• Mark T.

    #30, #38, #40

    I was hoping Ellen was going to be the Chivette o' the Week but goddam… that exceeded my expectations.

    • bv1

      she looks like rachel mcadams

    • KCJake

      She just moved up next to LG in the favorites list.

      • SorryLG

        way more pretty than LG. More of a classic beautiful. No offense LG, you are smokin, but you just dont have what this girl does, and you never will

        • the other Jen

          What a DICK thing to say.

        • .[p';

          100% agree. well said. im sick of LG, honestly.

    • Chalk

      Hi Ellen, you're beautiful. B)

      • Stan_Dalone

        gorgeous great legs which I would have loved to see more of

    • Brandon

      Seems like a rare combination of attractiveness and very cool. I hope you always keep your down to earth personality. Excellent photos

      • =904345

        "Seems like a rare combination of attractiveness and very cool."

        rare, huh? is that why it's said about every Chivette?

    • ohcomeone

      Ugliest chivette till date ..looks like a man.

    • Horseface

      If someone showed you pictures #22 and #23 and said "this is a tranny"……how many of you wouldn't believe them?

      She's got man face.

      • k-0


      • FlyingFuck

        You're an asshole if you think shes a man. if she looks like a man then the world is turning gay

    • nosebleed

      yea but whos that old man in some of the photos? go away old guy.

      • the other Jen

        i think she is hot and classy. you guys saying negative things are assholes.

        • snoop dogg

          LMAO. she's not classy. she sends in pics of herself in a thong to the chive. that's called daddy issues.

        • 0938

          so? you're an ass kisser. and?

    • really chive?

      she looks inbred, to be honest.

      • Yeesh

        yeah, now that you mention it, she kinda does……..

  • zman

    #7 those glasses…..so hot!!!

    • Roger Gros Pénis

      Je la fourrerais

      • Joey

        Yes exactly, blabla bli blou blu blou.

      • Cdrik

        Sauf qu’elle te comprendrais pas si tu y parles en français… Mais je te comprend, est fourrable en ta!

    • Dirty Dingus


    • good taste

      That face….oh the nightmares.

    • VedHead77

      "These are not the glasses you are looking for"

    • me2

      nija glasses

      • me2

        and a ninja N

  • Unfkngblvbl

    so close

  • Sarah


    I had it all.

    • dungydouche

      I told her I will always wait for her

      She said, "Cool story, bro"

    • dungydouche

      #21 I believe someone changed the order on these.

    • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Best photo in this set, wonderful! Love #32 as well. Stunner!

      Oh Maccie oh Maccie… interns: doll. John: Chivettes. Deal with it!

      – the one you love to hate

  • patov40

    #10, #17, #28 – Looks like a fun shoot. Nice pics! B)

    • MAX_POW

      #10 definitely one of the best shots..the mix of b&w and that "hi" and her face like in a "i am a shy person" mode….it blew my mind. The whole composition is great

  • chicago

    #23 and #32 Hi Ellen. You're amazing..

    • thumbdnbtitstrue

      Typical dumbass suck up chiver. Worshiping any random struggling model/actress theChive throws at them. The past ones have been decent but she has a face only a mother could love.

    • Final

      don't read that fags comment. hes to stupid to realize hes chiving and not part of our group lol.
      She is Amazing. Thanks for the great perk to a long day, gorgeous.

      • Fijo

        STFU. you're obviously into trannies.

    • chicago

      Final has it right. The other comments are from those who are still dreaming their dream from their parents basement. Ellen will soon enjoy her successful acting and likely comedy writing career. She should put her Southern charm, great smile and humor to good use.
      others, find another site.

      • looop

        what a net fapping virgin……

    • Mr.X

      Fuck u all…Chive off….and fuck Israel…and the man behind u bitch….come suck ma cock

  • AssClown

    #32 Gorgeous, you should keep your hair that colour imo…

    • Dirty Dingus

      Mind ===> Blown!

      • Koiw

        doesn't take much, does it?

    • wtfwtf

      Oh come on ! I agree she has a sweet body but she has a really weird face.

  • zman

    Got stuck on #10 for a long time

    • Biz02

      One of my favorite shots of all time.

      • Ahnold

        That thing is perfect!!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/NicholasSean Nicholas Sean Hamlett

    Keep Calm Chive On and Go Blue!!!

    • Yea Yea

      She is Hot as hell, but how is she going to pull for Michigan, when she is from KY. That is just wrong!

      • zephi42

        Damn right. Would pull for the spartans before Michigan, As always Roll Tide!

