Chivers Unite, theCHIVE’s Chicago Meetup (51 Photos)

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  • Kaars

    Looks like you had a great time! Maybe one day I'll make one.

    Were there any troll sightings?

    • Joe

      All crakers…..damn

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1521060132 Sterling Crawford

        Cause Ecuador and the DR are just overflowing with "crakers".

        • http://twitter.com/svp318 @svp318

          from the Ecuadorian in the pic: what the hell does "craker" mean?

          • anon

            white people

            • http://twitter.com/svp318 @svp318

              thanks.. and Sterling, for the record, ever heard of the spanish colonization? yeah well.. lots of "crakers" in latin america

              • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1521060132 Sterling Crawford

                There is a little more to it than simply "white people". Very few, if anyone, would consider someone from any part of Latin America to be considered a cracker. It's more of a term for white americans. I've lived in Texas my whole life, trust me, I know all about Spanish colonization. I didn't mean that you not being a cracker is a bad thing.

          • HeyJewed

            Actually "cracker" is a derogatory term for the white people who would whip slaves ("crack" a whip) to get them to keep working. These people were usually white…

            You're all welcome

            • yup


          • yup

            just to clear up the record for you my foreign friend……..most people nowadays think that it means "white people" but it was actually just a nickname that southern US cattle drivers got, as in "whip crackers". It actually has nothing to do with race (although most Americans who use the term don't know that).

    • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Hehehe :*
      And I didn't see a single pitchfork!!!

      – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
      — LG – twitpic.com/5q3g21

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1521060132 Sterling Crawford

        #29 Paula?

    • http://www.gfys.org/ pfffbbbt

      I see whores ,trolls are difficult to spot.

      • truthserum


    • Verbal_Kint

      who really cares about this event? it;s an overblown frat party.

      • KyleHeier

        Forever alone πŸ™

      • pfffbbbt

        I obviously care enough to post something about it…


      • truthserum

        Verbal – you are another truth teller!

        • Truthserum

          yay I am no longer forever alone!

          • truthserum

            I don't use capital letters for my name you cumguzzler

            • HeyJewed

              Just sign up and have a verified account. problem solved.

              • HeyJewed

                Nah – I like your name better.

      • HeyJewed

        I think it is actually pretty cool for people who run a site to throw a party for the people who make it possible for them to make a living. That being said, it is in fact an overblown frat party.

        • Itachi

          Yeah…. it would be cooler if it was free, I mean these guys got to be millionaires….. hahahah

  • mark thurgood


    Perfect spot for the event, it was so much fun meeting all of you!

    • Darkside

      The one in red looks a tad slow….but Im sure somebody here likes that.

    • http://www.facebook.com/marinovedder Marino Ramirez Terc

      it was an awesome party!!!! let's see what we can do for the next one πŸ™‚

  • Bud Lee

    hahahaha…#9 I want that dude's shirt

    • http://www.gfys.org/ Bud Lee 125p

      Correction ,i want that dude`s Dick.

      • Bud Lee

        oh look…another guy name Bud Lee….probably just like me…well except for the fact that it appears that he doesn’t have a cool blue kayak. Oh, and he seems to like dicks.

        • vhr1904

          Blue kayaks and dicks are all on the same level of homo. Just saying…

          • Bud Lee

            Psssshhhh……like dicks…blue kayaks are only homo if they are being inserted in a man's ass…I float in my kayak while drinking beer…what you do with your kayak is up to you. Just don't submit any pics of you and your kayak during y'alls special time. .

    • its_forge

      You mean "I Shaved My Balls For This?" That's available at tshirthell.com.

  • Byron

    Was so nice to see that all the Chivers are down to earth people. Both Patty and John asked me what I like about the site and what I don't like. I always sensed that the chive actually gives a shit, nice to know they do. Chiver for life

    #26, #37

    • perry

      after meeting John and Leo i now know why the site is so successful

      • really?

        didn't figure it out after the boobs and funny pictures?

