• Bill57

    NICE! thanks for the ride, loved it

  • Nirun

    Explore on Flickr is pure nonsense. I reenltcy saw a photo that had SIX views, ZERO faves and ZERO comments make it into Explore. OTOH, I have an image with 15000+ views and it never made Explore. The algorithm is sheer fiction. Explore is prolly no more than a flunky intern sitting at a desk picking out random photos every few minutes and adding them to the list. I mean, have you ever looked at some of the junk that makes Explore?Don’t get me wrong, I love Flickr. I visit every day, upload photos, fave photos, participate in groups and other activities. Flickr is GREAT! However, I put ZERO belief or reliance on Explore.BTW, feel free to drop by my Flickr page and drop me a comment when your purposed inclusion in Explore is successful.

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