• anguish

    Meh.. There were a few that were worth it, but for the most part, the Chivettes trump them all hands down.

    • tongystunter

      one of the many time i wish i could keep clicking the little thumbs up

    • truth

      hate to break it to ya…but these girls are way hotter than chivettes. if you disagree your an idiot.

      • https://www.facebook.com/gabriela.r.miranda Gabriela Robyn Miranda

        "you're" asshole.

        • truth

          not saying chivettes are ugly…but these women are by far hotter.
          ps – you are ugly.

          • Snowman

            why you felt the need to say this is beyond me, but you're definitely an asshole.

            • truth

              i'm entitled to my own opinion.

              go step outside and melt away.

          • http://www.thechive.com DistractedIndividual

            Because they sat in a makeup chair for 2+ hours and had a team of stylist on each one for another hour. I'm sure you would not say the same thing if you saw them after they did their own styling and makeup…..Just sayin'

            • truth

              don't be jealous.

              • L34dP1LL

                Stop feeding the troll

                • http://www.thechive.com DistractedIndividual

                  You don't even have the balls to reply directly to my comment.
                  Pah, Niiiiiiice one bro.

                  • Steven

                    Lol jealous

                    • Jimmy Page

                      agreed. she's a jealous cunt.

                    • Feeder of Trolls

                      I love how she's giving her opinion/defending herself and you guys start directly insulting her. That is the stupidest thing I have seen in the comment section in a long time.

            • Hand of Fate

              A lot of work does go into it, including spray tans, make up, hair etc. That's true. Most of them also work out fairly regularly, of course.

              But to be honest, my wife looks even better off the runway then she did at the show, because sometimes the designers have them do weird hairstyles or exaggerated make up.

              Off the runway, she knows what looks best on her and turns heads wherever she goes.

              • truth

                exactly. these models don't look BAD off the runway!

              • http://www.thechive.com DistractedIndividual

                Point taken, and understood. Guess I didn't fully explain myself.

          • Randy

            Gabriela looks pretty cute to me!

        • Chivinghonestly

          Grammar bitch!

      • Tubesteak

        true that. These women are stunning.

      • davisrj

        In that case I have no problem being an idiot, no problem at all!!!

        • truth

          you people think Chivettes are the hottest girls on the planet. wake up already…their good sports for sending in pictures but they're not the only hotties out there. by far the hottest.

          • davisrj

            glad to see we could finally agree!

          • truth

            *by far not the hottest

      • Nan

        Sorry truth, like being wrong much? These women were mediocre at best, I'm not even a Chiver and can say that most of the girls I see on this site are hotter by far. But don't worry, it isn't your fault. You were likely raised in an atmosphere that has no taste in women (or men, for that matter) and you likely think that the popularized image of the skinny, anorexic woman is the "perfect image". It likely stems from your innate attraction to little boys, which these women remind you of. I suggest professional therapy.

        • truth

          like being wrong much?
          "most of the girls I see on this site are hotter by far."
          so your saying these girls are hot. thanks for agreeing.

          you sir…are an idiot.

          • Nan

            Haha. Troll. I won't play your game. Just wanted you to know the "truth". Enjoy being a fool.

            • truth

              thanks Nana

            • R-Dub

              Nan…. You are a dick.

      • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

        I will say 2 things. First. It is all about what everyone likes. So if Truth likes these slim girls it's ok. Second. The thing i disagree here is to generalize. So, these women are models and it is obvious most of them are hot. Some are not. Way hotter than chivettes? I don't think so, some of them are spectacular also.

        keep showing me pictures of beauty, be it pro or Chivette 😉

        • truth

          hence why i said these comments which people are obviously so dumb they just don't get my point.

          'not saying chivettes are ugly…but these women are by far hotter. "

          "their good sports for sending in pictures but they're not the only hotties out there."

          • cryingchvier



            • lolz yer a dick

              Fuck man, Truth is right. Chivettes, on a scale, have a 50% fug rating, these are fucking models… The only reason anyone would take an average chivette over an average model is because they cant score a model or their dicks to small to be able to deal with having one as their lady. Chivettes are cool but ffs lets not get retarded about it. Not to mention any chivette on here would take a male model over you fucking booger eating kooks any day. Put that in you pipe and smoke it. Lol.

