Marines told to stop offending Afghan soldiers by "farting", my response: hot girl bad ass Marine fireworks (74 Photos)

  • Todd

    #1 #6 #18 #59 #67 possibly the most unique way a compliment has ever been given and thank you Marines

  • NeoDra

    that's the family and army

    • USMC8654Justice

      that is a Marine not Army.

    • sweet baby jesus

      definitely marines

  • Sko

    Mmmmmm, I love all-natural beauties like this one

    • Purist

      The only thing natural about her is the cotton in her shirt.

      • Sko

        Apparently, people don't understand sarcasm.

        • Bullets

          apparently, people dont understand that you cant convey vocal inflection via text

    • airforce guy

      who is that?

  • Dan

    And yet again: "Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly."

  • Dan

    If you include the word "Is..lam" in your post, it will await moderation. I suspect it's the same with "ji..hadi", as I used that word yesterday.

    • Fasteddy14

      Yeah, add mu…slim to that list…

  • davey

    Oh, u can bleed for us but not pass gas with us. Nice.

    I would rather smell a fart than smell a rotten corpse of a young child shot dead by thugs protecting the drug trade.

    • Dan

      You obviously have your priorities wrong! (sarcasm)

  • German

    #74 this picture is a heart breaker, I salute these guys for serving our country with there lives

    • Thinkforyourself

      And what are they fighting for exactly…if you can give me an un complicated answer that's not an insult or semper fi I will drop it.

  • Bumman

    1-thank you to all the farting Service Men & women around the world!
    2-these women can fart around me anytime they want.

  • matador

    semper fi

  • Zach D.

    #15 #17 #19 are so sexy. #73 is for the douche bag who posted above me (R2K).

  • Joey

    Fuck off troll. Hey Administrator, wake up and wipe this crap out of your crack already.

    • Alex

      I thought freedom of speech was an american thing…and you want them to censor this?

  • randy

    being a former marine who served in iraq, i learned to take comments like R2K's on the chin. Some ppls ignorance cant be measured. If you want to make a service members day just tell them thank you. it doesnt get said enough. semper fi.

    • Wally

      "Taking it on the chin" is putting it lightly. Perhaps the Afghans would prefer to have the Taliban back? God Bless all servicemen trying to make life better for the World's oppressed.

    • guielmo

      or maybe people who lived there their whole life now better than you what is best for them?
      …just a tought…

      • ssstoopid

        Maybe they know the same thing but don't have the ability to stand up.

    • Dutch

      Thank YOU!

  • Bill57

    WHAT? Afgans don't fart? well maybe they ooz

  • Wally

    All the pics of the servicemen are inspirational. Forgive me for also being safe at home, drawing inspiration from #2.

    • vmax

      I second that: #2 = WOW!

  • mikeraw

    #8 Nicaragua! Nicaragua! Nicaragua!

  • Max

    Nobody thought it may be a simple matter of culture and belief, and that the polite thing to do when you go in another country is to try to fit in? Just saying… It's not like it's difficult to avoid farting loudly in public.

    • pufffdragon

      The soldiers are in a country where beheading and stoning people to death is more acceptable and less offensive than a fart.
      Get real dude.

      • Alex

        You are from a country where death penalty is acceptable as well…not by beheading and stoning, but it's still killing people for their crimes…

      • Max

        … and where a nipple slip on TV is censored and requires the artist to apologize, almost like he committed a crime. Every countries have their own set of rules, and, IMHO, it's not your role to decide if these rules are better than yours.

        • Max

          By the way, go #2!

  • Alex

    This post would be perfect without the stupid u.s. marines…

    • guielmo


      • Firefighter23

        Hey Buddy,
        Fuck you

    • 4everDistracted

      …and the world would be better without stupid Alex

    • Alex's Lost Brain

      Yeah! Who would have guessed a site called The Brigade might have pics of Marines?

    • Red White and Blue

      So then GET THE FUCK OUT!

  • NebraskaGuy

    Bill Finegan – knock it off!
    #2 – Beautiful – thank you, Brigade!

  • guielmo

    that's true!

  • Dan

    How about man to man, face to face.

  • pufffdragon

    Are you sure you didn't miss any there Bill?

    • Bill Finegan

      It isn't my list. It was compiled by "USMC Beirut Vet" He posted it as comment #18 on the Marine Corps Times piece.
      My point is simple. We should be careful when we ask things of our military. We ask our young men and women to sacrifice their lives while they defend our freedom AND THEY DO IT. We ask them to live in holes in the ground and eat MREs AND THEY DO IT. We ask them to work 18 hours a day away from home for months at a time AND THEY DO IT. We ask them to give up drinking beer and cursing because it might offend someone AND THEY DO IT. We ask them to see things and do things that we cant imagine- and they will never be able to forget AND THEY DO IT. We ask them to watch their friends die and go back to work without any time to grieve AND THEY DO IT.

      We ask them to give up their lives, thier liberties and their happiness. We should never ask them to give up their humanity.

      Semper Fi

      • pufffdragon

        Chill the fuck out Bill. Have a beer or two bud.

      • http://Chive Richardcranium1234

        Yeah and our weak ass gov is the reason the family of the shithead who blew up the building in beruit live in the united states and still send money to terrorists organizations to this day.

  • Rabbit

    #5 oh yeah!

  • Kaldar

    #2 and #18 WOW! FIND! NOW!

    • Kaldar

      LOL, #19 I meant

  • P90

    #12 FTW (TMNT pants)

  • Mandeep Singh

    I really don’t understand to mix up respectable soldiers pics with this Internet half naked girls?

    I don’t know this is Salute to them or disrespectful?

    • Rick

      This is absolutely a salute! Morals and values are different in every part of the world. America is the land of the free home of the brave. Free to post half naked women along side our brave soldiers (god bless and keep all of them safe).

      • patov40

        'Merica!! B)

        • Rick

          I understand that serious photos such as #68 through #74 don't belong in the same place as a bunch of hot girls but it's my best attempt at putting eyes out-side the military on an issue that is b.s. The whole point of the post is #73 but sometimes you have to take an interesting path to get there.
          btw this is "Rick" the person that makes everything you see on the site (not original comment Rick)

          • Stim

            Why would they thank us? They didn't ask to be invaded, bombed or have civilians killed. We are pissed about 3,000 civilians being killed 10 years later. That is just a drop in the bucket of civilians killed by us.

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