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    […] this simple guide from theCHIVE.com, we are taught how to use an old can to our advantage.  After cleaning the can out, remove the […]

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    I forgot I bought a new router, and was depressed to find that there are no antennae on it after finding my toolbox, finding a can seeing I was out of cans with liquid, snapping off the old edge of my exact-o knife, running to my basement to get my duct tape to wrap up the old blade so if someone decided to go through my trash they would not cut themselves on it, cutting up the can, putting a brick on the can so it wouldn't stay closed up, and finally, walking into the room where the router was. But I kept calm, and chived on.

  • http://www.supermanmag.com/%e6%b1%bd%e6%b0%b4%e7%bd%90%e8%ae%8awifi%e8%a8%8a%e8%99%9f%e6%94%be%e5%a4%a7%e5%99%a8-%e5%a4%a7%e6%8f%ad%e5%af%86/ 汽水罐變WiFi訊號放大器 | 大揭密?! | 超人邦 | 人氣部落格

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    […] Tome cuidado para que a antena não fique ao alcance de crianças, que podem se machucar com o corte das latas. As instruções são do The Chive. […]

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    site way round. Handbags keeping year or so can also be found. Very last though not the smallest amount will be the fighting this a handbag content. Buckskin is actually in history favored the way it works best for all circumstance obese virtually any attire. Besides imitation leather bag it’s also

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    […] myself tried it , but looking forward to do it shortly. Source ← Previous Next → […]

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    […] Napolitan Don't know if this works as well as I need it to but I'll try it soon… How to boost your WiFi signal with a beer can (7 Photos) […]

  • Rachel

    I had the same problem too, with my devices, and I research for a solution. I found Pong Research . They have a new technology for boost wifi signal .I was so skeptical about it… however, I bought a case. I can tell everybody that it really works, my new wifi is very strong. So I bought a case for my iPhone too.
    Read more at https://thechive.com/2011/08/09/how-to-boost-your-

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    […]  Pegue a lata de Cerveja ou refrigerante  e lave-a bem  Retire o anel   Com couidado pegue o estilete e corte na linha pontilha em vermelho  Do lado onde se tem a abertura corte do mesmo jeito que fez com o fundo mas lembre-se de deixar um pedaço sem cortar na mesma direção da abertura, pois essa parte será a base.  Com a tesoura corte a lata na diagona do lado oposto aquele que você deixou sem cortar  Utilizando cola quente ou fita dupla face cole a lata aberta e passe a antena pela abertura  e cole a lata no seu roteador E esta pronto a sua antena “melhorada”. Fonte: Techflesh.com Thechive.com […]

  • Favorite

    To amplify signal better, the can ought to be formed as the parabola, not the circle or any other curve.

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    […] te compartimos una forma casera de aumentar la intensidad de tu señal Wi-Fi que encontramos en The Chive. Sólo necesitas una lata de aluminio, herramientas para cortarla, adhesivo y un router que […]

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    […] un punto a favore delle lattine, anche se il vantaggio è piuttosto “collaterale”. A questo indirizzo si trova infatti una guida ad immagini per realizzare un amplificatore del segnale del vostro […]

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    […] Aluminum can WiFi extender: Similar to the tin foil method, you can use a cutout from an aluminum can boost your WiFi signal. For this method you have to cut a regular beer can into an aluminum parabola and base which you can now attach to the antenna of your router. You can check out the full process here. […]

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