• Da_Boz

    #24 Can't tell if…

    • chapstick

      Both of our penises are the size of chapsticks

    • Captlazarus

      I dunno either. I may have a really weird boner.

    • Dirty Dingus

      Mac….you're fired.

      • chapstick

        no, no , Mac has a "normal" sized penis, i pinky swear. I am the one with a penis the size of a chapstick. I dont care if that comment wasnt to me, me and my tiny penis are going to pretend it was

        • chapstick

          correction ***my tiny penis and I***

          • Somekindachive

            You're some kinda chapstick dicked Paula with more thumbs up (a-thankyou) ain'cha

    • Shak

      …goth or retarded.

  • brah

    #12 that cant be comfortable. It. just. cant.

    • joesfunhouse

      pink panties? Underneath it all, they're just like us.

    • some goth guy

      It. Totally. Is.

    • shuzzam

      Yay lets all be nonconformist and all dress the same!

  • fletch

    I would hide under #14 skirt too

    • Hunter X

      Once you've gone black…you've totally gone 'wack'.

      • truth

        We're all the same color when the lights are off.

        • DrROBOTO

          the smell isnt

    • Chivettish

      And FIND HER! Goth chicks are way better looking in lingerie

  • fletch

    but I'd be face in

  • DemonDan

    at least they aren't sparkly gay vampires.

    • Observation

      You know Twilight is bad when you find yourself defending goths just because there are much worse things out there now.

      • Leroy

        alot of these aren't even goth(unless goth just means "wearing black").

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=77100504 Kyle Bartley

      Whatever count chocula.

  • First Time Caller

    #17 – LOL I bet his mom threatened to take away the keys to the family Volvo if he didn't get his chores done

    • da2conan

      Nothing is more Goth than watering the purple violas

    • I know

      He's just trying to drown them to take away their pain.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000681927439 Kyle Shubert

        Ok, I laughed way too hard at that.

    • Daelin82

      Not a Goth, that there is a black metal sighting.

      • Prometheus

        Fucking Emperor! I love those guys. Black metal!

    • MMmmmmf

      I don't know, but this just looks way too shopped…

  • Pieter

    Fascinating every time. It's like watching a cat swimming.

  • ThatGuy


    Paddle boats, less conformist than Mom's minivan.

    • http://www.thechive.com GreyGhost9

      I have no idea why i found this so hilarious, i literally LOL'd at my desk.

  • http://theflintskinny.blogspot.com/ TheFlintSkinny

    #20 Nothing says "I'm a rebel" like Coke Zero.

    • ThatGuy

      Maybe she isn't trying to be a rebel. Maybe she just likes the way the clothes look. Unfounded assumptions much, buddy?

      • Mac the Intern

        No, Coke Zero is only for hardcore underground diet cola drinkers, unlike mainstream corporate Pepsi Max.

      • http://theflintskinny.blogspot.com/ TheFlintSkinny

        The assumption is founded upon the title of the gallery. The goth subculture isn't just people who like black clothes; it's built on a particular lifestyle and attitude. If she is indeed a goth, it is a reasonable to assume that she is attempting to be rebellious. If it happens to be the case that she just likes black clothes, then your qualms should be with The Chive for assuming she's goth, and not with me. And we know, nobody messes with The Chive. For the record, I was also assuming that it was a Coke Zero, but cannot prove that either.

        • ThatGuy

          Implying these pictures were selected based on which ones depicted authentic Goths, and not just what these people were wearing. Implying that the Goth sub-culture isn't largely a myth anyway.

          The fact that she is using coke implies she has no problem with consumer culture, or at least some parts of it.

          Of course you could assume that she is a hypocrite, with no good evidence to speak of, in order to protect your hypothesis. But that wouldn't be very intellectually honest. The chive is a humor/interest website. Taking their implicit word as the basis for such a bold conclusion as your original comment was premised on does nothing to bolster your argument.

    • skook

      Its in a black can. Its Goth

      • Master_Rahl

        can't argue with that logic.

    • Blumpkin

      I rebelled by commiting crimes. These kids need to get their shit straight.

      • MAX_POW

        No, they don't need to…..time will come upon them and maybe they'll make the change….or we forgot about the hippies of the 60' and punks of the 80'….those forty something 80's punks, are not punks anymore.(most of them)

        • Leroy

          punk started in the 70s. just sayin'

          • Harry Carry

            good punk rock started in the 70's

    • Jen

      How long do you think it took her to do her hair like that?

  • Kaars

    I sweat my ass off so I can feel… something…

    • FolleRousse

      gothic not emo

    • Cross

      i don't cut my hair … I cut my wrists.

  • Brad

    #19 "Our souls are so alone in the dark void."