  • Dixon b.

    Erin W. is hysterically funny


    • http://twitter.com/erinwillett @erinwillett

      Is that you I am posing with? I need to know.

      • gocubsgo!

        Hysterically funny and apparently has great bar trick ability. See #48 and #50.
        My favorite chivette, no doubt!
        Totally wanted to come home to Chicago for the meet up, but no dice.
        NYC?!?! Give a brother a little notice and I'll be there.

      • http://jerseysfinest-bling.blogspot.com/ bling306

        Yeaaa keep representing Jersey Erin!!!! She is cool as hell

        • aleXTC

          Fuck Jersey

          • Jimmy C

            Fuck you.

            • Pwithc

              fuck me.

      • possibly!

        you NEED to know…did you guys kiss? did you have intercourse!!?!?!

        • cwhoa

          just scissor me timbers

    • meetngreets

      i was a little nervous to meet her. she was my favorite of the night. her and John. He's the fucking man. Patty is funny too and looking good!

      • Guesty

        really? nervous? about meeting a girl. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…. the average Chiver!!!!

        • Guessy

          Guesty has some real anger issues, and I suspect issues that go far beyond that . . . sorry about the crappy life dude, hope someday you get it all sorted out.

        • yup


    • Guesty

      regular Katt Williams I bet….
      Now, imagine she is not a decent looing girl….. Uh Oh, not so funny anymore…

    • SmashasaurusRex

      Thanks for the photo Erin! My girlfriend and I thought you were an absolute sweetheart! Can't wait for the next Chi town meet up!

      • SmashasarusRexGF

        SO true Erin! Next time though – I eat YOUR pussycat while they chivers do shots off MY ass okay?

  • Antonio

    Wasn't a sausage fest either, which was nice, some beautiful Chivettes. Either way, the whole crew was so nice. thanks for the night!!!


    • hMMMM

      are you really citing this picture to back up your statement about this not being a sausagefest??? LOSE THEM!!!!

      • FPOBA

        It was, I was disappointed. 15 or so chicks at one time, and 200 dudes. The only girls that stayed were the models from chive. Pickle Party 2011…maybe next year will be decent, but I doubt it.

        Fuck Chicago, I'm leaving for California

        • no thanks

          so the truth comes out from someone that was there.
          2 meetups. 2 sausage fests.
          NYC = 0/3

        • Sarah


          just FYI i'm pretty sure I met 'FPOBA' at the event. he thought it he was going to the playboy mansion and was a real dick. either that was him or he's just making shit up. for the REAL record there were more than 15 girls, quite a sight more in fact. don't trust everything you read, even tho you want to πŸ™‚

          also, I'm a chivette, not a hired model

          • http://www.facebook.com/ranDgallegos Randy Gallegos

            he's clearly mad he didnt get laid that night. but then if that's why he was there then he doesnt understand TheChive anyways. there should have been a questionnaire before tickets were allowed to be purchased…

            • Ha.Ha.

              Settle down there, Randall…you've been on here for like 2 months so don't go making statements like how someone doesn't understand what theChive is. You're about to be categorized with Shannon and its_forge, you look a bit creepy.

          • no thanks

            well more than 15 girls and 200 guys is still a sausage fest. even with 50 girls (which i know there weren't) it's still too manly.

          • Ha.Ha.

            Did they fly you out to do the calendar shoot? Did you pay to be at this event?

            Also, given that well over 50% of theChive's content is Chivette-related, why is it so ludicrous to expect a more even male to female ratio?

  • Helen Mirren

    My big fat cock is beefy and juicy, juicy and beefy

    • http://www.gfys.org/ itsobvious

      Dylan ,Erin and LG will be seeing you soon then.

    • Dick_Hammer

      fuckin douche

    • truthserum

      lol – so random!

    • bigdeal

      why helen you dirty girl!

  • synnful

    Bean town is waiting !!!