              • cryingchiver

                booger eating kooks – LOL

              • Darth Neegro

                if i could thumb this up more than once, i'd thumb it up a 100 times.

      • Hand of Fate

        Umm, some of the models at the Miami Fashion week are also technically Chivettes, lol, so it doesn't have to be a competition.

        My wife modeled in one of the shows but isn't one of the ones pictured here, wearing almost the exact bikini as the girl in #1.

        • cryingchiver


          u haz pictures?

          • Hand of Fate

            She's my wife, I have tons of pictures, lol. I'm gonna see if I can use this as an excuse to finally let me get one on Chive.

      • Gnole

        No creativity in the pictures….Plus they are all modeling fancy ass cloths that cost way to much and I dont give a shit about. Chivettes have way more character, are real, and therefore are WAY FUCKING HOTTER!

        • Hand of Fate

          I'm sorry, but this is fucking bull shit.

          I know a lot of the girls who do the show, and most of them are actually fantastic people with tons of character who aren't the least bit shallow, despite the stereotype that people have about models. Many of them even have kids and are very family oriented.

          They're just like everyone else, except maybe taller and good looking, but that doesn't mean they lack for character. It just means they get to get paid pretty good money to walk down a runway, but are otherwise no different.

          • truth

            they were given a gift. hotness.

      • Tits McGee

        100% agree with 'ya, truth.

    • asdasd

      The thing is, the Chivettes are mostly submitting self taken photos, mostly blurry or low quality.
      The girls on this post have been shot by professionals with serious gear. If a comparison must be
      made it should be between those girls and the girls the chive has shot at their office.

      PS, i loves me some flaws on women!!!

    • gfd334

      Did anyone else make it down this far?

      • Jen


  • Dave

    Gimme mah chivettes any day.

    • Wait what?

      These models make a LIVING being HOT. Being smoking hot is their job. Chivettes are definitely very cute, some are hot and many are sexy but supermodels they are not.

      • truth

        well said.

        • Jen

          just look at the pics and STFU

  • Shawn

    #27 haha that's how I would be like!

  • jroc

    Chivettes are much better. #26 looks sick.. and not like siiiick. Like ill.

    • Malkintosh22

      It's because her toothbrushed "slipped" again.

    • RayBoogs

      She needs to eat something, not just sugar water.

  • JGBallard

    Good morning you #7, i got your prize right here

  • NebraskaGuy

    I agree with the others – the Chivettes give these girls a run for their money.
    That said, I will say that #23 is a sweet tush!

    • http://www.thechive.com Azrrael

      THE GAP!

      • NebraskaGuy

        Oh indeed! Love me some GAP! 😉

  • LesterFreeman

    Yeah – but these gals will at least shave their cooches – I imagine our Chivettes are hairier than a Russian down there!

    By the way – I just heard the Hangover Part 3 is being developed – my idea:

    I say the 3rd Hangover movie starts with Ed Helms waking up and he has lesions on his body. Then of course Bradley Cooper (who had passed out with his weiner in a big tub of peanut butter starts laughing and is like, "Dude – you have AIDS", and then Zach Galifinakis can start looking around his wallet as he mumbles wonderingly, "I wonder if I have AIDS as well….VISA….AMEX….hmmmm".

    Of course the search will then begin for the cure which will take them from the Congo (where the movie began) all the way back to Magic Johnson's house – who will provide them the cure – so long as the boys beat him and Michael Jordan and Larry Bird in a game of 3 on 3.

    • wtf

      Wtf are you talking about !?

      • LesterFreeman

        I don't know.

    • Fred

      Your idea blows harder than Justin Beiber at a farm (he blows horses)

      • Robert Plant

        ANOTHER justin bieber quip. the chivers are a bunch of bieber obsessed faggots!

        • Fred

          If your last name was Beiber instead of Plant I would tell you that I thought you were cute. But its not, so I won't.

          We tease Justin Beiber because he will likely have more money and bush than all of us combined for the next hundred years – making fun of him is the only way to feel okay about us just being us.

          Robert, you're a bigger twat than Justin Bieber dressed up as a twat in a fat suite while at a Halloween party where the theme is about vaginas.

