Not Cool, Best Buy (1 Photo)

As hurricane Irene bears down on the Jersey Shore, the Best Buy in Howell, NJ has taken it upon themselves sell cases of Dasani water for $40.56. One of the DJs for New Jersey 101.5 just sent this photo to theCHIVE.

At a time when it’s so important for these seaside communities to come together to help each other out (maybe even lower the price on water, eh), it’s disappointing to see a massive corporation like Best Buy not only assume zero social responsibility, but also go the extra mile to make a buck by selling bulk cases of water at the single bottle price during an emergency.

So I put it to you, Chivers. Is this ethical?

UPDATE: I just called Best Buy and spoke to one employee and a manager to confirm the photo. Both refused to answer my questions and told me I had to call corporate offices. My response was, ‘All you have to do is deny that you are doing this. It’s that simple.’
Neither party denied it. Instead I was rudely directed to corporate and then they hung up on me.

UPDATE #2: The manager of the Best Buy has responded and said, “… Sunday August 28th 2011, we will (be) price matching any local supermarket’s price for cases of water if they are needed for one day only as a gesture of good will.”

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  • Buster

    did anyone NOT expect something like this from Best Buy?

    • chubby

      jacking prices up like this is actually good. outlying communities with surplus water will see an economic benefit to shipping their surplus water, or any other commodity for that matter, to these areas. This will flood the market with bottled water, and thus drive the cost back down, while simultaneously increasing the needed supply.

      best buy is doing this area a favor.

      • Ross

        Chubby is exactly right. It is textbook economics. It will also keep people from hording water, which is a huge benefit. It will also keep Best Buy open and able to sell water when it might have otherwise closed down (because of the much higher risk).

        • asdfqwer

          it will just make people loot the best buy… FREE WATER (and video games) FOR ALL MY MEN!!!

          • _bigdeal

            we will quench the thirst of many fighters!! *roar from crowd with rifles held overhead*

            • Time to take a nap.

              Wait a minute, if Best Buy normally sells 1 bottle of water for $1.69, then what would the price for 24 bottles be? Lets see….. 24 X $1.69 = $40.56. So if they're charging regular price for it, exactly what is the problem here?

        • hMMMM

          you two fucking jackasses…in a time of crisis, we should be helping each other out (maybe a DISCOUNT on water instead?) instead of trying to benefit and EXTORT from our fellow humans.

      • its_forge

        You… realize your idiotic libertarian nonsense doesn't actually work in the physical universe, right?

        • Pwithc

          don't pin this on the libertarian. Chubby is retarded, regardless of his political affiliation.

          • its_forge

            'Kay sorry most libertarians!

            • Jen

              is that like a librarian?

        • Brett

          You realize your idiotic socialism/collectivism doesn't actually work in the real world, right? Socialist countries like Greece, Ireland, Britain…. going tits up. Countries with relatively free market systems like Germany and Chili showing growth despite the general economic depression the world is experiencing.

          What is telling is that you don't actually counter "Chubby's" argument with logic or facts, you just insult him (her?).

          • ebits21

            … and the U.S. is doing peachy, right?

          • its_forge

            The economic situations in Europe aren't because they're socialist, it's because their banks were doing the same thing the banks in the US were doing – making shitty bets on packages of shitty mortgages bundled up and sold as securities so the people selling them could bet they'd fail. Worldwide economic failure has absolutely jack to do with social programs and everything to do with rampant blind ignorant fucking free-market capitalism, people using other people's money to make insane bets, losing it all and then begging for AND GETTING enormous bailouts from taxpayers. Hey, private industry getting money from taxpayers… that sounds a lot like… SOCIALISM OMG IT'S CORPORATE SOCIALISM THAT'S WHAT IT IS OMG OMG. When asked the simple question "Would you want to keep the social medicine you have now or move to the US and live with their health care system?" people world wide resoundingly cried FUCK YOU I'M KEEPING MY SOCIAL MEDICINE. Nobody wants our shit because our shit SUCKS.

            • ebits21

              Spot on

            • Carlitos

              [insert something that sounds smart that I could have come up with on my own if I would of gone to college]

              • ebits21

                Yeah, education does that. Allows you to come up with stuff on your own.

              • Eh?

                *would HAVE, not "would of."

                You probably should have gone to college so you wouldn't sound like a dumbass.

          • its_forge

            Oh and Germany and Chile are showing growth because their "austerity" packages INCLUDED MASSIVE TAX HIKES. But monkeys will fly out of my ass before any of you idiots recognize THAT.

          • Michael Bluth


      • Smitty

        Bullshit. Price gouging is Illegal. In the days following 9/11 and the post-Katrina Atlanta gas panic, many gas stations got caught gouging and heads rolled for it.

        I hope you got names and remembered the store(s) you called. They way they treated you on the phone will get several people fired and Best Buy corporate will end up facing fines. Big fines and the public backlash.

        • Capitalsfan74

          Unfortunately this is not price-gouging. They are selling the pack at the price of 24 individual water bottles, which is legal. It is horrifically unethical, but it doesn't violate any federal price-gouging or anti-trust laws.

          • hMMMM

            water at ball games is $5…that's even worse. That's $120/case.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=623886367 Michael Alen Pugh

        that makes as much sense as saying the world is flat…

      • CodeName

        What Chubby and Ross seem not to realize is the "textbook" economics they are attempting to apply to this situation is inappropriate. The demand and supply shifts you are referring to are applicable to a normally functioning economy, NOT an actual or even perceived emergency/disaster. The impact of such a situation skews all normal economic forces.

    • Cat

      Managers email: Michael.Rubino@bestbuy.com
      Phone number: 732-363-5269

      Give him a call and see if you are treated as rudely as I was.

      • Kud

        I think I would be stressed out too if a bunch of people around the world were calling my store about something that's just a misunderstanding. The regular price of one bottle of Dasani water is $1.69 at Best Buy. $1.69 x 24= $40.56. Does that number look familiar? Some "genius" worker there just decided he was being clever by multiplying the price of a bottle of water that's normally stocked in the fridge by 24 so people could buy it by the case and they wouldn't have to open it up and properly stock it. Don't forget it's just regular people working there.

        • Kud

          Looking back over the info, it's possible that it really could just be the regular 24 packs with raised prices. Unfortunately, I don't know if it's a 24 pack or bottles for individual sale that were never broken apart or something. If it was a 24 pack that they drastically increased the price on though, I suppose there really isn't much defense.

          • Rob

            You can tell it's not a retail 24 pack, the top is only clear plastic, a retail pack has the logo and design on it.

            • its_forge

              That's not a good indicator, the cases I got for *years* only had a clear cover on them.

        • Capitalsfan74

          I could get a 24 pack of Dasani water bottles at a gas station for $6.99. What they are doing is legal, but still fucked up, especially at a time of crisis. If "regular people" want to take advantage of the vulnerable masses, then I don't want to live in this country anymore.

          • Victor

            It's not "fucked up." As a company, they have to maintain all the price levels nationwide. No one can have it cheaper. Best Buy doesn't sell by the pack, they sell by the bottle. In no way is it fucked up because they have to keep it fair for everyone. Get over yourself.

            • Guy Fawkes

              Equally unfair to everyone is fairness in your book? I see prices in Wal-Mart and Target that are wildly different from store to store, they don't give a rat's backside about price fairness between stores.

              • Victor

                It's a policy that they have to abide by. They can't up and change their policy all of a sudden, so yes, it is unfair. Target and Walmart are different companies then Best Buy, they don't have a policy like that. So yes, it is a matter of fairness for them.

    • Anyone

      Not gonna lie, I would do the exact same thing. Most people would, don't overestimate the morality of men.

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        Which is why you would get shot or beaten as people started to loot your store. Don't overestimate the morality of men.

        • Anyone

          Thanks for emphasizing my point!

        • Victor

          You do know as a company, they have to maintain all the price levels nationwide. No one can have it cheaper. Best Buy doesn't sell by the pack, they sell by the bottle. In no way are they being unfair because they have to keep it fair for everyone.

          • Lowrent75

            No they don't.. That is fairly idiotic. They have the ability to change prices at store level…ALL the time…Ever heard of the 'managers special'?

            • Victor

              …no they can't, not anymore…get with the times, sir.

          • Stan

            Yeah, because the whole fucking country had a hurricane, you morons!

            • Brittney

              HAR HAR HAR. Fucking hilarious. I was just saying that they can't change their policy in an instant, that means all the people they've been turning away recently for "price changes" (myself included), would be upset because they didn't get their dollars back. Obviously, not everyone would be, but the company would still get backlash.

              • Brittney


              • hMMMM

                but they did manage to bring the cases (that they don't normally sell) all out to the front of the store, then make a sign for it. They were doing people favors? The fuck outta here….

                • Victor

                  Sigh…this is not the point. They just didn't take it out of the case. There is no pack of water in their systems, so it's not like they can just create a new product in the system at the store level. Plus, it's not like someone couldn't say, "Oh, I just want one bottle of water from that pack." Also, I don't know if you could tell, but those aren't official signs. Some person just wrote out how much it would cost if you had bought all 24 water bottles. Good day.

            • Victor



      Screw this! I'm going to go back and look at hot girls in the middle of nowhere.

    • Kud

      My understanding is that Best Buy only sells water individually and not by the case. I'm guessing some "genius" decided to multiply the price of a bottle of water times 24 so people would know how much it would be for their "convenience." I don't think they were really trying to price gouge, it was just an idiot who made the sign who thought he was being clever.