  • chuck taylor

    #49, #50

    they seem nice

    • http://www.facebook.com/childsd Daniel Childs

      That's me on the right side. All I remember after that was having an in-depth discussion with John about PHP and WordPress, buying a round, knocking one off the table, and puking out the car somewhere along I-290. I need to remember to bring my A-game next time I party with the Chivers :/

      • Megan

        Daniel! I was sitting next to you all night (in the photo) and im still impressed you like Coheed!

        • b-ry

          who doesn't like Coheed…sick band

        • http://www.facebook.com/childsd Daniel Childs

          Megan! That was indeed a fun night, and I think my buddy and your Montana friend had an especially good time! (if you know what I mean)

          • yup

            they banged.

          • Broseph Stalin

            Good to see someone from Montana is rep-in it!

      • http://twitter.com/erinwillett @erinwillett

        Oh my goodness, vaguely remember this. Who's phone got drenched in booze?!

        • Megan

          Ricks phone! I forgot about that. I was supposed to be protecting it…oops
          and hey, "really…" down there, were more than decent looking πŸ˜‰

      • Ctr

        Got to love nerd talks while completely drunk, wish I was in Chicago so I could have gone.

      • Matt

        maybe you should call a cab next time and not be such a dick.

      • really?

        so you were sitting next to the only two decent looking girls that were there all night, while they were groping each other and your only memory is of John, some nerd shit and acting like an amateur? hmmmmmmmm "Chivers" are………………interesting.

    • Broseph Stalin

      #50 Nice ring πŸ˜‰

  • Jeff

    #1 Redhead with tongue piercing, the holy grail!!!! MOAR MOAR MOAR OMFG MOAR!!!

    • http://www.gfys.org/ yu suk

      ^ This is your average Chiver ,epic desperation.

      • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

        And we love him as he's one of us.

        – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
        — LG – twitpic.com/5q3g21

    • SmashasaurusRex

      That's my lil firecracker!

  • Slappy McGee

    Looks like fun. Fun, indeed.

    • http://www.gfys.org/ yes siree bob

      A place filled with losers who prolly went to a bar and got a chance to talk to some sluts for the 1st time in their lives. Fun ,indeed.

  • Mcfly707

    #14 That's a whole lot of douche.

    • Harbinger

      As usual, a bunch of women dressed nicely and a bunch of guys dressed like children.

    • FlyingSpagMonst

      Love the redhead.

      • http://jakeripper.blogspot.com/ Jacøb

        For real. She needs her own gallery.

    • http://TheChive.com Drewcifer

      #14 Find her!!!

    • Brian

      Crazy hotness in the middle though.

  • bettingonthecubs

    Was in Chicago till Tuesday on business before i had to fly out….so bummed i missed it. Though you couldn't have picked a hotter week to do it

  • Bud Lee

    There is A LOT more women there than I thought there would be…almost didn't recognize Dylan…you know with clothes on #33

    • observer

      yeah, i was surprised at the female turnout. some pretty girls like them some chive, man

    • Guesty

      And without the number and blindfolds….

    • http://www.gfys.org/ horse whisperer

      Come on you can always spot Dylan ,just look for a feed bag.

      • Guesty

        HAHA Awesome horse whisperer!

        You want to join my guild too?

        My mom said I could only have 4 people sleep over so I don't want to fill a spot if you need one.
        There will be s'mores I promise.

        We can look up escort chicks on craigslist and masterbate each other after she goes to bed…
        Whadda you say bro?

        • Eh?

          Ah, the guy who posts under other peoples' names is back. You were one of those kids who would just repeat everything someone said back to them, weren't you? And I bet you used "I know you are, but what am I?" plenty of times as well.

          Now I will sit back and wait for this loser to respond using "Eh?" as a name, with at least one mom joke.

          • Guesty

            It's pretty sad this imposter. I feel a little proud that he stuck with my user name for so long. must've really pissed him off. The mom stuff gets a little old quick, but what are ya gonna do, I'm sure he's a teenage fanboy that really can't think of anything remotely close to original. But yeah, you could expect an Eh? post soon.