          And by the way, people who use the term "faggots" almost always have homosexual tendencies. :*

          • LesterFreeman

            I meant suit – a suite is a place I can't afford to visit.

    • TJ73

      1. Shut up you idiot!
      2. Everyone knew about Hangover 3 before Hangover 2 came out!

      • lesterfreeman

        No, YOU shut-up TJ73!

        I'd comment-fight you right now, but unfortunately I'm at work and my boss says the womens bathroom needs to be mopped, restocked with tampons, and all toilets working properly or else I can't take a smoke break at lunch.

        PS- But you liked my idea right?


          Please take your smoke break. The faster you keel over the better.

          • lesterfreeman

            I CAN'T – because of all the back and forth with this post I didn't get my work done and I got in trouble.

    • j22

      obvious is troll obvious…….. troll obvious obvious is …………….. obvious troll is

      • j22


    • Fasteddy14

      I think Lester and Paula were a match made in troll heaven…

  • R2G Fan

    Bring on the Chivettes!!!!

  • BloodScrubber

    For sure Chivettes have it over this lot. Their beauty and sensuality is more for the soul than the eyes.

    • b-ry


      • http://www.gfys.org/ iknow

        Bloodscrubber – Loner ,lives with parents ,has a blow up doll ,bad hygiene.

        • Patches

          "Gee maybe if I try to say something really profound and romantic and deep, the chivettes might take notice and see what a great guy I really am, and somehow track down my email address and contact me and we'll fall in love and it will be awesome!!"

          Or maybe you'll just come off as a giant loser.

    • LesterFreeman

      I think he sounds dreamy.

      And he could scrub my blood anytime!

  • Lowrent75

    Yeah..some are very sweet but for the most part they are the overdone, twig figures that are typically thrown out there. Not so much…

  • Anonymous

    Meh. Gimme hump day!

  • http://man-lair.com Stafferty

    #14 I would bite that ass until I have the full days requirment of vitamin C

    • Birdhaus32

      eeeewwwww, pineapples never looked as bad

    • http://www.facebook.com/Cheeselea Chelsea GoddessDivine Foulk

      Really? I was just thinking about how much that looks like my grandma's butt.
      Ya want me to hook it up?

    • emgee

      What ass?

  • Jimi D.

    This sucks !!!! What the hell is WRONG with you two ? Give me #24 or just about any Chivette over this crap !! I gotta have a Dos Equis and look for somethin` to amuse myself !
    Stay thirsty my friends !

  • BMW

    #7- I got some in her eye.

  • http://twitter.com/TwistedTool @TwistedTool

    Chivettes are unsurpassable. End of argument.

    • http://www.gfys.org/ phuk yu

      None of them will ever give you any action so quit sucking up fanboy. We all know the losers here like em bcoz they give fresh fap material.

      • jared


      • http://twitter.com/TwistedTool @TwistedTool

        Did I say anything different? 😀

  • phigtings

    #9 this is the only picture of Kate Upton we get?

  • http://www.isexy.com iSexyDude

    Small boobs, flat ass. Why would we like these girls? Our world has gone horribly wrong. Bring back the Chivettes!!!

  • Woozles

    Give me more Melanie Iglesias please… NOW.

  • Birdhaus32

    Why would you ever think you have a nice body with such an awful ass #5??

    • Birdhaus32

      But #17 will do nicely

      • Guest Commenter

        Umm. . . that's a really good point. #17 would like very nice in, or out of, a pair of jeans.

  • http://www.gfys.org/ honest

    They look like chics with eating disorders who are obviously attention whores and have no self respect ,how are they different from the Chivettes ? Skank On !

  • http://www.gfys.org/ The Chivery

    Yes they are different ,our Chivettes are even bigger Sluts.

    • TRON


  • Richard Head

    I'll take the Chivettes, please and thank you. The guy all the way to the right in #27 is Theophilus London, btw. The dude's got some pretty sick tracks.

  • TJ73

    These girls left their asses at home!

  • Gary

    #21 "GAH! some one's drawn on my face! fuckit, i'll just go and look hot anyway"

    • rishi_11_2002

      shes so hot! any ideas who she is?

  • Yessir

    Chivettes: 1 Skinny model chicks: 0

    • Steven

      I think you got that backwards

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