    • saltygary

      There are 2 different types of people, Boners and people that are cool. This manager isn't the type of person that can get his head out of his ass to do the right thing so he did the boner move with that price. Any cool guy would of passed a free bottle out to anyone that walked in. It's fucking water not a TV.

      • Brett

        Yes, it's water. Something that is necessary for life. The TV is not. If he passed out free water to everyone he would soon be out of water. Then, people who needed water would die. Good on you for wanting people to die.

      • Victor

        But it's not his water to give out. He can't give it out otherwise it all has to come out of his pocket. Fucking duh.

        • saltygary

          So, you're a boner.

          • Victor

            Haven't you heard? It's all the rage!
            How would that make me a boner anyways? Because I'm stating the truth? That's cool, man.

    • RGH

      Wow. Look at the Chive using the Internets for good!

    • Cyberfunker

      I bet you the manager at that Best Buy is freeking Paula…

    • gsa

      I dunno – I'm shure they will print a manufacturer's mail-in rebate on the receipt at the register. Just make sure you DON'T buy the extended warranty – 'cause that's a SCAM!!!! :-/

    • Wow chive....

      Any argument that they are trying to make extra money is pretty much void when you look at the simple fact that a lot of their items sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Yea, that 40$ is going to line their pockets really well.

      The problem here is that Chive posted a story based almost entirely on opinion rather than on facts. Calling out ethics and morality BEFORE you even got more information, which you didn't fucking get.

      And why didn't you get information? What credentials do you have Chive? You take/post pictures of hot chicks, black borders, and memes? Of course they aren't going to answer you, nor should they whether that can or not. Cause every employee should know the inner workings of corporate pricing right?

      So now you are using your fucking internet tit fame to cut down the employees of this best buy when IT MIGHT NOT EVEN BE THEIR FAULT or malicious in any way, just because you want more fucking attention and your ideals to be heard. You have probably caused nothing good from this whatsoever, so what's your endgame here?

      Go make a news site, cause clearly you are no longer about a good time.

      • xos2


      • Ha.Ha.

        you must be the manager

  • Jennifer

    I live a couple miles from the shore. my grandparents refuse to evacuate. other stores are doing this too. I have very little money and I'm trying to help the best i can. Thanks to the chive for posting this, maybe some people will perk up and spread the word about this injustice

    • notanidiot

      It's called supply and demand. If it was normal price it would be sold out when you get there, now you at least have the option if you want it enough.

      • http://www.facebook.com/matthewharrak Matt Harrak

        you can post this ignorant comment as much as you want but I'm sure the manager will be second guessing his human decency when karma is nice enough flood his home and place of employment

        • Hotsauce101

          The problem is that it's not ignorant. In fact it is completely accurate.

          The fact is, Capitalism is NOT a socially responsible economic system. It is a system built on exploitation.

          Only through market regulation do we get rid of garbage like this.

          • _bigdeal

            this isnt capitalism, this is called "fucking assholes" please take your fucking liberal bullshit somewhere else hotsauce. who the fuck in their right minds would call this "capitalism"?? thats like saying the current president is doing a good job.
            but seriously, capitalism is what makes this country run. not selling fucking..what is that 2 -3 gallons of water for 40 dollars.
            but your right, i guess we should give everything (normal priced items) away for free.

            i work at a huge company many times bigger (and many times scummier) than best buy but fuck! even there, theres multi emails that went out from the big big bosses saying HELP OUR CUSTOMERS! BE SYMPATHETIC! HELP THEM!

            they will be driven out of business, you dont fuck with the customer base.

            • Hotsauce101

              Anyone IN their right minds would call this capitalism.

              Demand grows to at a huge rate, supply stays the same or goes down. Prices rise as a result.

              It is textbook, basic capitalism. Take your idiotic belief that this is something other than capitalism at its worst elsewhere and stop being blind to REALITY.

              We call it price gouging because we SHOULD be belittling the practice, but make no mistake, this is how capitalism works when it isn't regulated.

            • ebits21

              Yep, definitely capitalism… I don't see how you can say it isn't (unless, of course, you have no clue what "capitalism" means).

            • Sploooge

              They hire kids where you work?

          • jodark

            The problem is that you're an idiot and know nothing about economics. Price gouging ensures that everyone doesn't buy more than they really need and actually provides a better distribution of emergency supplies during a crisis.

            What good does bottled water do anyone if some person comes and buys 40 cases if they only cost $1 a package? Now, if those cases cost $10, then they can only buy 4, leaving 36 packages for other people to buy.

            • andy

              then you can set limits to one per customer or otherwise and not ream people for the price or bottled tapwater that people need to stay hydrated and survive

            • Hotsauce101

              Obviously pricing something higher will control a more limited supply. That's a given due to supply/demand.

              But ignoring the fundamental fact that it is also extremely unethical in times of crisis won't win you many fans…

              Yes, economics work like they are supposed to sometimes, and it also shows us why pure capitalist economics = douchey.

            • AO1JMM

              What about the person without 10$, now they cannot get any water in a emergency situation. See the problem? Who cares about econ 101 here. This is unethical on all levels.

      • The Law

        It's called price gouging and it's illegal.

        • Killer Whale

          not to mention immoral.

        • Price Gouging

          The range of the allowed percentage limit is anywhere from ten percent (10%) above pre-emergency prices to twenty-five percent (25%) above pre-emergency prices.
          Walgreen's sells a 24 pack of Desani – regular price at $9.99
          So, if Best Buy is selling at $40.56 they are jacking up the cost 406%
          I get the argument that they are selling the 24 pack at single bottle prices. but once they sell it in bulk, they should price it for bulk cost.
          Textbook Price Gouging.

          • Capitalsfan74

            There is no law (federal or state) that forces goods sold in bulk to be sold at a "bulk price."

          • jodark

            And textbook price gouging saves lives.

      • Semper_I

        You are a complete idiot

      • https://www.facebook.com/cnegretti Chris Negretti

        People like you are are exactly the type who ruin capitalism and the free market. Seriously.

      • Matt

        That's why food lion and harris Teeter are giving water away for free. They know that by helping people they will make a lot more money in the long run.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000065552192 Seth Schueler

      I am truly disappointed in the ignorance of chivers, for some reason I thought they were smarter than this. The role of prices is to properly allocate SCARCE resources in a world of scarcity. Obviously water is in shortage in that location, so price plays the role of rationing the item to those who feel like they need it most and are willing to pay up for it. Actually think about this instead of just having a knee-jerk response of anger. If there was hypothetically only a few bottles of water remaining and the price remained low it would be purchased by people that only casually needed it, and lets say someone was dieing of thirst but it was sold out because the person that only casually wanted it bought it cheaply. Had the price been $100 only a person dieing of thirst would get it as it should be and thus the high price ensured that the scarce resource went to the person that actually needed it.

      • Dak

        And what if the person that really need it can afford buying it ? You let him die of thirst ? You might be well informed about economy but not so much about equity and humanity sir.

        • reepthabenefits

          People that are poor should go buy some iodine tablets. For $7 they can treat over 6 gallons of water. No one "needs" bottled water. It is a luxury item. It is not a matter of equity or humanity. That's like saying filet mignon should be the same price as flank steak in a crisis.

          • https://www.facebook.com/cnegretti Chris Negretti

            So if your iodine solution (hehe) is much more economical choice…. why don't we just have trucks with treated water instead of all the disaster release people handing out cases of water? I see your point on the iodine, not sure of the details of how simple it really is or the possible issues with it.

            Also iodine might just kill bacteria etc, how do you deal with a non-biological containment? Chemicals? Solid particles? So now they have to buy a filtration system too…. ahh.. how much is that?

          • https://www.facebook.com/cnegretti Chris Negretti

            Oh yes also, what if their primary source of water is salt water? Shall we find portable desalination plants as well? So… tell me… you still think nobody "needs" bottled water? Seems more of a need then a "luxury item" in a time of a disaster.

            What about a japan similar disaster here? Do you suggest people drink iodine treated radioactive water?

        • jodark

          <div id="idc-comment-msg-div-187466958" class="idc-message"><a class="idc-close" title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(187466958)"><span>Close Message</span> Comment posted. <p class="idc-nomargin"><a style="text-decoration: none;" class="idc-share-facebook" href="http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fthechive.com%2F2011%2F08%2F27%2Fnot-cool-best-buy-1-hq-photo%2F#IDComment187466958&t=I%20just%20commented%20on%20Not%20Cool%2C%20Best%20Buy%20(1%20Photo)%20%3A%20theCHIVE&quot; target="_new"><span class="idc-share-inner"><span>Share on Facebook</span></span> or <a href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(187466958)">Close Message Where is your fucking "equity" and "humanity" if there IS NO water to be purchased?

      • Dromichaete

        1. BestBuy does not sell this by bulk, only by bottle in a fridge maybe – is obvious by the price that somebody thought about making 'a few bucks'.
        2. Pricing functions in a regular market, gouging is illegal, immoral and usually calls for justice.
        3. The fact that you are defending this "capitalist/entrepreneur" taking this "opportunity" makes me say GTFO the Chive.

        • Brahma

          1- The price is the exact same as what they charge per bottle in the case.

          2- They aren't doing anything but selling at their everyday price.