    • Pwndu

      No one understands my problems. Nobody gets me.

      • https://www.facebook.com/x2501x Tony Tribby

        Except my 150 or so friends who all got together and had a blast all day at the amusement park, right?

        • drew

          Implied joke is implied.

          • https://www.facebook.com/x2501x Tony Tribby

            Hard to tell around here 🙂 That was the 20th Anniversary of "Freak Day at King's Dominion", just after everyone had been taking turns riding the bumper cars while the others stood outside chanting "Two men enter. One man leaves!" and similar things. The park (no joke) loves us 🙂

    • Brad

      We all pity the conformists with their lack of individuality, we would explain but you wouldn't understand anyway, consumerist pigs.

      • )(2j4

        they're goths, not Mac users.

      • Luke

        why you on chive then? non conforming?

  • virtuoso09

    Shouldn't they be trying to adjust to the heat? After all, they prefer Hell, emma right? eh?

  • Josh

    #4 MOAR

    • http://www.facebook.com/eugenepark6 Eugene Park

      she seems pretty hot! needs a good pic of her

  • KCJake

    #24 What do you mean? Why would you say I'm just an attention whore?

    • F34


  • Flicka

    It's ok kids… we wish you really burst into flames on contact with sunlight too.

  • Zedhere

    #15 Didn't this guy used to be an MTV VJ?

    • Master_Rahl

      bwa ha ha haaaa, Jesse, he sucked so bad

    • puke

      i dont know but he looks like a little fag

      • (*&f43

        a chiver?

    • IBgenius

      Am I the only one that wants to scratch their eyes out with a rusty nail and beat my head against the wall until I forget that I ever saw this?!?

      • Bubba

        Goths LOVE to get their eyes scratched out with rusty nails. (But only if everyone can see you do it.)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000681927439 Kyle Shubert

      I like how there are all of these somber pictures and then there is… this. lol

  • chapstick

    my penis is the size of a chapstick, sorry

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    I knew they came out in the day time.

    • Bubba


  • http://Homes4Men.com Stafferty

    A ll of these will haunt my dreams…except for the redhead in #14. She'll be in my dreams for different reasons entirely.

  • Kenny

    I just don't get it. I mean does being a nonconformist mean you have to wear stupid stuff when on a beach?

    • FolleRousse

      what do you mean? goths dont wear ed hardy

    • Bubba

      …and look the same as your lame ass non-conforming friends. It's like a freakin' uniform, don't they get the irony? Niche fasion victims!

  • Buford_Justice

    lets go throw milkshakes at the goths.

    • Bandit

      Yeah, and pants 'em

      • RoadHead

        Yeah, and lick the balls…I mean kick, kick their balls

        • The Chivery

          No, being a Chiver, you had it right the first time.

          Chive on!

          • The Chivery

            at least i was hoping that others on this site like to lick balls as much as i do

            • IEWj

              why would he respond to himself? fail name stealing fails.

              • Ha.Ha.

                chivery just got trolled…duh?

  • https://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

    A fun looking bunch.

    Shouldn't they be bursting in to flames or sparkling or some such shit?

    • FolleRousse

      goths dont equal vampires

      • https://thechive.com/ GernBlansten


  • Screwhead317

    goth people aka coffin kickers

  • BlackVomit

    Picture 17 is not goth, it's black metal. The shirt the guy is wearing, is the band Emperor from Norway.

    • Edwardo

      you may know a bit too much about this….

    • the other Jen

      shut up! we enjoy making fun!

      • BlackVomit

        I was just clarifying….trying to enlighten people, what a concept…

        • Truth

          yeah…..in case you're new here, the chivers take to enlightenment Freddy Mercury to a naked lady.

          • Truth


          • BlackVomit

            I can see I wasted me time…

            • oakXXIII

              not entirely…the chive has far more lurkers than those who voice their opinion
              … and i'm of the opinion that new info is never a bad thing

              but seriously, doesn't that pic just restore some of your faith in humanity?

      • Jen


    • TheAndychrist

      Emperor rocks but that guy doesn't.

    • ZachBob

      also, if you're new here, simply put "#" in front of the desired picture number, for example #17, and that saves us from having to scroll all the way up to the pictures and then all the way back down to your comment to know what you're talking about..

    • NotPaula

      I hope someone punches you in nose

    • NotPaula

      I hope someone punches you in nose you pompus snot

  • Jordan

    This is just one fad that I will never understand. Totally ridiculous. But hey, if your that insecure about life and how much nobody likes you.. Then goth on.

    • https://www.facebook.com/x2501x Tony Tribby

      It's funny how third sentence here serves as a proof for the first sentence.

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