• orly

    there's something sexy about #1

    • Paul

      On closer inspection, there apears to be a house, cars and a tree in this picture.

      • obvious

        He is a chiver ,he cant see beyond tits.

        • Paul

          I can, this time I chose not too.

    • Jar Jar

      Hopefully she's there to slap some sense into Lucas for f*cking up his original films with garbage for the blu-ray release.

    • Çreep

      is she our NOR CAL girl that has been in S.C. and burn your bra post?????

    • DRWHO2011

      Her left hand has a wedding ring on it. Sorry nerds.

    • meh

      They are called boobies

  • mark


    Scuba Chivin'

    • pathetic try

      Scuba Losing ,bet he did it just to post a pic on thechive.

      • NAACP

        Scuba trolling?

  • paul

    oh hi, you have Dead Maus tattooed on your ass. There won't be any regrets there

    • AGM

      agreed…makes me not want daughters…

    • micemilker

      its dead mau5

      • Henrik

        I don't think anyone cares.

  • Logan

    #8 y u no burn bra?

    • Red

      Pretty please????

    • McBeastie

      y u not know that Amelia Island is in Georgia?

      • McBeastie

        alright, my bad. Yeah, it's mostly in Florida. What the hell do I know, I stay mostly south of Orlando.

        • its_forge

          North of the Georgia border it's called Cumberland Island.

    • Allenavw

      That was my first exact thought as I scrolled to that pic.

  • itsjustme

    #6 20th was better =] <3 former mid, now civilian

    • Jen

      douchey mids, please stay out of downtown annapolis when i go out tomorrow night. thanks.

      • Guest

        See you tomorrow. I gotta move my car anyway. I might as well swing downtown while I'm at it.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Cbarksfullout Chris Barks

    #13- nice view. #15- BOSS! Slug and Atmosphere are the truth!

  • DemonDan

    #21 made my day. Chive On indeed!

    • itsthetruth

      Whore On !

      • Meh.....

        Is that a huge scar on her stomach? Ewwww….

    • IOU

      i bet that bitch would suck you dick fo a dolla….

  • Tillman

    #21 is adorable.

    • Tillman

      is a skank

      • its_forge

        Just laughing at all you critical guys who will never get anywhere in the same zip code as a girl this sweet.

        • its_forge 108p

          There are lots of children park in my zip code so am happy.

        • truth

          what do you do? have cameras installed in their houses? you probably watch them shower and poop, too. you creepy old fuck.

  • mac

    Yes, please, keep these types of pictures on one post! They are nice, but I don't want to see them clogging up other posts. Thank you.

    • paul

      everybody has an opinion these days on the chive…

    • Cam

      Please keep these kinds of comments on one post. They are stupid and whiny, and I don't want to see the clogging up other posts. Thank you.

      • mac

        Ok, here is another one for this post Cam – I tried to be polite about my comment, no need to respond with your childish and immature response.

        • The Chivery

          He's a Chiver. Be grateful he's mature enough to be potty-trained.

          Chive on!

  • Def Cheetah

    #6 God bless u guys

  • http://www.facebook.com/7kris.witha.k7 Kris Coleman

    #59 is truly hot… but "DeadMau5" on her ass is almost a deal-breaker.

    • http://twitter.com/BrandonScottB @BrandonScottB

      Kris – that's the best part about her!

    • Red

      I would take # 21 over # 59.

    • Joe Blow


    • Juan

      I like the "Always Faithful" tramp stamp as well… she almost had me there for a second….

    • bisexual

      She is NOT hot… I'm a girl and I would be the first to say she was hot if she actually was. The only thing she has going for her is that she's not fat… She has bad taste in tattoos, trashy makeup/drawn-on eyebrows, and greasy-looking hair. PASS.

  • Captlazarus

    #1 go pimp slap Lucas for me while you're there. Unless Greedo shoots him first.

    • Steely Dan

      Indeed. The added "Nooooooooooooo" to end of Return of the Jedi was the last straw. Eff you, Lucas. Eff you right in the A.

  • B.J.

    did someone forget how to spell "fashion"? #3 Go White Sox by the way.

    • get real

      He is a chiver ,what do you expect.

  • Dr. Phil is a fag

    #59 a duo of douchebags…

    • tru dat


  • SweetAwesomeness

    #62 find her~!!!!!!

    • ufailinlife

      and then what ,you`ll fap to her pics and pretend to be a stud ?

      • its_forge

        ^^^ This

    • no thanks

      Home girl needs to eat. A lot. She's trying way too hard to fit the model stick-thin look and it looks sickly.

      • NAACP

        Just because someone works out, eats right, and doesn't pack 20 pounds of extra weight, like most Americans, doesn't mean they are unhealthy.

        • Nova79

          Agreed, leave the ones that can eat whatever they want and not put on weight alone.
          Thin and healthy does'nt make them anorexic.

          Go Fap to your fat GF with thighs that rub together when she walks.

          I'll take thin any day !!

    • accentagu

      did you also read it with an accent?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=606371253 Shannon Coverdale

    #59 WTF?

  • Squirrel

    #52 What the hay??

    • http://twitter.com/Pud_Divine @Pud_Divine

      lol i see what you did there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tanks13 Juan Tank Anzures

    #24 it's Marina Del Rey

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      And that's not where this lot has their office either.

      Apart from that though….!

  • BelowHeavens

    #1 why didn't you burn it down with Lucas inside to stop his madness…his evil has no bounds and must be stopped at all cost

  • Adam

    #37 Going through the Panama Canal was an awesome experience back in 07 when I was on the CGC BOUTWELL.

    • handlthetruth

      Sausage fest …must be a Chive meet up.

    • dorkfish

      WMEC903 HARRIET LANE '86 TO '90

  • clemgrad03

    …and I thought I was a Deadmau5 fan.

  • patov40

    #27 and #45 – Yeah, MD Chivettes and Chivers, represent! What's our name??!! Ravens!! :@

    • bdizzle

      Yea rep'n Bmore.

    • http://twitter.com/Poopy_McPoop @Poopy_McPoop

      Too bad OC is a dump and populated with nothing but a bunch of teenagers who get drunk off of 2 Mikes Hard Lemonades

      • patov40

        Great! Stay in Bethany old lady. B)

    • http://www.facebook.com/MisterFuzzyPants Ari Darmon

      Its nice to know there are fellow Chivers in MD, sometimes i feel like Im the only one…

      • Jen

        anne arundel county!

        • Charlie

          Glen Burnie in da house! LOL

          • pokeman1134

            Howard County!

            • patov40

              Anne Arundel County!

              • MD Chiver

                Baltimore County

    • pokeman1134

      Let's go Ravens! Fuck the Steelers! MD Represent!

    • Kim

      I may be from MD… but was raised a Redskins fan. Hope the pic of me on the beach makes up for it.

      • patov40

        No hate for the Skins at all Kim. Thanks for sharing! B)

  • MITH

    #1 I think she needs to burn her bra…!

  • true info

    Losers everywhere ,stop being so obsessed with a friggin website and get a you know what.

    • mark

      learn to make sentences.

      if you don't like the chive, don't chive.

    • patov40

      Job? Check! Life? Check! Cool website that I enjoy checking for the variety of fun, entertaining pics they offer? Check! Why so jealous true info? Have a nice day! 🙂

    • its_forge


      Click the link. Go there. Don't come back.

  • Logan

    #59 I NEED A LITTLE HELP, what's her ass say?

    • Poonchinello

      DeadMau5. He's a Techno/House DJ.

    • oughtnot

      I think is says, "Skanky Ho" … but I may be wrong.

      • Logan

        love it (the translation not the tat)

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