Time for the sluts to send half naked pics and act classy in the comments and the nerds to praise them endlessly and act like studs. This place is so messed up.

    • MaynardJames

      If you dislike this site so much why did you ever see any of this to start with?

    • DUJ


    • Ronald McDonald


    • Anon

      I think this guys got a point.

    • OOTE

      one of the truest comments in chive history. thumbs up.

  • http://twitter.com/HeelHumpDay @HeelHumpDay

    Derp and thinker: Shh. Mommy and Daddy are talking.

    • Derp

      Really? I'm pretty sure that Mommy and/or Daddy a) could come up with a more clever comeback and b) wouldn't really support your desperate ploy for attention.

      In fact, if Mommy or Daddy would have spent more time talking to you when you were young, you probably wouldn't be in this position in the first place.

      • Alec

        You coming to this site and posting an idiotic comment is just another kind of ploy for attention, a much less appealing one. Everyone wants attention, I'm sure a lot of the girls post on the site because it's refreshing to see a place praising natural beauty where absolutely vulgar comments are looked down upon.

        I hope you realize how stupid you sound commenting on anyone "looking for attention," when it's a basic truth of the human condition that EVERYONE wants attention. Some people crave positive attention, while douche bags such as yourself feed off of negative attention, so you post a comment you know no one will like.

        Not to mention the fact that you're either a) a girl that is jealous of some of the amazing chivettes you see every week, or b) a guy that could never get said chivettes in the real world, and spend all day masturbating to actual porn, but somehow justify coming on here and posting hypocritical comments about women much more tasteful than the ones you spend all day drooling over.

        • getreal

          Typical chive fanboy response.

          • JPV

            then stop coming to this site;
            one of the tenants of the chive is the chivettes
            so go to the hundreds of other websites like it where you can waste your work day.

            WE ENJOY THE CHIVE

            • Derp

              "one of the tenants of the chive…"

              And that is precisely why it is stupid beyond belief.

            • Robert Plant

              you don't like it, faggot? take your own ham-fisted advice and IGNORE IT! faggot.

              • durpie mc durp

                why so much hate on the greatest site in the world!?

                • Jimmy Page

                  shut up. cunt.

      • http://ubergnome.com Uber_Gnome
      • http://twitter.com/HeelHumpDay @HeelHumpDay

        OMG! When my aunt got on The Price is Right, she was so freakin' excited. It's fun to see yourself on the medium from which you get your entertainment. It's even fun arguing with you because it makes me feel part of a community.

        • Derp

          Not gonna lie. + 1 for the correct placement of the preposition in the third sentence of your post. Well played.

          • http://twitter.com/HeelHumpDay @HeelHumpDay

            Well, um . . . well, good job to you for properly counting "OMG!" as a sentence – lol. I appreciate the complement on my correct use of grammar, but I still have to admit I prize the complement, "#9 owes me a new keyboard," over it. In a survival situation or as an early human, my ability to turn a guy on would be way more important than grammar, reflection, or prudish posturing. I can't control the fact that the survival priorities have remain unchanged in my psychological makeup since the cavewoman days. (And now I'm having an imaginary debate in my head wherein you say, "But what if you don't get that favorable complement you prize?") Even without the benefit of having read Plato, my cavewoman counterpart would have understood that the shadows cast on the wall by objects near the fire are not the things themselves, but just images. That's all these are, images, and the real thing (me) is safely intact at home despite whatever complements or criticisms that image might provoke in others.

            • Derp


              • http://twitter.com/HeelHumpDay @HeelHumpDay

                Dang-it, let me have a do-over, because this is my first online comments section conversation ever. I would like to say instead – The Chive's tagline should really be "Where Women Have to Compete with Cats for Attention" so I'm not taking it too seriously.

  • DrGarnicus

    Everyone has a choice.

  • sbj1964

    In the words of a corporate Giant " JUST DO IT !

  • sbj1964

    And do it a lot !!!

    • sbj1964

      Really ?

  • sbj1964

    Over and over again !

  • sbj1964

    I can do this all night long !

  • http://www.facebook.com/rmelissa.masoom R Melissa Masoom

    i always submit…and never get in… i feel like it's cause i'm brown.

    • Johnny 5

      most likely yes

      you must either bleach your skin or go to tannin g saloon

      MOST LIKELY hit a gym

    • Ronald McDonald

      no one wants to see your skank ass.

  • MarshyD

    Alright sluts, time to get 'ya tits out. Come on then. Whip 'em out.

  • The Pope

    come on you attention-mongering cunts, let's see those sweaty camel-toes.

  • Jwwwwwraeo


  • Chivette

    In fact: I have an eating disorder and a low self-esteem, but submitting photos and receiving friendly comments made me feel more comfortable with my body and in this way happier…
    For me the end justified the means 🙂

    Thank you for your kind attention!

  • Juliet


    So….the hockey stick got me. How do I get in contact with him?? We're obviously a match made in heaven.

  • jangie

    How do u submit photo I've got the app but don't know where to submit

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