          3- You GTFO

          • Kud

            I agree. Who would think that some Best Buy peon would decide to price gouge? It's just regular people working there who don't make any extra money for selling overpriced water. Some idiot just decided to conveniently tell people how much it would be if you bought 24 of those waters they sell at the fridges at the registers. "Wow, one handmade sign and I won't have to open these packages of water and stock them in the fridges! I'm a genius!"

          • Bill57

            that would be true IF you were given the choice of being able to buy a single bottel.. Apparently they are NOT giving the consumer the choice so therefore it is taking advantage of the situation. If not illegal, it IS IMMORAL

      • Seth is an Asshole

        dieing? Clearly you meant Dying. When in times of civil urgency it is illegal to jack up prices so that a corporation or individual can profit on the misfortune of others. Just wait until you are in a natural disaster and you would like basic necessities. When you are forced to pay $100 for a bottle of water or $100 for a gallon of gasoline, how about $1000 for medicine? If you were on the side trying to get these goods, you would be singing a different tune.

        Wait until Las Vegas runs out of water and then come talk to us.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000065552192 Seth Schueler

          Lol, Vegas water is from Colorado River, and there is no reason to think it will stop flowing.

          ps. I don't really proofread chive posts.

          • Chiver

            Troll's gonna Troll

          • HANK

            Okay but if you are going to call out everyone on the web as being "not smart" you should at the very least know how to spell. Jackass

      • Kud

        My goodness, this is stupidity by going too far in the other direction. I'm not sure why people think Best Buy is purposely trying to price gouge to make tons of money off the disaster. I'm also confused by Seth's assertion that again, they are purposefully raising their prices (but this time to conserve resources for those who need it).

        Have people forgotten that it's regular people that work there? Your boss wants you to stock ALL your water somewhere (the water that's sold individually in the fridges by the registers). You think "gee that's a lot of work." At this point I think different people would do different things, but I believe that whoever set up those signs thought he was being super clever by multiplying the price by 24 ($1.69 x 24 = $40.56) so that people would know how much it would be to get a whole case worth of water. Then he just dumped them on the floor so he wouldn't have to remove them from the case.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000065552192 Seth Schueler

          you bring up a valid point about the employees, but my post was in response to the general anger at "gouging".

          • _bigdeal

            ~~~bottom fucking line: i know some little crybaby will jump on me for saying it and type out the textbook definition BUT!!!! this isnt an example of capitalism. those prices are fucking retarded.

            whatever MORON, thinks this is a good example of supply and demand is clearly just that. a fucking moron. i dont give a fuck if you can sit there and argue it out and make some kind of gay rational point. if your saying its ok/normal/fair or to be expected in some way, your a piece of shit human end of fucking story.

            whoever says its ok on here would be the kind of person to loan someone 1000.00 with a 50% interest rate. theres usury laws, why no law for this shit ???? same thing.

            and on a basic animal note i guess you could call it, whoever is saying it hasnt experienced thirst in a way where youll drink even what you know is filthy water. i kind of did ONE TIME, -and to be fair, it was my own dumbass fault and in no way can i compare that experience w someone in the midst of a disaster or to someone in a 3rd world country- it was fucking horrible.

            • ebits21

              Oh no! Not a gay rational point! BEING RATIONAL NEVER WORKS!

            • Tim

              I wont call you a cry baby, but you definitely have a child like view of how the world works.

          • Lowrent75

            Hey dude…That is gouging. It is illegal as fuck. It should not be done. Those who do should be shot in the street as a message. That is all.

        • Capitalsfan74

          Regular people don't take advantage of the vulnerable masses at a time of crisis. It's not "genius" it's fucked up.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000065552192 Seth Schueler

            rationing a scarce resource is not taking advantage of anyone, it's called being smart.

            • Capitalsfan74

              You really think that Best Buy is rationing water? That is sheer ignorance. This isn't Texas or Arizona. If water is so fucking scarce, then why aren't other stores jacking up the prices too? That's right, they aren't. I'm less than 100 miles away from Jersey in Baltimore, and we're getting shit on by the hurricane as I type. I can still.drive down to a Giant or a gas station and get a case of Dasani for $6.99. There is no excuse, stop defending the indefensible.

            • AO1JMM

              and immoral and unethical……

      • conrad

        Bottled water is not scarce in this situation, so your examples are foolish.

    • Stan_Dalone


  • pete

    why the .56 ? i mean, just go $40 even at that point.

    • Mr. KnowItAll

      Because all they did is multiply the price they charge per bottle by 24.

    • LG_

      Because it goes hand-in-hand with being illogical and prick'ish.

      • Victor

        How is it prickish if they're simply charging by the bottle? They can't charge for it as a pack because the company doesn't sell it like that. They HAVE to charge for each bottle because that's how the pricing system works. It's not like the store can just do whatever the fuck they want.

    • Dolfan0925

      Why not just get a glass of water from the tap? It's barely a hurricane at all.

    • Paul

      Where does it say the store name? I dont see BEST BUY anywhere…

  • Ben

    Isn't price gouging illegal?

    • reepthabenefits

      They are selling it at the single bottle price. Technically, no gouging.

      • Ezee

        In Florida, due to the anti gouging laws, people did not bring generators into the state, because the normal price would not have covered the extra costs of shipping. So while we were without power, generators sat in warehouses unused. I am so happy the govern,net was there to 'protect' us.

        Every time people wanted to come in with shipments, they had to take losses, so our supply was cut to nothing.

        Shops that sold at regular prices quickly ran out of products because there was all demand and no supply, with no subsequent rise in price.

        But people, being morons, make posts like these without any knowledge about how economics works.

        • Rukus

          Idiot. The anti-gouging law in Florida was put into place after Andrew due to out of state (and many in state) 'entrepreneurs' were selling generators and post-storm supplies for 5 to 10 times their store price. If Andrew, Wilma, Ivan, and Charley weren't enough to make you prepare in advance, then Darwin should take you firmly in hand.

          Economics is one thing. Gouging and essentially performing wallet rape on people who may have just lost everything is quite another.

          • Ezee

            This was for charlie, and so if people don't prepare, then there will be nothing for them due to compassionate anti-gouging laws.

            Hotels also got full too quickly because they could not raise their rates. Families, insteadnof renting one room, rented three. Others then had no place to go.

            After the hurricane, people ran out of water, because others stockpiled due to low prices.

            You are the idiot…and I can imagine that if you are in that situation, you will scream, 'but I didn't know!' and your compassionate laws may kill you. Many people would have loved to have been gouged, but they couldn't be. There was no option because of these laws.

            • Rukus

              No, you are most definitely the idiot. The amount prices were raised after Andrew and Wilma had nothing to do with conserving hotel rooms and necessities like water. It was bottom line greed and preying on those with few options in an emergency situation. Hotels could handle emergency situations quite differently without raising prices as could store limiting quantities per person sales. All without raising prices. All you are advocating is taking advantage of those in need and punishing lower income groups.

              • Ezee

                Great – then let's see what happens when the hurricanes or other disasters come around and anti gouging laws prevent goods from coming in. Then 'intelligent' people like you will scream greed, because no one wants to take care of you, and you will have to wait on the government.

                Oh, and I live in Orlando, do stop being an asshole and telling me what happened at hotels. Dick Brain.

                • chris

                  I can tell you, childish name calling aside, that this is an argument worth having. I've worked in home improvement retail for many years. Higher prices on supply is what prevents someone from coming up and saying "give me all your supply of water". A higher price means no one will purchase any more than they need to survive.

                  Its too bad you debased your argument by referring to all people who didnt share your opinion as "idiots" and "dickbrains". Consider not doing that in the future.

                • Rukus

                  Very intellectual response. I live in what was the 'red zone' for Andrew and I worked in the hotel industry for 10 years. There are several methods outside of raising prices to control inventory and supply, even for commodities like hotel/motel rooms. I can probably tell you whatever I want since Orlando is hardly disaster central (except for the city itself).

                  • Mr ROFL

                    Da fuq did I just read

        • Jstone

          Quit depending on the "govern'net" as you spell it, to protect and take care of you. If you want to live there, be ready for a hurricane on your own damn dime. You know the risks, quit asking for handouts and take care of your damn self.

    • not an idiot

      It's called supply and demand. If it was normal price it would be sold out when you get there, now you at least have the option if you want it enough.

      • No Problem here...

        Amen! Finally some sense. Thanks for that bit of sanity…

      • Yes youre an idiot

        They could put a limit on how much water you can buy per person, that way everybody has a chance to have water. And i they had a chance to get more supplies before the hurricane, that wouldve been the smart and socially responsable move.

        • Jay

          Then again, if the water is THAT important, then they (BestBuy) could just keep it for themselves and avoid being blasted for pricing the water at a price that at least 1 person is willing to pay. That might be better. It's not up to them to be responsible for someone else. Sounds like others should have made sure they had water further in advance…. (shrug)

      • yea you an idiot

        supply and demand? are you fucking kidding me? this is fucked up and you try and defend them? people like you and the person at best buy make me sick.

        • Zac

          It's not price gouging, They are charging $1.69 for a bottle of water but instead of selling them individually they multiplied by 24 (how many bottles are in the case) and are selling the whole case.

          • its_forge

            Who the fuck DOES that in retail? Nobody, that's who. You don't ever, ever charge the per-container price for a case of something.

            • Brahma

              When you sell whats in the case by the piece, yeah you do. If you go to Home Depot to by a case of tile, its the exact same price if you opened the box and took out the same quantity of tile.

              • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

                Unfortunately for you fine gentlemen and ladies arguing that this is not price gouging, that it's perfectly ethical, etc. I ask have you ever bothered reading all that fancy writing on your pack of bottled water, or giant bag of little bags of chips? Most say not for individual sale. Now if this was some dude sitting in his van, or what not, you might have a legitimate point of view. It'd be comparable to a scalper selling tickets outside a concert. This is a store… not even some little general store owned by an old man with a sick wife and he's charging these high rates because he has nothing left in his back pocket if the store is destroyed, but a big corporation store that is shanghaiing its costumers… If the though there was going to be an increased demand then why didn't these places order extra supplies? They are readily available for these Big Corporations, and it's not like this was a surprise earthquake… They had plenty of time. That is why it's wrong… They are taking advantage of those who are in a crisis.

                • Brahma

                  Those bottles of water DO say "For Individual Sale" because thats the only way Best Buy sells water.

                  • steven

                    don't call me shirley

                • ebits21

                  Right… ever heard of a vending machine? Ever go to any fast food places where they sell drinks PER BOTTLE. Have you EVERRR been in a best buy and seen the INDIVIDUALLY SOLD BOTTLES!!!

                  • https://www.facebook.com/cnegretti Chris Negretti

                    Can you grasp the concept of exceptional circumstances? Or is all you think about is defending a corporation who will never give a crap about you.

                    • ebits21

                      As many people have mentioned. Reducing prices doesn't help in an emergency where resources are scarce. All it does is promote hoarding.

                      In this case, they're selling water at their normal price, which is fair. Reducing prices for the few cases of water bestbuy has in stock would be stupid.

                      My ONLY point with that last post was to say that bottles are indeed sold individually in many establishments. I loathe bestbuy (I used to work at futureshop in Canada, which is owned by them. I don't agree with much of what they do). All I'm doing is looking at things logically, not emotionally.

                    • Victor


        • Capitalsfan74

          It's not supply and demand or price gouging. They are selling the pack at the price of 24 individual bottles. Un-ethical? Fuck yes. Illegal? No.

      • its_forge

        It's not supply and demand, it's fuck you, how much money do you have and how badly do you want water. Jesus Christ I wish all you free market freaks would just go fuck yourselves.

        • ebits21

          "fuck you, how much money do you have and how badly do you want water"

          Yeah,…. that doesn't describe how supply and demand works at all. /sarcasm

          They're selling the bottles at a per bottle price anyway. No supply and demand arguments needed.

          • its_forge

            "Supply and demand" and "screw the shit out of the consumer until they're crosseyed and bowlegged" are two entirely different things. But yeah.

          • ebits21

            Supply and demand is literally about maximizing the overall profit of selling a product.

            You make more profit either by raising prices or by selling more product. So you charge as high of a price as you can given that you still sell enough product to maximize your overall profit.

            In other words, you charge as much as people are willing to pay. If demand is high and supply is low, price is high. If it was all about supply and demand price gouging would be normal in these circumstances. Fortunately, we have legal mechanisms in place that favor the customer.

      • Pwithc

        I think you could make an Uber Frosh meme out of this.

      • its_forge

        How about if I supply a hand grenade and demand you swallow it whole

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17815425 Adam Purcell

          Good grief, what is wrong with you? Do you really not see the problem with your comment? On one hand, not an idiot is simply stating a truth without coming down on one side or another and on the other hand we have you, an individual who is seemingly willing to shove a grenade down his throat. While Best Buy is being unethical (they should just give the water out, imo) you are encourage the actual destruction of human life. Pathetic.

          • its_forge

            Noun: Exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.

            Did your parents have any children who weren't born braindead? Does it not occur to you that this jackass copy-pasted the same response to every single person down this thread saying anything bad about Best Buy's business practice in this circumstance? Try to read for comprehension, Adam.

            • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17815425 Adam Purcell

              Hmm, similar reaction, I rest my case.

      • Smitty

        Fuck You and stop spamming your bull shit. Price gouging is illegal and doing this during an emergency is immoral.

        Now, GTFO.

        • Also not an idiot

          I think he has a valid point. Would I do it? No. But here in AZ a few years ago, we had a gas pipeline rupture and there was shortage of gasoline. At the time, my job required me to drive to different job sites, but there was no gas available because they put a cap on the price, so people were driving like usual until it ran out. I would've much rather paid $5.00/gallon and bought just what I needed, than not been able to buy any at all.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000065552192 Seth Schueler

            omg, a chiver with a brain

      • Joey

        You want it enough? Water?? So only the rich who can afford water "want it enough?" Seriously, I think it's about time for a real "tea party" – to start hanging these mother-fucking neo-con tea-baggers from the highest trees.

        • Victor

          Where the heck did politics come into play?

        • Jack

          Who should get the water? Someone who needs water? Or the first jacka$$ that shows up for it and at a low price would buy to store in his basement?

          At a higher price, the person who needs it will be able to buy it. Otherwise it would have sold yesterday and the needy would go thirsty.

        • DrEvil

          $24 for a 12-pack of water can only be afforded by the "rich"? Even if they doubled the price that is only an extra $12. Crack open a book sometime.

          Have an Evil day

        • Ezee

          Yea, and his post said it was sold out everywhere else. So the only reason people could get water at best buy is because the are evil. Had the not been evil, there would be no water.

      • Ezee

        These morons have no idea. People stopped shipping items into Florida after the hurricanes. The extra shipping charges could not be passed on to the consumer, so all of the generators just sat in warehouses, along with the water and other supplies.

        And Chive, with their stupid 'outrage' will ultimately hurt people.

        • Fasteddy14

          You can thank your government for that interpretation of price gouging. Market demand before a natural disaster taxes regional inventory. That increased inventory needs to be acquired from greater distances and possibly stored, all leading to additional cost. Increased shipping costs should not be considered "gouging".

          Best Buy normally has no deliveries of water. If they took it upon themselves to purchase water from out of state, that water has to be delivered. If there were not an emergency, they could have bought local water with reasonable delivery charges. If they buy water from out of state, that water has to be shipped. Those delivery charges should be transferred to the customer. The only issue is a retailer making abnormal profit per case of water. The seller just has to show his purchase price, including shipping had increased beyond the normal price levels.

    • Dan

      You can charge whatever you want, its up to the customer to decide if they will pay that price. Of course you could have been referring to price fixing, such as if all stores selling bottled water got together and said hey we should charge a certain price. Price fixing would be illegal under American antitrust laws.

      • Guse

        No you can't. Seriously, Dan, Google "price gouging."

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        Technically you are correct, but since this is Best Buy, a large corporation, they should not be rising prices on necessary items like food and water only in the natural disaster area… If they did it across the country then you could somehow make a logical, albeit unethical, argument.

        • Anti Horde

          Two good effects of gouging: sellers make a large enough profit that other sellers rush to the area to make profit and the area will saturate with goods (which will crash the price once there is enough supply), and second, it keeps people from hording materials that they don't need to acquire at that moment. Why people would want to stop goods from quickly rushing to an area in need is beyond me.

    • Quentin

      It is illegal here in the south. Not sure about further up the eastern seaboard.

      • Capitalsfan74

        Price gouging is federal law, it's illegal everywhere.

    • Kold

      very illegal, and should be reported…..

      • steven

        Hey the oil company's do it every holiday weekend……jack up those gas prices and we are the idiots that keep filling our tanks instead of boycotting the bastards

        • _bigdeal

          totally agree!! last time everyone was going to boycott, that shit came down in a hurry

        • Bill57

          Steven, In emergency times they do not jack up the prices only during "holidays" because that is supply and demand. there is a difference and clearly this situation IS an Emergency and selling a case of water at single bottle prices isn't usury if customers are given the choice of a single bottle but apparently in this case noone is given the choice so it is immoral at the very least. if not illegal over all

          • Smitty

            Actually, I remember days after 9-11 the price of Gas did go up. Supply/Demand.? Look at Tripoli today, Gallon of Gas $20 to $50 a gallon. Supply/Demand.? What is different about an 'emergency'; is it right? I don't know how you do it with a clear conscience myself. But who determines what gouging is? If someone is willing to pay for it, I guess they will sell it. I hope someone does it with counterfeit money.

        • Fasteddy14

          That is the damned truth…

      • reepthabenefits

        They are selling the water at the sticker price. Price gouging is illegal, but this is not price gouging. They are choosing not to discount the water when it is sold in bulk.

        • sarcasm

          I hate to say this, but 12 for $24 for Smart water is normal price, smart waters run about $2 a bottle, at least…
          So not price gouging really… just being dicks and not lowering the price considering the circumstances…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000065552192 Seth Schueler

      Was it price gouging when keep calm and chive on t-shirt ebayed for over $200 because of an Artificially imposed scarcity that is the chives failure to meet demand for chive shirts???

      • Just Sayin'

        No, because ebay is an AUCTION website dumbass.

    • Cyberfunker

      Ben is illegal but if the state in this case New Jersey didn't declare a state of emergency before hand, then stores can jack up the prices until that declaration is done. Once it does, all the prices in first necesity items statewide freeze, and then any violators will be fine for each violation daily.

      I live in Puerto Rico and some of you may know that Irene pass through here first. Our governorn declare the state of emergency on last Saturday. And there were businesess that were caught price gouging, needless to say they were fine severly, and the respect of their respective communities is damage.

