Love or hate it, the Cadillac Ciel will turn heads (16 HQ Photos)

  • Tdiddlle

    #15 has me ready to buy.. I had to search on #5, wild looking seat belt. Even if the car sucks at least Cadillac came up with a seat belt towel hybrid. We've been waiting on that one.

  • yoyo

    so how do you drive it in the rain

    • equalizermax

      You have to carry an umbrella

    • Eddie

      Um, the convertible top goes up? Duh.

  • Norm

    Nice does the girl come with it?

  • yeshi

    do want. need money.

  • Floscar

    Is this what took, over for the Cadillac 16? Does it also have 16 cylinders?

    • Rick

      it has a twin-turbo 3.6L V-6, it's not the Cien but probably more practical for making store front (still a concept)

  • davey

    what does it cost?

    • GRadde

      Have a guess. …no, it's more than that. Try a dollar sign followed by a figure 8 lying on its side.

  • PursuingGreatness

    Love the car hope it’s not overpriced this would definitely be something I would purchase

    • GRadde

      It's a Cadillac concept car. It's beyond overpriced.

  • texjosh

    Coming Soon to a rap video near you!

  • huzrdaddy

    anyone else think that looks like Jay Leno's Eco jet car?

  • Jill


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