            • Guesty



              • Red


          • Eh?

            Your mom repeats everything.

      • Guesty

        Is your silence horse whisperer a no?

        I mean it will be WAY more epic then the chive meetup! Mr. Obvious said he is coming, I have asked some others but I really want you there.

        What if I just masturbate you…I will even put a chive shirt over my face so it can be angry sex for you?


        • Eh?

          I would totally come Guesty!

          Can i be treasurer of the guild? I wont join unless I can be.

          Isn't it awesome to sit on a site that we profess our undying hate about and spout random garbage from our low functioning brains, all because we are socially awkward and unable to coexist in the real world with real people.

          Truth is we just derp through life trying to spread our misery to others in the hope of anything being worthwhile in our existence.

          I know I will never actually have friends or hell even see a real live woman naked but if this slumber party goes through maybe I can finally lose my virginity!

          Chive On Bro!

          • Eh?

            oh shit i forgot…

            Your mom blows, simply because she failed at being a parent.

            You are the # 1 example of that!

            Chive on Eh?

          • Eh?

            "all because we are socially awkward and unable to coexist in the real world with real people. "

            Says the guy having a conversation with himself using two different names.

            • Eh?

              Yea I totally won that argument…

              Self High-Five!


              forever alone.

              • truthserum

                Dear Eh?

                You don't have to ask to join our guild (I would prefer 'band of merry trolls' but a guild sounds swell too), just a couple of rules – you must not be a Chive slut worshipper like a bunch of these people are, you can't use silly nonsensical words like 'derp' in a sentence. Also, no 'mom' jokes – not because they hurt my feelings but they're just so 1990's you know and you have to be more creative than that. Ummm….what else…. can't be grossly overweight or awfully skinny (let's be honest, crazy skinny people can be pretty ugly too) ummm…..can't be too smelly, too horny, too desperate, you have to swear that you've never checked any of these girls twitter pages or told them how they make you smile, and you can't use that awful "forever alone" expression okay?

                And we don't require a treasurer – just someone who is a treasure…..and I think we found ourselves a winner!

                • truthserum

                  (and I mean the fake eh by the way)

                  • truthserum




                • Red

                  "mom jokes are so 90s"

                  try 60s(and even then they were pretty damn old). that's how out of date the chiver's sense of humor is.

                  • truthserum


            • Guesty


              • Guesty

                Actually this =======================> forever alone.

      • Guest

        You're a dickless sack of shit, horse whisperer.

        • truth

          Guest, you rock. horse whisperer should be named horse blower. that's the best pussy he can get, POS.

    • Foosbah

      a leopard-printed mare. i didn't know they bred those….

  • lawrence

    Met Chivers who came in from Kansas, Ohio, Wisconsin. John and Leo took time to have a drink with just about everybody. They must have been wasted.

  • http://www.douggoff.com Doug

    Which one is Paula?

    • Da_Boz

      #9 on the left

      • NAACP

        She did say she was going to shave her balls for it.

    • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

      I'm in 2 of the above.

      – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
      — LG – twitpic.com/5q3g21

      • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches


        • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

          Oops #23

      • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

        I just went back and looked again,I'm now thinking the ginger in #8 #20

        • Eh?

          I'm guessing the bald 40 year old behind the ginger in those two pictures.

          • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

            Ahh… the forever alone guy.You might be on to something there.

            • Dingless

              You guys are both dicks. Those are just fellow Chivers.

              • Eh?

                Dingless is definitely the bald 40 year old.

    • Beware Mamasboy

      who gives a shit?

  • Travis

    #14 is super pretty.

    • Mark

      Yay Ashton!

      • gocubsgo!

        Whatever her name is, I concur. Chivette of the week???

    • iambigd42


  • Theresa

    #11, #21

    I now understand why so many girls send half-naked girls to John, he's quite charming in real life.