      I applaude The Chive for posting this and I suggest everyone that knows about this, to paste this picture in their Facebook profile, and give an explanation of it, and give Best Buy a BIG MOTHERFUCKER FUCK YOU to be heard around the world.

      • El_Hefe

        I guess people just want to argue and be dumb fucks about this.. Best Buy DOES NOT sell cases of water, there is no sku in their system.. period!!

        They only sell individual bottles of water…. so 24 bottles x retail price = posted picture price
        I don't see how hard this is to understand…

        Not price gouging at all!! But yes i can see in a situation like this they should do something to lower the price!!

        • Eco 101

          If you sell it 'by the bottle' then you sell it by the bottle. meaning cases arent out on display to be picked up. by this definition, i could open all three cases of water pictured, pick and choose 7 waters out of each case, pay by the bottle price for all 21…and now Best buy has to configure how to sell 5 packs and 17 packs….or just sell them the way they are intended….by the bottle. the convenience of selling the water as 1 unit priced at 24 units instead of 24 units priced at 24 units etc. puts too many units in the High-Dollar-Hand, and leaves less for a Low-Dollar-Hand

    • mouse6

      Since when has Best Buy ever cared about price gouging?

  • grunnerz

    Wow, cheaper to drink beer

    • https://www.facebook.com/DjCha0s Keith Tygert

      heard about the hurricane here in NY. Decided to stock up at the local beer store and they were having a "hurricane irene" sale. It was awesome.

      • egnaro

        we got some jaeger, skull vodka, and some caramel alcohol whipped cream as well as 2 24 packs of amstel.

        should be a fun hurricane

        • asdfqwer

          get some weed… DUDE, GET SOME WEED

          • grunnerz

            Hard to light in the wind

            • Smitty

              A BEER FUNNEL would be cheaper! With 12" of rain, just point to to the sky and open thy mouth!

    • https://www.facebook.com/jpstrauss Juann Strauss

      AND, mind you, beer stays safe to drink longer than water does. It's one of the reasons (or excuses more likely) why our granddaddies lugged vats of beer around when they were out conquering the New World.

  • jay

    Probably Fake, I easily make a sign like that and set it up. Snap a picture and take it down.

    • Darwin

      What would anyone gain by doing that? It makes no sense.

      • Bobsky

        SImple, it could be someone that felt that Best Buy had somehow treated them poorly in the past. Maybe they bought a tv, didn't get the warranty, the tv broke, and Best Buy said "Sorry, you didn't get the warranty". Or, it could have been an ex-employee that got fired. Or, someone from a competing store.

        Even with all of that said, they didn't deny the prices when called by John from the Chive.

        • Durp

          Then why would they not deny it and report what happened?

          • Bobksy

            Isn't that what I said in the last line of my comment?

            I was simply saying WHY someone would do something like that…not that I think it's what happened.

        • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

          That is one mighty big grudge that they would have to be holding, especially with the.. you know.. HURRICANE coming!

          • duh

            If the HURRICANE was soooo dangerously close, you'd think Best Buy might…you know…CLOSE THE FUCKING STORE!!!

        • sounds about right

          "Hi i work for a website about boobs and memes… I demand answers. I'd fucking hang up as well"

          • Tim

            Comedy Gold.

    • John F

      Just got an email back from the store manager in NJ – he says that was just the unit price x 24, since their system couldn't handle packs of 24.

      Pretty laughable…..☺! Great excuse to "upsell"…

      • teenamarie

        That the registers wouldn't be able to read the barcode of a product they DON'T SELL (bulk water bottles), actually makes complete sense. Corporate sets the prices for single bottles of water, and they follow them.

        But feel free to laugh, since logic alludes you.

        • Glenn


    • Ken

      To reiterate, when called, why did they refuse to answer questions about whether it was happening?

    • Lotus

      Agreed. Looks fake as hell.

      Of course, if you visit this site regularly, this is typical Chive behavior. Post something seemingly outrageous (remember the girl that quit with the white board?) to generate hits. Attention whoring is a pretty lame aspect of this site, and I feel it really holds this site back.

  • Ben

    Oh, and I think this speaks more to the type of people found in New Jersey than it characterizes Best Buy as a whole. Picture in your head what a Best Buy store manager in New Jersey looks like.

    • jlive1234

      Doesn't have anything to do with the people in New Jersey, it was a corporate decision (if you read the whole thing, you'll see.) Kind of an ignorant statement, don't ya think Ben?

    • https://www.facebook.com/rcole83 Ray Cole

      I'm sure he looks like some Jersey Shore douche bag but like jlive said, it was kind of an ignorant statement.

      • jerseygirl

        Wow a Jersey Shore reference. Do you idiots that watch that show really think that's what NJ people are like? pay attention in the open credits, none of those idiots on the show are actually from New Jersey they just happen to go to the beach in NJ. So no people from NJ don't fist pump and we don't dress like whores and we don't disrespect people because of their looks. So please drop the stereotypes.

        • jerseyguy

          +1 unfortunately, we'll never live this down….ever….

    • Connor

      Sure, let's generalize everyone in a state because of one manager at a BestBuy. If you were trying to be funny, you failed miserably. If you are really that stupid, then there is no help for you. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

      • Steven

        I'm sure there are nice people in NJ. And I've never been there. But everyone I've met claiming to be from NJ has been someone to could have foregone meeting.

    • http://www.facebook.com/steven.vargas1 Steven Vargas


    • ngnfgnf

      eat a dick ben.

    • joan

      Wow Ben and where do you live that they would never do something like this? It's more like ignorant people like you who do things like this.

    • Nick

      Just saying, I live in New Jersey. Theres a lot of things I can say about the people around me. They are rich most of the time. They are arrogant. On the INSIDE they are usually douchebags too. But that Jersey Shore reference just shows how ignorant TV makes people. Don't get me wrong. I HATE NJ. But don't think for a second I would stoop as low as to dress or act like one of those degenerate tools on TV.

    • daveh873

      Clearly wherever you are from the people are much more tolerant, kind, intelligent, and understanding.

    • http://www.facebook.com/chappysohappy Chappell Anderson

      Ben probably works for Best Buy…what classless comment you idiot.

  • Lia

    I rather doubt that Best Buy itself has anything to do with it…probably just a manager with severe “head up nethers” disorder. Still, community backlash would not be uncalled for. They’re *way* out of line…

    • devon

      the manager works for best buy right. then yes, it's best buy

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        Well hopefully Best Buy fires whoever was responsible for this and donates all those profits to helping rebuild the East coast.

    • amanda

      there isn't a single corporate store out there that is allowed to make hand written signs. so yes i highly doubt corporate knew he/she was doing that. they would have drawn up a real sign and price tag and sent them down the line like all other major corporations do.

    • https://www.facebook.com/cnegretti Chris Negretti

      I would imagine as a manager he would be considered an agent of the company in which he is very well representing the corporation as a whole, legally.

  • jimmy

    Throw a brick through their fucking window.

    • Irene

      i got this !


      • Jonny5

        ^^ Bahahaha

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000065552192 Seth Schueler

      So destruction is superior to freedom of choice to buy or not?

      • its_forge

        You really think people in the path of a hurricane have a "choice?" Everyone has already bought all the water at the other stores. This store charging this price for the water is going to get their $40 a case because there is no place else still selling water. This is gouging, plain and simple – taking advantage of the situation to charge whatever you think you can get. Especially if a 24-pack was a far less ridiculous price when there *wasn't* a hurricane bearing down on them. If you don't think price gouging happens I invite you to come live in South Florida when there's a Cat 5 storm headed our way.

        • Tim

          Yup. Best buy is the only place you can get water right now.

          Give your head a shake. That's a stupid comment even for you, and well, you regularly say the dumbest shit I've ever heard.

    • Dan

      Hey Jimmy–you are a thug.

    • John Mc

      Are you telling Irene to do this?

      • turbodude

        yea..great idea you anarchist

    • Ezee

      Wow. And that got 142 thumbs up. We are truly doomed. The Chive posts pics advocating violence against Glen Beck, and people give a thumbs up. The post (then remove) a picture of a Halloween costume, and want the persons name so they can post it for harassment. Now this, cheering the destruction of property.

      Jimmy – if the riots are on your street, will you cheer if your house is burned down?

  • devon

    holy shit! i saw that yesterday. i couldn't believe they were doing that. they already make enough money off us. But when push comes to shove, best buy raises a big middle finger.

    • Kud

      It's just the per bottle price multiplied by however many bottles are in the case. Someone just got lazy and didn't want to remove them from the case and stock them properly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/noelbs24 Brad Noel

    Fuck Best Buy!!!

    • Mac Thrashtiekvon

      this is …… unethical. right? ya i think thats the answer. the basteards are bastards on high

    • Victor

      Why? Because they're charging the NORMAL FUCKING price that they normally do? If you bought every single bottle individually from the front, it would be the same price. They don't have a price for a whole case of water, nor are they allowed to change the price just because they're selling it in "bulk". So please, think before you type. Dear goodness.

      • The Bacon Chronicles

        I'm sorry but that's garbage, Victor. The point in buying things in bulk, is to get a cheaper price. That's why when I buy a case of Diet Coke, it's $7.00 and not the $24.00 I would spend in a vending machine. If they want to sell the water as a per unit price, take it out of the damn packaging and put it in the refrigerator. This is obviously taking advantage of the hurricane and people looking for staple items in their homes.

