• jjtom

    Boobs do.

    • Wut

      Truly flawless logic. I applaud thee, sir.

    • Doug

      Great response!

    • Sad

      Typical Chiver logic.

      • i just chived

        The man speak the truth

      • AGM

        I agree…with you AND jjtorn.

    • tits_mcgee_

      chris brown does

    • well

      but.. an ugly face ruins boobs, so…

  • yo yo ma

    #18 Looks like a girl I used to know but this one has breasts that God himself created, placed on her chest and said "my work is done here, now I must fap".

    • TheBoris

      That Rack!!

    • 4everDistracted

      If I'm not mistaken that is Claire Sinclair, PMOY 2011.

      • R-Dub

        You are not mistaken. Gourgeous!

    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

      Hahaha best comment i have seen in a while

    • HUH?

      wait, she has a face?

    • http://twitter.com/_J0R_ @_J0R_

      I lol'd at your comment.

    • Johnny

      That's Playmate of the Year, "Claire SInclair."

      Happy fapping.

  • misschris

    #7 Beautiful indeed!

    • lowdown

      #8 wins hands down imo!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=686232240 Jvee Veneracion

      Um, I'm pretty sure Asians aren't natural redheads. This post should be ginger-specific only.

      • its_forge

        There's nothing in the title or makeup of this post to suggest it's a ginger-only post.

  • Aus


    • Bob

      You fail so bad it's almost professional.

    • Chris


    • https://thechive.com/ GernBlansten


  • chefmaster

    #9 WANT!

    • snoopdogg

      #31 Find this Angel

      • nope

        pass. duck face.

        • JROC

          ha pass because a duck face.. umm you're dumb

        • its_forge

          Fine, more for me. That cleavage excuses at least a mile of duck face.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=572571966 Craig Millington

            nothing excuses duck face.

            • its_forge

              I dunno, that's more of a kissy-mouth than a duck face anyway.

  • Kenny

    #18 What face???

  • pinky

    #20 looks ahh……smart.

  • Vantastic

    #16 Amen!

    • Ateka


    • Luxor

      This is a bit random but something about her eyes remind me of Final Fantasy XIII, they seem so luscious and unreal that you'd think it's gotta be computer generated.

    • http://twitter.com/mazlow01 @mazlow01

      Say it again brother!

    • narniachronic

      just stare into them all day

    • dah

      Someone should be touching her. That someone should be me. But since I'm married, I shall touch myself.

    • Payman Sh.r

      You. Really beautiful ..:) I am more familiar with you ..

  • TheBoris

    #30 Stunning!

    • isawoj

      Stunningly an Obama supporter. Didn't think there were any left.

      • its_forge

        On the one hand, she's probably an Obama supporter because she doesn't like assholes trying to sell her a bill of goods like where government has any business regulating abortion or anything having anything to do with being gay. On the other hand, it's probably an old picture and she's just as disillusioned as all the Obama supporters who were lied to their faces about Obama being a progressive and not a center-right DINO.

        • J.E.H.

          cool story, bro

    • TheBorisisacockrag

      Dear TheBoris,

      I believe many of us requested that you go hang yourself. Please show your support for the chive and anyone who posts therein by doing so promptly. I assure you, not even your mother will miss you.


      General Public

      • TheBorisisacockrag

        Maybe this worked….it's been 12 seconds and he hasn't responded yet. Hmmmm, thats not normal. He should be calling me a tool by now, and then saying how right he always is and ending with a Thanks…..

        • TheBoris

          Why the hate? Our names are very similar, we should be friends. 😀

  • EdWood

    Now that is a beautiful face.

    • Dan

      And her nude set is handily listed along the bottom of the pic.

      • its_forge

        And what a lovely set of cupcakes she has.

  • Cecil

    #27..uuugggnnggg. By the way chive, thank you so much for this post. Not like I've been quietly advocating for this for a while now. Now if you'll excuse me I have to, um, knit a sock or something.

    • its_forge

      Drive a six-inch spike through a mahogany board?

  • beautyandbraids

    #15 #28
    gorgeous girls

    • ericvdm


  • JC

    pretty sure 11 is a pornstar.

  • boatdrinks4u2

    fucking fantastic!

  • Kodos

    I wan to kiss every cute little freckle I see…

    could look into those eyes for hours…

    • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.sahlberg Jordan Sahlberg

      Those eyes are absolutely mesmerizing.

  • Mat

    Who's no.2??

    • newscot

      One of the more difficult games sewer workers play.

      • SteelCityGuy

        Just made my day…..can't stop laughing……Thank you!

  • Dan

    #2 is pretty much perfect!

    • Bob

      Very True, but I had trouble deciding between her and #18.

      • RangerW

        Im going to go with #2, she is gorgeous! Although you 18 is a close call as well, pretty sure thats Claire Sinclair (ie. playmate of the year 2010)

        • D3AN

          is that a rapunzel outfit? either way, she's uber cute.

        • blues

          What, no FIND HER yet?

    • Víctor

      I think i fell in love with her.

      And that's pathetic.

      • ddsxxc

        num 2 is jasmine blue

  • http://twitter.com/dagleja3 @dagleja3

    #5, #18, #20, #29, #30, #31, #34

    A great set of breast really help too!!

    • Tomas

      #3 #31 #34 also!

  • Mikey

    with #34 a close second

    • Jesse

      34 has a face?

      • jjtom

        a big floppy, bouncing face

        • Mike

          34 is the ultimate and greatest in this post.

          • gocubsgo!


    • James Glenwood

      I will grant that #28 is very nice I think that #34 has to take the win.

  • Seldi84

    #2 #10 #26 #27 #34
    Are so gorgeous they've made the sun come out. More of these ladies before the sun goes down please.

    • gophillies

      # 10 drop dead gorgeous

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=583121934 Chris Lawrence

        Agreed…amazing eyes.

  • pinky

    # 10 is a face worth waking up to.

  • http://www.facebook.com/palm.mark Mark Palm

    #12 Winner imo

    • Dylan

      yep, #12 is it

    • Justin


  • Doug

    Nothing beats a beautiful face … except for maybe an abusive husband … you can't explain that!

    • http://www.facebook.com/sacha.pilon Sacha Pilon

      Do you really need that much attention?

      • Doug

        I'm afraid so… wanna dance… yeah… no… maybe… yeah… well alright then

        • CaptainInsano

          I like this doug guy

          • JROC

            ha me to. doug is hella funy

    • https://www.facebook.com/bfcknrzl Brad Stevens

      At first I was like…awww…then I was like HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • anguish

    #11 Looks like a girl I went to high school with. 14 years later, she's still hot as hell.

  • Selmy

    #11 is pornstar "Little" Caprice.

    • booboopeedoo

      #11 – is indeed Little Caprice. She has a photo set that appears on flabber.nl where she is inside a passenger train that is one of the best I have ever seen. And that "fap fap fap" noise is the sound of the wheels on the track. Really. Honest.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000365454952 Timothy Gault

      Well played sir!

    • PubicJones

      Dammit. Well, it's official. I'm only attracted to porn stars and strippers.

      • https://www.facebook.com/bfcknrzl Brad Stevens

        Welcome to hell Sir. The trashier the better and deeper the addiction.

    • intmid8or

      you know your porn well

    • MrMav

      id smash her back doors in if given the chance

      • asb

        porn girls dont count

    • MikeyB

      and is literally a still shot from a scene

    • fusanta

      deffo porn star

    • Slater

      I'm glad someone else noticed besides me.

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