    • Patches

      Yes I'm sure they can all tell how quite charming he is by his email address. lol 99.9% of the girls sending in pics don't meet him first, he's just some stranger on the internet who can promise them 15 seconds of fame.

  • Guesty

    How much did you charge this gaggle of homely looking losers to go out to a bar?

    • Coldzilla

      OK comments like that should have to include a pic of the poster πŸ˜‰

    • Mr. Obvious

      My thoughts exactly. Losers and sweet ugs. Not a looker in the bunch

    • Guesty

      obviously more then my mom gives me for allowance…

      forever alone.

    • http://twitter.com/The_Scofield_ @The_Scofield_

      Speaking of gaggle, tell you're mom I'm sorry about her throat.

      • Bookface

        I think you meant "gargle?"

      • Guesty

        Nice try bub. And roll out mom jokes, YEAH 4th grade!

        • Guesty

          I know right.

          Us 8th graders are way more adult.

          Stay strong Fake Guesty!

          • Guesty

            really? still? You commented on your own comment with a different username. truly guy, go outside. talk to real people. after 5:00 I'm away from you tards until work starts the next day. you, my friend, will be on til bedtime. but keep fighting the "good fight", oh white knight

            • Guesty


              And I think you wanted to say – your mom gets home at 5.
              That is when computer time ends for fake Guesty

    • http://twitter.com/Ambrocious @Ambrocious


  • http://www.facebook.com/btienyam Bordin Tienyam

    Freaking Awesome

  • Danielle


    I wish my family looked like that πŸ™

    • mickdeck

      If only they could be that cool

      • jesus H

        why don't you just give them a BJ already….you guys are pathetic.

    • http://www.gfys.org/ yuck

      That is one ugly family.

    • zing

      why? does your family have human sized chins?

    • Raunchy The 1st

      you wish you had a brother that looked like a dumbo-rat, and your sisters looked like Jay Leno in drag?

  • fail

    Is that Paula?

    • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Nope, but I'm in 2 photos in this set.

      – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
      — LG – twitpic.com/5q3g21

      • hugepens

        I'm going to guess the #15 and #41 ?
        the girl in the glasses?

        • http://jerseysfinest-bling.blogspot.com/ bling306


      • Fasteddy14

        You mean you were at that event and nobody took you out!?!?! And I don't mean on a date…

    • EdWood

      He's on the left.
      Amsterdam Tee.

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      no, more like #23

  • shon

    #49 oh dear god

    • Guesty

      Just remember, they are NOT attention whores, not in the slightest bit. Nope.

    • https://www.facebook.com/jason.ciotti Jason Ciotti

      Yeah there are probably more pictures of this that should be posted.

      • Guesty

        What I ment to say was –

        Obviously Just remember, they are NOT attention whores, not in the slightest bit, nope not like me who has to post comments under every post professing my hate of the chive and chivettes, yet I CANNOT stop…

        Nope not at all as much of an attention whore as I am.

        help me.

        • Guesty

          I love the fact you have such a hard on for me. You want my # or something? Hang out a little?

          • b cup chivette

            Know how I know you're gay?

            • Guesty

              original and clever. regular ol' chiver here huh?

            • truthserum

              Get larger breasts or leave us be flatty mcflat.

              Now, if you were the girl in #49 – THEN I would compliment those beautiful breasts and ask for MOAR.

            • Foosbah

              come on lady, show come class…..

              • Patches

                Hooray for barsexuals! Always classy

    • Bookface

      I have the most explainable boner right now.

  • Miller

    #27 HOVER HAND

    • Travis

      I think that was the joke

  • jakubwrobel

    #49 looks like hell of a great time. Can't believe I couldn't go to this πŸ™

    • jmc

      @Sarahlonglegs ?

    • bob

      is that the ecudaorian chick?

      • http://twitter.com/svp318 @svp318

        sorry to disappoint, but the Ecuadorian is actually the dude, which is me =)

        The girl is Sarah Hill

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