        • Victor

          They can't sell in bulk though, that's the thing. It's not a product they sell. The employees just put out the cumulative price on there. It's not the smartest move, and they definitely shouldn't have been lazy. I don't care if they were doing it to be "helpful". However, they weren't taking advantage of them. It wasn't their intent. If someone did that out where there is no storm, the price would remain the same. I understand that the point of buying in bulk is for cheaper prices, thus the reason why there are warehouse stores out there. Best Buy isn't the place to buy bulk water.

  • Sped

    Great PR move, Best Buy. I'm sure this won't turn anyone away from shopping there.

    • Rob

      The only people who will turn away, are the people who don't shop there any way. You are expecting a company to change it's pricing for the whole company because of a localized issue? Who goes to Best Buy for cases of water?

      • its_forge

        What did they charge for a case before anyone had heard of this hurricane? I bet you any amount that they didn't charge the fucking per-bottle price.

        • Brahma

          They don't sell cases of water at best buy. That's the point. They sell it by the bottle.

          • Kud

            Exactly, someone just thought they were being clever (lazy) by multiplying the per bottle price times the amount in the case. Then they just put the whole thing on the floor instead of stocking the fridges.

            • its_forge

              Yeah, it's massively douchey and I hope they get a buttload of bad publicity for it. I hate that dump anyway, even the crappiest online sites are better, have better prices and even better customer service. And I can fix computers better than their stupid Geek Squad in my sleep.

              • Victor

                Dumbass. They charge per bottle. It has nothing to do with being a "douche." They have no price for a whole case of water. They can't sell it at a cheaper price either because Best Buy has to keep it fair across the nation, thus they can not make the price of water cheaper. Think about it, man. Honestly, I've read your other comments and you sound stupid as fuck.

                • https://www.facebook.com/cnegretti Chris Negretti

                  "keep it fair across the nation" No, adjusting the price using common sense considering local impending disaster would have been keeping it fair. I worked for 2 large retailers with over 10 years combined experience, trust me… they can manually price thing in odd or special circumstances per store. Happens ALL the time.

                  The only thing that might be in their defense is that if they the products are bottled by coke or pepsi (most likely) then they don't actually "own" the product. They just get a cut as it goes through the register. Vendor items likes soda, chips, wine etc work a lot different then regular groceries and are a pain in the ass. Still no excuse for making an common sense exception in the time of an EMERGENCY.

                  • Victor

                    Not in Best Buy. You can't just go changing the price there. On top of that, there is no product in the systems for a case of water. Why? Because THEY NEVER SELL CASES OF WATER. It's individual. That's what we're trying to get at. Plus, it is a vendor, which you are correct on. However, despite your ten years experience in retail, Best Buy has a new policy where they can't change prices. You can't change a price on an item that doesn't exist in the system either.

                    Plus, people had time to prepare. Why the hell would they be waiting until the last minute to get a case of water from Best Buy of all places? They could have filled bottles of water before the tap went out.

                • its_forge

                  You are introducing assumptions that you do not actually know are really part of this case. The only thing we can really be sure of is that Best Buy did not pay any $40 for the case, because they're a retailer, they paid the wholesale price. And what Chris says here as well, that they might have gotten the water from a vendor who did in fact charge them a lot more than the six bucks the case is actually worth. Whether or not I sound stupid as fuck is a personal evaluation, just like my assessment of douchiness is, and honestly neither assessment has any value here.

                  • Victor

                    I know it's from a vendor. I never said it wasn't, nor did I imply that it wasn't. And that's true, I know my opinion doesn't really matter. I was just stating what I noticed. However, it's when you start spouting off about how stupid of a company it is when you don't know the facts, which you just stated, and start badmouthing a company for something like this. I saw your post on why the US is in a lot of trouble, I don't doubt your intelligence on that matter.Anyways, what I'm trying to say though is that the store loses its budget and doesn't allow it to function properly if they sell it at too low of a price. Yes, you may be thinking, but they have so many other things in the store, which is true, but to an extent. The reason being is that they don't make much profit on those waters, thus, if they gave out the water at a much cheaper price and actually lose their revenue, that store is in trouble because they can't do everything they need to do.

        • ebits21

          lol @its_forge … so should we expect that check in the mail?

          They only EVER charge to per bottle price on EVERY DRINK in their store.

          • its_forge

            I concede that it's a fricking electronics store and they didn't ever sell any water by the case. They're taking advantage of people's desire to lay in a supply of containered water, is all, it's not illegal but it's certainly not very nice. Just exactly like the asshole that snapped up my wife's domain name the second it lapsed last month and now wants to sell it back to us for $8000. I'm like, fuck you, we're switching to .net.

            • Brittney

              How is it not nice? It's not a matter of being nice, it's a matter of being fair. They can't price an item just because of the location it's in, you know. They aren't taking advantage of people either, because then they would be fired. They're not charging for more than the bottle normally costs.

              • https://www.facebook.com/cnegretti Chris Negretti

                No it's a matter of doing the right thing. Obviously they have a product that is needed by people in a potential life and death situation. Selling it for a average price any normal supermarket would be the right thing to do. It's called ethics, not everything has to be about making sure everybody gets their freakin cut of the money. You know sometimes people do things just because it's a GOOD thing to do.

              • https://www.facebook.com/cnegretti Chris Negretti

                "They can't price an item just because of the location it's in,"

                I can tell you also don't have a clue what you are talking about when it comes to the retail industry from that statement right there. Prices are adjusted not only regionally, but from store to store in the same local area depending on demographics. Target does this regularly.

                " They aren't taking advantage of people either, because then they would be fired."

                They are doing the exact definition of taking advantage of people. They have the advantage of supply being extremely low due to sudden high demand and they are obviously charge about twice the regular price of a case or more.

                "They're not charging for more than the bottle normally costs."

                Ok lets put this in simple terms for you….

                The per bottle cost when sold as a single, normally at best buy works out that per case yes. But when one buys a case normally they NEVER pay that per case! Ergo, yes they are charging MORE. If you are going to sell cases then sell them at the market price, not twice the market price. Hell slap on an extra $5 dollar charge cause it's not a item you normally sell, you will make up any extra overhead and extra profit. I could completely buy that as reasonable.

                • its_forge

                  ::fist bump Chris:: Said what I'd have said. Good job sir.

                • Brittney

                  I know how retail works, thank you very much. Oh, and uh…I don't know if you're aware, but Target and Best Buy are different companies, in which, they can have different policies. Shocking, huh? Just because Target and many other retailers nationwide allows for it to happen doesn't mean that Best Buy can. Like I said, they recently changed their policy. They can't create a new price for something that doesn't exist in the system. Plus, it's not taking advantage of people because it is their price for their "For Individual Sale" bottles. Don't ask me why someone thought it would be a smart idea to put how much it would cost had they bought the INDIVIDUAL water bottles all together in the case, which I know looks bad. However, you don't go into a gas station, by a whole case of individual sale drinks, and expect a discount. Plus, the signs on top of the water weren't official Best Buy printouts, so how can you hold them to that? Pricing is a corporate decision here, not a store level one. Go down to your local Best Buy and inquire about a case of water, most likely if you can even get one they would have no choice but to charge you per bottle because that is how the item is listed in their system. Retailers that sale cases of water always print on the cases, "NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL RESALE" therefore they can retail those cases at a non individual rate because they are designed that way by the actual manufactures of the product. This is the exact reverse of that, the products in question are retailed as INDIVIDUAL items and cannot be bundled in a large group by Best Buy. In all technicality Best Buy is an authorized retailer of individual bottles, and authorized retailers sell a product, not decide the actual price. Corporate makes those decisions, not corporate best buy, but corporate SmartWater and Dasani advice retailers on the price. That's why in retailers like Stater Brothers and Albertsons you do not see much difference between the pricing of the bundled items, the brands themselves wont allow a retailer to represent them in any way that is not acceptable by both parties. If corporate deems an item individual an authorized retailer cannot just bundle them in groups and sell them at a lower rate. With unofficial pricing listed for items not normally retailed in Best Buy the ELECTRONIC store, this picture isn't a bad reflection of the corporation Best Buy but a clear example of how ignorant some consumers are and how little you understand of how corporations actually function. The Best Buy in question there was only a small part of a big organization, that being said the pricing in question, if it even was official, is fine as Best Buy is an electronic store and the consumables division of the store is based on individual pricing.

                  • gary

                    couldn't have explained it better myself

  • parcel

    bet that manager didn't think his misstep would end up on the chive. somebody's about the get fired methinks

    • Qwerty

      Yeah, since the manager is SO concerned about thechive.com from finding out…

      • The Bacon Chronicles

        You don't think someone from corporate won't see this? Even if corporate gave the go ahead on this, they'll distance themselves once they see negative PR. I don't know what the daily traffic is on the chive but this story has been tweeted 300+ times and shared on Facebook over 1,000 times. And then they tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on and so on. So yes, the manager SHOULD be concerned about this appearing on theChive.

        And now Fark.com just posted the story.

        • who cares

          Hey boss a SFW tits site posted some article attacking us for the water thing.

          Oh, good thing it's not a news site.

  • James

    This is price gouging surely?

    Obviously the police can't do anything about it now but surely after the hurricane passes Best buy will be in some trouble for this.

  • Foster

    Wait I Live in Dallas, I bought one of those Smart Waters this morning, i just looked at my receipt, and it was 2.29 per bottle.
    So how is a 12 pack for $23 gouging? I think those Dasani run about $2 too…so 24 for that price is not unreasonable. Am I missing something?