    • keepemcomin

      Keep calm and whore on !

  • jamie

    and back to top see ya later……..:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/luan.lici Luan Lici

    veryy pretty

    btw this is my very first comment on chve

    • Guesty

      This is gotta be some of the gayest shit I've seen posted in comments in a long time. Congrats NebraskaGuy!

      • Guesty

        I'm kidding, I'm the one who's FLAMING GAAAAAY!

        I oughtta know what's gay and what's not and you sir, are certainly not gay, and I'm sorry for saying your post was lame. 🙁

        Sigh … I'm just such an asshole sometimes I can't help myself!

        Btw, I'm firrrrst again!

        I love Paula!

        • Hulkhogan

          guesty stfu and go away

        • Hulkhogan

          (fake guesty i mean. the real one can stay)

          • !!!!!

            fake Hulkhogan stuf and go away

    • EveryChiver

      Fuck Guesty, he's an ass! What you wrote was useful and a NICE THING TO DO.

      • Batman

        you're being an over eager kiss-ass with the implicit attempt at getting thumbed up, and you know it. besides, your post was as gay as a Jonas Brothers Christmas special.

        • EveryChiver

          He was TRYING to be a nice guy, you asshole!

          • Red

            there's a difference between being a "nice guy" and going full on "Richard Simmons gay".

            • Black

              and you're showing us all how it's done!

    • =904345


    • Apparently ...

      Well there you have it, Luan, the Chive's finest. Someone tries to help you with some simple advice and he gets attacked by trolls like a pack of vultures.

      Nice first impression the chivers made, huh?

  • BMW

    Do you guys have any idea how lucky you are?? Very pretty girl… #3 #10 #30 #38

    • getreal

      Pretty ? This proves how the chivers blindly follow and suck up to theChive and the chivettes. She has a retarded face.

      • [p.p


  • http://www.thechive.com ChronicUser

    You found her and she is HOT! #3 and she has a sense of humor…love #21

    Thank you Ms. Ellen Monohan.

    • itsmeagain

      Ellen you have a hot body ,ill give you that. But really sorry about your face.

      • k-0

        this. damn shame.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #7 and #9 Omg she is hot!

    #16 and #17 HA!!

    • llano2

      Hey, I don't see any red bra straps in that last picture.

    • ikeepitreal

      Hot yes good looking FUCK NO !

      • Brother M.

        exactly. i'd fuck her, but i wouldn't brag about it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugenepark6 Eugene Park

    shes iight

    • Croie

      agreed. meh

      • Dapper_Dave

        agree as well

        • =904345


          • k-0

            also agree.

            • looop


              • .[p';

                Same here.

    • fatty mcfarland

      yeah, don't get it…just eh.

  • Unfkngblvbl


  • Tean_Zu

    #19, #10 Going Blue….

    • ???

      I just blue myself

    • Qbama

      Sexy, Geeky girl that went to michigan?!?!? hail to this girl

  • Buster W.

    What kind of art is that called with the old lady and soldier in it? Just curious cause she makes it awesome.

    • NebraskaGuy

      Google Banksy and you will understand 🙂

    • Foosbah

      shitty grafitti stenciling.

      • Mofo

        Hey Fuzzball, you stupid fuck – it's banksy!

  • jasonlee

    #10 is just….buttastic!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      AGREED, 2nd favorite pic

    • jasonlee

      Really, it's kinda like BOGO with a mirror shot…

  • SirSparkz

    Patty with the hover hand. 😀 Should've held her up like a BOSS, Patty! #35

    • B For

      They should all have used hover hands…wait

    • Biggus Diccus

      Just grab the titty Patty!

  • dustin

    #31, #25, #38

    Ellen, that was amazing.

    • obvious

      Suck up. Get a life.

    • .[p';

      get some standards, bitch.

  • Biz02

    #10 #28 – Awesome!!! Submit more like these. Also, talk the guys into doing a Sexy Chivers in Stockings post. I'm sure they'll listen to you.

    • Biz02

      Changed the picture numbers I see. #8 #22

  • billy9

    Holy moly. Looking awesome Ellen! x

    • trueone

      Man stop brown nosing the chivettes and say the truth ….she is butt ugly ! The only reason the losers are going crazy is coz she posted in her panties.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #25 Daaaamn it feels good to be a gangsta (the boss)!

  • Ryan

    #…all of the above are gorgeous. Love the freckles, the smile…and her confidence and humor. Dead sexy chivette. Thanks Ellen 🙂

    • sheeeesh

      WTF…you guys blind or what ? She is DEFINITELY a butterface !

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