Captions are like a side of ranch… (32 photos)

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  • https://www.facebook.com/Cbarksfullout Chris Barks

    #4- straight chillin'

    • OmarQ

      Captions give sense to life

  • RatedR401

    #15 is my all time favourite!

    • McBeastie

      That's a good thing since it's posted at least 3 times a week.

  • wells11490

    #23 doesnt need glasses to find a chocolate starfish

    • SimonDPieman

      I actually laughed out loud at this.

      The picture, not the comment.

    • KIMMY


    • truth

      Now that's how you get pinkeye.

      • F. Gump

        Thx, I wondered what was causing it.

      • Fasteddy14

        Holy shit…I just spit out a mouthful of coffee with that comment… Damn you!!!;)

    • OmarQ

      Who needs glasses in that situation… you will need a microscope later to take those crabs out of your moustache

    • The Guy

      This is not a bar-stool!

  • Pat

    #16 "Nailed it"!

    • Patrick

      Pepper Spray: You're doing it right.

    • Rest of the World

      that means you, America.

    • the captain

      hard not to when your target's that big…

    • giggitygiggitygoo

      I bet you did

  • weldsoft

    #31 is correct!

    • patov40

      Dang, an hour late for my comment! :@

    • pils


    • ur-right

      who is she??! FIND HER!!

      • Spivias

        hwang mi hee i assume

  • jamesaholic

    #21. Paula tried to bathe with her cat.

    • Jerky

      stop feeding the attention whore.

      • Meh


  • Matt

    Most of these are old.

    • WTF

      Not only that but most, if not all, are from an old Chive captions post…. has the internet not provided you with any captions in the last 6 months?

    • Mike

      and you point is?

      • Innocent_Bystander

        Why view this when you can just look through old captions posts?

        • JHL1

          I was going to say something, but you may as well just read my comment from the old post.

  • Verbal_Kint

    #8 I'll finish the caption:

    …harder than your paycheck…

    • Major_Rocker

      Well said.

  • http://www.douggoff.com Doug

    #30 is definitely shopped. Black people don't play magic cards!

    • beng

      Yu-Gi-Oh Motherfucker!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/rbuitenkamp Rutger Buitenkamp

        children's card game.

    • msjackson

      That's a lie a lot of black kids play with yugio and pokemon cards

  • Buford_Justice

    #1 perfect caption to go with that picture, that man also has quite an interesting collection of trinkets.

    • RobGC

      Pinky out – yes.

      • Jen

        id like to get drunk with him.

    • Bill57

      the reason hhe's wearing the mask is for the splash back when it cannot take all of what he left

  • Blindsided5

    #6 could all be solved with liquid soap…

    • MGWebs

      I have a feeling that would just exacerbate the situation actually…

    • DoucheMcFuckstain

      liquid soap….you mean lubrication?

  • Pwithc

    #15 Hitman monkey has lots of great war stories I bet

  • jordan

    #1 and I took the last beer

  • davey

    Chive on~

  • Keepin Calm

    #6 TOOOOBY!!!!!

    • vhr1904

      My name is Kunta Kinte!

    • Toby

      You called?

  • Mister H.

    #6 FML

    • TROY

      He's about to

  • anon

    so many reposts in this one 🙁

  • Dan

    #1 Dar clogged the toilet?

    • Fasteddy14

      Ha Ha, I thought that was just a guy named Dar when I first found this site…

      • MrStiggy91

        Me too! Glad I wasn't the only one, they had his name next to "World's Famous DAR" so I just assumed…

  • Screwhead317

    #28 dont look into the kids eyes. she will take your soul.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rbuitenkamp Rutger Buitenkamp

      it will take your soul!

    • Dane

      damn it!

  • drew

    caption galleries are the best, so hilarious

  • ChiveNation

    WTF does WTF mean?

    • Major_Rocker

      Yeah! What the fuck does WTF mean? mmmm:p

      • the elusive

        What the fuck is this person asking?

    • zoomba

      What Total Fun.

      • Bill57

        what's the fuss about?

  • Average John

    #31 No….you are…..

    • pils

      I would love to show her how awesome i am 😉

      • KNfva

        wow. that was so clever. you're a regular James Bond with that shit…..

    • MAX_POW

      No, you…….silly :$

  • Kris

    #31 I could say the same for you cutie.

  • fed

    #24 little fucker! they start like that and then they will steal millions from innocent investers…

    • gutterville

      Or it could just be the parents pressure

  • heywazzup


    Black People don't play Magic (Doug you're right), but this is YU-GI-OH bitches!

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