    • jacob

      yes, the part where they charged $40 for a case of water. u missed that

    • Mr. KnowItAll

      What you're missing is that most of the people posting here are idiots who can't do math.

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        It's not about that! It's about the fact that anywhere else at this moment in the United States that would not be the price for the same product. If it is $40 for a 24- pack of water in Dallas right now then I'll go eat some dog turds for dinner, but that is a store… not a concession stand, not some dude selling water out of his house holding on to his shotgun…. what's worse is that it is a corporation's store, BEST BUY… They are taking advantage of all the people in the crisis area… Now this is where I'm going to lose people' support, but I hope the next disaster here in America hits Texas or wherever Mr. KnowItAll or anybody else who thinks this is rational and OK to do. Hopefully when the shoe is on the other foot you apathetic asses will understand why all the other people know this is wrong.

        • chivehard

          You're an asshole. Fuck you for wishing harm on anyone… and what's worse, wishing them death because they're not empathetic to someone's situation. Hmm, yes, it turns out you are an asshole who also happens to be stupid. Congratulations.

          • Ken

            Nobody wished death on anyone. He did wish harm, but only in the karma "you deserve what you endorse" manner, which isn't really bad. I mean, the guy says it's not harmful to do that, so he's not really wishing any harm on him at all from that guy's perspective.

        • mary

          Its Dasani water,not the usual kind that sells in a case at grocery stores. It sells for 1.69 a bottle any day of the week at a best buy store. So get a calculator, do the math. Then go eat a turd.

    • CinematicHeart

      a case of dasani is normally $6. Its only $2 a bottle if you buy it cold

      • really...

        No it's 2 if you buy it individually.

    • kuya

      you sir have been ripped off youre entire life. a case of water should not cost more than $10. by i case i mean 24 bottles.

      • http://twitter.com/vorpalette @vorpalette

        $10???? Where the hell are you buying water? We get ours for $2.99 for a 24 pack.

        • http://www.facebook.com/logan.allen Logan Allen

          Who pays for water period…. Have we all forgotten about the tap?

          • egnaro

            hey asshole,

            after a hurricane u shouldnt drink the water for a few days…

            • John?

              that's what the river is for. plus were getting 12 more inches of fresh water anyway

            • Patches

              Hey asshole, everyone knew the hurricane was coming… they could have filled any number of vessels/bottles/jugs/etc with tap water for FREE in the several days notice they had. You know, preparing? Rather than doing nothing and then complaining when a company tries to make money off people's stupidity?

        • its_forge

          Really this. It's filtered city tap water in cheap plastic bottles for Christ's sake.

    • Zach D.

      Your missing the fact that your a complete jack ass. I can go to the gas station rite now and get a case (24) of water for $4.99. When you buy in bulk the price is considerably cheaper.

      • chase

        yea a case of water should not cost more than $10 when its normally a product they sell…if best buy already has a set price for each bottle, why would they change it at this time? theyre simply packaging all of their bottles together…..can you people really not see that?

      • laughable

        What if you bought 24 individual bottles of water that happen to be next to each other? Do you deserve a discount? No.

        • icwudt


    • k-9

      i get water free from the sink.

      • BSS

        Finally. Someone with a little sense. Thank you K-9. Do you think we need the extra plastic in our landfills? Get rid of bottled water.

        • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

          You are an idiot… after a natural disaster, water generally isn't flowing from your sink…

          • BSS

            That's why you fill up jugs, tubs and anything you can before the disaster. Have some common sense you fucking moron.

            • Cyberfunker

              Guys, you are forgetting that in Hurricanes disasters the water ways get damage, in some cases for weeks. Unless you got a big storage for buckets of water, that is usually use for bathing and cooking. Bottle water is for comsuntion purposes and making sure you don't intake some bacterias that can get you or your love ones sick. Calling names or insulting each other, doesn't take away that Best Buy consiously is taking advantage of the hysteria and confussion of this emergency. It makes me sad to see a big corporation that is not known for selling produce taking advantage of unexperience masses in this type of disaster.

              • seriously?

                Yea and Chive isn't taking advantage of the hysteria and confusion by posting this picture for more traffic/comments or anything right?

                It makes me sad to see a niche site where you went for a good time has turned to taking advantage of political situations to boost their traffic (egos?)

                "X,Y,Z needs money
                release osama's picture
                why are corporations based on revenue and not on good will"

                Cut the politics chive. Stick to your sfw tits. You're good at that.

                • ShakeyTheMoil

                  Well said!! They're trying to make up for yesterdays snaffue with whining bout the guy with the pedophile priest costume on…..lol

                • okawesome

                  The Chive rules. STFU

              • Hurricane Pro

                You said it best. You fill tubs and other containers from the tap BEFORE the hurricane to use for bathing, cooking, and flushing toilets. Bottled water is for drinking. Also, I live in North Carolina and bought a case of water for $2.99 2 days before the hurricane so this is complete BS on the part of the NJ Best Buy.

        • Selmy

          And if your water out of the tap literally tastes like shit after a hurricane, fuck it. It was free.

          • asdf

            Not to mention people have known about this hurricane for awhile now, so why not do some fucking planning instead of whining about high water prices at a company that sells electronics. It takes what, 5 minutes to fill up 8 gallons of tap water into jugs?

            And if people have a problem with this, go to fucking wal-mart (a store that sells shit like water). I bet it's cheaper there.

    • asdf

      really…Foster, don't be a fucktard!

    • its_forge

      Are you that fucking stupid? You've never looked at the price of a case of water. A 24-pack of 24-ounce bottles is 6 bucks and change, maximum. No sane retail outlet in the world ever, ever charges the per-container price to someone buying a case.

      • Brahma

        God damn you're thick headed. The cases for 6 dollars are not labeled to be sold by themselves. The water Best Buy sells is only sold by themselves. They do not have SKU's in thier system to sell cases.

        • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

          So what you are saying is that in, oh let's say Chicago or Venice Beach the price for a 24-pack of water is $40? Ah, there we go maybe know they light-bulb has clicked.

          • Brahma

            If you go to Best Buy in Chicago and wish to purchase 24 bottles of dascani you will pay $40 for it.

            • icwudt

              Hahahaha, precisely.

          • chivehard

            *Now **that

          • ebits21

            I don't think "this is madness" knows how to read what he's replying to…

    • http://www.kneedeepinabottle.com Navin R. Johnson

      just checked. 3.99 a case at walmart. fuck best buy

      • Dave

        no shit, but thats granted that any other place in that area has any in stock. the issue is that best buy was the only store around that still had any in stock. i dont think they did anything wrong, all they did was charge EXACTLY what they would have charged if it weren't a hurricane

    • Glenn

      If you are paying anything for water you are an IDIOT. It's people like you that are allowing our water which is a human right and free to be sold for a profit. I know you will argue tap water is not free but it is, you are paying for the service to get it to your house not the water. Maybe you all need to watch the movie Flow. I hope this post does get some negative attention. The people that buy bottled water are the ones that have allowed this to happen in the first place. Maybe the negative attention and comments will bring others with some sense and change their minds. If not I hope you all enjoy paying these kinda prices for water, soon it will be just like oil and the price will continue to rise. So much for your children and grandchildren.

    • 5150pacer

      yes, Foster. you are missing something. namely, that water is so effing basic that it should be free no matter where you go. there's no difference between Dasani, Perrier, Evian or Fiji. it's literally all just water.

  • Kaiser

    go fornicate yourself, worst buy.

    • Victor

      So uh…basically masturbate?

  • Martin

    ..and how much for the extended warranty?

    • its_forge

      GUFFAW!!! So this.

      • its_forge

        LOL how does the original comment get +102 but the 2 people agreeing verbally get -2 and -1?

    • ebits21

      best comment!

    • https://www.facebook.com/cnegretti Chris Negretti


  • joe

    This should be viewed as a criminal act

    • Jay

      Criminal? I guess I don't understand. They're selling water at a price someone will pay, or else they won't make a profit because the water will stay on the shelves. I fail to see what's illegal about that. They are only marking the price to what it's value is, which has risen because it's become harder to get. Again, what illegal part am I missing?

      • http://www.facebook.com/free2shred Shawn Michael George

        It IS a criminal act and everyone involved will at the least be fired. Some will go to jail and others will have nice fines.

        • Brahma

          There is nothing criminal about this. THEY ONLY SELL WATER BY THE BOTTLE! They are simply showing the retail of the individual bottles by the case.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001448443552 Matt Mulford

            it is a criminal act. it's illegal to raise prices during a state of emergency, which new jersey is currently undergoing.

            • Brahma

              They didnt raise their price. Thats the normal price they charge for an individual bottle of water times the case count.

              • Pwithc

                but those arent refrigerated, which is why they cost so much individually.

                • Brahma

                  You're kidding right?

                  • its_forge

                    You don't charge the per container price for a case of something, that's bullshit.

                    • Brahma

                      Yeah…you do.

                    • Eric

                      Except, Brahma, they're not selling it individually. They're selling it by the case. That means that you can't just open this case and buy one bottle (which would be the case if it were individually). They're charging $40 for a case, not $1.70 for each bottle. Since a case normally costs a few dollars at most, this is most definitely price gauging.

                    • Eric

                      Make that "price gouging."

                • ebits21

                  … They don't cost more because they're cold, lol. They cost more individually because people will pay that much for individual bottles.

            • Will

              If the product is in high demand, higher prices ensure it will be rationed out among the population accordingly. If they kept prices low, there would be a massive shortage. It's not criminal. It's business.

          • http://www.facebook.com/free2shred Shawn Michael George

            "The law makes it illegal to sell merchandise at excessive price increases during a State of Emergency or within 30 days of the termination of the State of Emergency." That is New Jersey's price gouging law. Compared to every other retail establishment, 40 bucks for a 24 pack IS an excessive price increase. I doubt they will be safe from this law regardless of if they don't normally sell the 24 packs. Due to the wording, IT IS PRICE GOUGING AND THEREFORE ILLEGAL. Defend it all you want. Rationalize it all you want. You are right. They got the price from the single bottle price. But that doesn't make them right or legal. Jobs will get lost over this. I went through Ike, so I kinda know all about hurricane price gougers.

            • dave

              hey cool fuckin story bro!! your still stupid. its not price gouging if its the regular price. why dont you pick up a fuckin book and a calculator

              • http://www.facebook.com/free2shred Shawn Michael George

                "Hey – cool fuckin' story bro! You're still stupid. It's not price gouging if it's the regular price. Why don't you pick up a fuckin' book and a calculator."

                There, fixed it for you oh eloquent one. How bout you pick up a book and learn punctuation, capitalization, spelling, conjunctions and grammar?

                And btw, the market price dictates what is and isn't price gouging. Else laws that exist to protect consumer rights would be pointless with loop-holes like this.

        • Dave

          how will they go to jail??? there selling the water for what it costs. its shitty what there doing, yes. but no one will go to jail and no one will be fined therefore your argument is invalid and you sir are a dumb bucket of shit.

          • its_forge

            That water does NOT cost them more than about 15 cents a bottle.

  • Ben

    This is an ultra-shitbox corporation. 10% restocking fees for returns! this exploitation of people in a time of need is no surprise. wake up America, and stop supporting this company! fuck them.

    • Russel

      fyi. they discontinued their restocking fee policy months ago.

    • Jay

      Exploitation? I dunno about that. I suppose you could always just avoid shopping there if you don't like their policies. If enough people avoid them, then it'll change. But they are well within their right to charge whatever they like. That's what makes Freedom great, don'tcha think?

      • csc

        finally common sense

      • Brittney


      • Stan

        During or after a natural disaster, this is known as price-gouging and it is illegal. If they want to charge ridiculous prices at other times, then it's called freedom.

    • Brittney

      You do know they don't have restocking fees. Time to wake up, Ben, and get with the times. On top of that, it's that one store, nothing to do with corporate.

    • bryan

      I'm gonna have to go ahead and say fuck walmart too

  • CNG

    That is fucking disgusting. In Australia its bad enough that they charge $5.00 per bottle at festivals but taking advantage of people that are in grave fear for their personal safety and the safety of their friends is sickening.
    I dont even live in the USA but i am desperately hoping everyone boycotts Best Buy for this.

    From all the way in Australia, i'm wishing all the chivers on the east coast of the USA all the best. I hope you are safe my friends.


    • grrregg

      Thanks Sean, Chive on.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=6227820 Jeremy Francis

      if they are in fear for their safety, the idiots should have evacuated.

  • Justin

    Looks like they were just selling the bottles they use to stock the coolers by the register at the normal price. Not trying to defend Best Buy but people really do pay 1.69 and 1.99 for bottled water.

    • gerald

      i think you might be missing the point

      • -J-

        I think your missing the point! Best Buy didnt not raise the price they just refused to offer a quantity discount for a bulk product. That is not illegal. They are not a grocery store, they only sell bottles individually on a normal basis. They are not trying to increase their profit margins just KEEP the profit margins they normally make.

        Are they assholes for not looking to help at a time like this? YES of course. But they haven't done anything illegal.

    • Mr. KnowItAll

      Justin is spot on and one of the few people here who can think logically. Best buys sells bottled water. They have a set price for that bottled water. All their are doing is selling the water at EXACTLY THE SAME PRICE THEY NORMALLY SELL IT AT! Christ, why is that so hard for some people to understand

      • Maytrix

        I agree. While it is crazy, who goes to Best Buy to buy water anyway?

        Chive should really update this as its really a bit misleading if you really look at the facts.

        • Kud

          I agree. I love the Chive and this is one of the posts where they try to do some good or create some justice, but they way they presented everything is just incomplete. They posted one picture without any kind of background or fact checking. This isn't a news site, but…things aren't what they first appear here and there's no mention at all of other possibilities.

          Even the updates are so one sided, as if the Chive just defeated some evil mighty giant. It would be nice if they could at least acknowledge the fact that the prices really are just the regular price of a single bottle of water multiplied times 24 (or 12 for the smart water). I've paid over a dollar at stores before for a bottle of water because I was thirsty and I didn't think it was price gauging. Every store has overpriced drinks at the registers. It's just a shame that whoever made that sign was an idiot and didn't think about how it would look.

          • Kud

            I've been trying to reply to my own replies as I've reconsidered some points (but I can't remember all of the ones I've replied to). Anyway, I'm just disappointed that there wasn't more looking into the other side's perspective before posting all this, but it is what it is.

            IF it really was a regular 24 pack that was say…$5 each last week and they decided to increase it to $40+ because of the hurricane, I suppose it may not quite be moral. That said, I have no info on that and I have no idea if it was a regular 24 pack or if their individually sold bottles of water come in packaging like that (and they never opened it).

            • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17815425 Adam Purcell

              Thank you Kud, let's think rationally. How long has Irene been in the works? How long have people had to prepare water etc.? How much damage has it already done? Are Chivers really so obtuse as to focus their misguided rage on one Best Buy showcasing how much 24 bottles of water cost at their regular price when so many others are out of power, lost their home, etc.?

              I don't think Kud, not an idiot, or anyone like them are condoning price gauging or any other illegal/unethical activity. They are stating facts and hordes of Chivers (those same people compassionate enough to help out struggling firefighters) are caught up in some sort of bullshit kneejerk reaction. If you're really so concerned, donate to the Red Cross or some other organization that will go in and help out.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000065552192 Seth Schueler

            BINGO – was it price gouging when keep calm and chive on t-shirt ebayed for over $200 because of an Artificially imposed scarcity that is the chives failure to meet demand for chive shirts???

      • its_forge

        I dunno, because the store only paid $2 a case for the shit?

        • Brahma

          Cost on an individual bottle of water at my store (we sell Deer Park) is 1.02. We sell it for 1.69.

        • ebits21

          Companies exist to make profit. In this case, they're making the same profit they always make selling bottles individually.

    • http://www.facebook.com/free2shred Shawn Michael George

      That is logical and most likely the reason why they are priced so high. However the market price for 24 packs are an eighth of the price that they are selling, so when viewed against the market price, they are price gouging. I am not 100% sure if they are covered by that loop-hole, but they probably aren't.

      • -J-

        Price gouging isn't determined by "market price" it is determined by that individual sellers previous history. If they sold smart water 24 packs last week for $5 (which they did not) and this week during the emergency for $40 that would be price gouging. But instead they sell 24 individual bottles at a price of $40 therefore can charge $40 for 24 bottles wrapped in a plastic case during the emergency. Are they assholes? Yes. But they are making an emotionless business decision.

  • Chivoso

    gouge, not gauge

    • eebilodeau

      I say gouge. Sleezy behavior. Take advantage of a bad situation for their own greed. There are laws for that but I guess when you get to be a big fish is the pond the laws don`t apply

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1174860146 Shawn Bell

    That extra $o.56 is that extra little bit of f*ck you.

  • Cristi_P

    That's $1.60 per bottle – it's a 24bottle pack. Expensive as heck compared to prices here, but I don't know what the usual price is.

    • Stick

      It's right around that price for a single bottle of water, really. You might be able to get them for a dollar if you buy from Wawa.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000091391480 Travis Dickerson

      Idk where you live, but in Minnesota, I get a 24 pk of water for about $4.98…. about 21 cents a bottle…

      • FrankDuke

        Yup, about the same here in Canadaland.

      • http://twitter.com/cvalenti @cvalenti

        Really? Is this at Costco, or Sam's Club, or where ever? Is it the same brand? Best Buy is not a discount store, the stuff sells for $1.69. Multiple that by 40 and you get the above price. Sure, a bulk discount would be nice, but it's not mandatory.

  • Pat

    I live a town over from this Best Buy and I have to say it's fucking ridiculous. Especially since all the supermarkets around here are SOLD OUT of any bottled water as people are going end of the world shopping. Fuck you Best Buy

    • mike

      should have went to the supermarket sooner fucktard they have been talking about the hurricane for week now

    • DrEvil

      All the supermarkets are sold out because they did not raise their prices so people bought 3,4, 5 10, 20 cases at the regular price. If the supermarkets raised the price of water than people would have only bought 1 or 2 cases and there would still be water available as it is at Best Buy.

      Supply and Demand and the effect on price are not suspended just because there is an hurricane in the neighborhood. So, if you really need water then go to Best Buy and pay the inflated price or go to those caring, friendly supermarkets and walk away empty handed. Basic economics is a bitch, ain't it?

      Have an Evil day

    • asdf

      Maybe you should have payed attention to the news for the last week and stocked up on water beforehand, then you wouldn't be caught with your dick out. Seriously, do people have no fucking concept of what a "disaster" is?

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